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    Presence of mind and performing under pressure - An asset for achieving success

    We make a lot of prior preparations and plans for whatever we plan to do so that things are done without any hassle. But sometimes even in spite of all the preparations an unexpected, difficult or pressure situations come up where we need to act sensibly and on the fly. Many people lose out here as things did not go as per their prior planning and preparations and now they are confused and not able to think what to do. On the other hand, there are few people who may not have done so much prior planning and preparation but they possess a great presence of mind and temperament of handling pressure and difficult situation. Such people handle unexpected situations far better way.

    So for success, hard work and prior planning are of course required but without the presence of mind and ability to perform when really needed and under difficult situation the chances of success may get dwindled. Success is not always doing the things right every time but it is doing the things right at the right time and under challenging circumstances. In present challenging times presence of mind and ability to perform under pressure and difficult situations can really be an asset to achieve one's goals. But this is the trait not everyone possesses but it is always beneficial to train our mind for it.
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    It is said that presence of mind and common sense are the most important things that a person possesses. Everyone may not be so lucky to have these characteristics. Knowledge and experience are also very important but in case of emergency and quick decision situations what matters is presence of mind.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Planning and execution are very important for getting success in our projects. But whatever planning we do sometimes our progress may not be as expected. At that moment of time, we should be very focussed and analyse the situation and make amendments to the plans made. Here only our skill and stability of thinking will come handy. Instead of that if we get confused and don't use our brain we will lose the battle. So your efficiency will come out only when you solve the problems in those situations and come out successfully. This is the art required these days. We are all facing tough competition and we are all working under tremendous pressure. So we should not tumble but we should stand firm and see that we will find a good way to come out of the problem and reach the goal in time.
    The homework needed for such situations is to be carried out and be ready to fail any type of situations and don't succumb under those pressures.

    always confident

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