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    How much time does it takes to write an article?

    Hi all,
    I have this question, how much time you take to write one article having a word count around 500 and 1000 respectively. What are the important factors you consider while writing an article? Do you frame your content in a copy and then start typing or you just type whatever idea pops up in your mind. Do you all like to write an article on any random topic or you use your expertize. All the ISCian's please come forward and share your experience for the same.
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    Article writing is one of the most common form of creative energy expression and it is a small project in itself. A person can write articles in his own area of interest or it could be a random thought process in different arenas.

    Apparently it appears that article writing is an easy thing because the material is already available in the books, internet or periodicals. What you have to do is present it in a new form and structure. But in practice it is not so easy because it requires compilation of existing information in the subject as well as structuring it in a proper form so that the reader can enjoy its flow and it can deliver the content in the best possible and meaningful format.

    The speed of writing articles vary from author to author. The laborious ones can produce 4-5 articles in a month while the ordinary mortals like me are happy even if I am able to deliver an article in 1-2 months time. You can not start writing an article just like that. It has to be conceived and structured in our thoughts vis-a-vis comparing them with the bench marks already appearing here and there.

    When I was doing my graduation, I wrote a popular science article in hindi language and at that time as there was no internet that you can publish it so easily, I sent it to a reputed magazine for consideration. It was returned after 3 months with editor's corrections with pencil at almost in every paragraph. They have suggested to correct it, improve it and then again resubmit for consideration. It meant that the article was not rejected but it required much improvement. The process had already taken about 6-8 months time and then my exams were coming ahead and I just stopped it at that juncture.

    What I want to emphasise is that quality is a crucial consideration for acceptance of an article and that is the thing where the author has to be very careful.

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    It depends on the availability of the time as well as how much you know about the topic. I have seen authors who complete an article within 1-2 days and there are authors too who finish it in a month.

    I don't write articles but I wish I could do so. I have lack of time so I am unable to do so. It's better to write an article roughly and then write it.


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