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    Are smartphones and social media making people less productive at workplace?

    With the rising popularity of smartphones and social media, it is seen that some people are not able to separate themselves from them even during office hours. It is seen sometimes that even while working in between people keep scrolling their whats app or facebook messages due to which their mind gets diverted and they are not able to focus on their work. Most common things you would find some people engaging in while doing their work is listening to songs on youtube, browsing online shopping websites, facebook, etc.

    This is to a certain extent impacting the productivity of people in the workplace and the work which they should be able to complete in 6 hours takes around 10 hours to complete. And then these people boast that they stay late in the office. Due to this, there are many companies which restrict social networking sites in their company networks so that people cannot access these sites on their PCs. But nowadays with smartphones and personal data packs with each individual, it is not possible to restrict employees from using them.

    I think people should fully focus on their work in office hours and use their smartphones only if needed for necessary things. This way they will be able to focus on work and complete it faster. Later when they leave for the home they are free to do anything. If people restrain themselves from unnecessarily using their smartphones during office hours then definitely their productivity will increase and it would be beneficial both to the employee's career growth as well as to the company.
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    The workplace productivity is related to the discipline and management and smartphone is not the real culprit. Even before the smartphone the productivity suffered in many places due to indiscipline and disorder due to lack of order and administration.
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    These days people are over addicted to the use of these social sites due to which their personal, as well as official life, are getting affected. At our workplace, social sites are restricted but still, people use them on their phones which rightly said by the author effect work. But in some way, they are helpful too as we have made a group in WhatsApp where common information is shared which is easy to calculate information.

    Many times when we have to share a picture relates to a defect or an abnormality in a manufacturing unit on it which makes easy for people to understand it and take countermeasures. So we cannot say that using social sites are always bad at the workplace but when we use them in a controlled way they are helpful.


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    Smartphone has become an addiction for many people in the world and they will often tempt to use it in their workplaces also. Now it practically depends on the strictness observed in work places in this regard. If the employees are asked to deposit it and take back only after office or factory hours then it can be said that there will be no interference of smartphone with their work.

    So, it is imperative that the management should take care of this important point so that this evil does not enter the workplaces. I do not think that organisations are doing so much strictness in this matter because it may create some sort of employee dissatisfaction and unrest.

    One interesting thing to note in this respect is that even before the inception of these smart gadgets, some of the employees were wasting time in their workplaces on many pretexts. So, the problem of diminishing productivity was present even in those times. We can not attribute only the smartphone for the decreasing levels of output in companies or offices, there are many other facts associated with work culture, policy of Govt etc.

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    Yes. It is true. Social media and Smart Phones are causing a lot of productivity loss in many areas. These days many employees in their offices will have either a laptop or desktop computer and WIFI will be there in almost all the offices. There is nobody without a smartphone. They have become essential for everybody in performing their everyday activities. These are very good technological developments. By using them increasing productivity is very easy. In getting the information and making many transactions it has become a good tool and it is very proper to use them. But many employees are misusing the facilities given to them. They waste their time a lot in the office using the computer or the smartphone. Many of the organisations these days asking their employees not to bring mobiles to the offices, Even if they bring they are asked to deposit that at the security and collect it back while going back. Even though wifi is there using a firewall the management is denying the access of these social media sites to the employees. Otherwise, they will find many employees on these sites only.
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