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    Is Rahul Gandhi also Raul Vinci?

    Mr. Rahul Gandhi's citizenship is under question now. Returning officer of Amethi has postponed the scrutiny of his nomination papers. Some lawyer has claimed that RG has dual citizenship. His name is Raul Vinci and is a British Citizen. Mr. Subramanyam Swamy alleges that he has three citizenship viz Italy, British and India. He says, According to article 9 of the Indian constitution, a person holding citizenship of another country cannot be a citizen of India. His nomination paper is likely to be rejected.

    Do you know anything about this RG's dual name and citizenship?
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    I am hearing this for the first time. I am surprised at this revelation because he is an MP from Amethi and this could have been revealed when he filed his nomination while contesting elections for the first time. I do not know whether he acquired citizenship of other countries between these five years and if so appropriate actions should be taken against him. As long as things are not proved it will remain allegation only and we need to wait for the final outcome. During elections, we hear different allegations and counter-allegations and the matter has to be thoroughly investigated to find out the truth.

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    Those who follow Dr. Swami know this long back. Now Mr. Vinci has himself admitted it.
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    Now the matter is before the Election Commission of India. The issue will be settled once for all. If the nomination papers of Rahul Gandhi are having any discrepancies about his citizenship and educational qualifications, his nomination may be rejected. This is good in one way. The authenticity of his educational qualifications was already proved unlike those of some others whose educational qualifications remain a mystery always. Now the facts about his citizenship will also be solved once for all.
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    "The authenticity of his educational qualifications was already proved ...." -------------Who has proved it? How is it proved? Who has got the degree? Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci? Can a person acquire M.Phil degree without having a Master degree? Who can answer these questions?
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    The cat will be out from Rahul or Raul's bag very soon. Congress party leaders claim that his nationality in his annual return is a typo and will be corrected. If it was once, we can accept it as an error, but how can an Indian be a British to call it as a typo, and how can it occur subsequently for two years. Congress is dilly-dallying the truth. Let us wait until tomorrow to know the Returning officer's decision.
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    How long this mother and son duo or the mother, son and daughter trio will try to deceive the people. When we are under British rule we know that we are under British rule. But we are now without knowing to go into the rule of other nationals. 10 years we suffered in this type of rule.
    It can't be a typo mistake. If it is marking a tick we can say it is an error or if it is a one letter mistake we can say it is a typo mistake. But complete word written cannot be a typo mistake.
    Anyhow as viewed by other members, now the matter is with Election Commission. The decision will be known by tomorrow. How his nomination earlier was accepted as Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci.

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    The nomination papers of Mr. Rahul Gandhi are declared valid and his nomination to the Amethi Parliamentary Constituency is accepted by the Returning Officer. Hope this will clear the doubts regarding his educational qualification mentioned by him in the affidavit. This will also clear any doubts regarding his nationality and other objections raised by some people.
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    Now I am sure that Mr Swamy will take up a case against the acceptance of RG/RVs nomination. If not now, the issue will be raked up if Congress party tries to come to power, unfortunately and unexpectedly.
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    I also support the view expressed by Mr. SuN. Dr. Swami will now give a little bit of attention on the real name, citizenship and education of Mr. Raul Vinci.
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    Constitution of India does not allow for dual citizenship. So, if any person of Indian origin has taken the citizenship of other country he can not have the privilege of continuing as Indian citizen. Such a person is supposed to surrender his Indian passport also so that there is no misuse of it.

    So, it is very clear that neither such a person can take part in voting process nor can be nominated for a post.

    Based on the request of Indians settled outside India, the Govt of India decided to grant OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) status to the persons of Indian origin. This was made to give the Indians to have convenience of entering the country multiple times, exemption for reporting to police while staying in India and parity with NRI in financial, economic and educational fields except in the acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties.

    Persons registered as OCI are also not allowed to take part in the voting process and naturally they can not be the contenders for any post also. OCI is only a facility to provide convenience of moving in and out to the persons of Indian origin and should not be confused with dual citizenship.

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    That will be better. I also wish that Mr.Subrahmanya Swamy takes up the issue of Rafael deal. In 2015, he said that no one in the world is buying the Rafale planes and in the past countries which signed an MoU to procure the aircraft have scrapped the deal. Subramanian Swamy also threatened to go to court against the deal to buy Rafale fighter aircraft from France if the government does not heed to his warning.
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