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    Why positive thinking is important in our life?

    It is necessary to believe in somewhere in life because without it the life is not able move smoothly. When a mother bounces her child in the air, child trusts his/her mother that mother will not let him fall. A patient trusts on doctor that doctor will give him life. Just think if we do not belive it, can we survive? It is the belief that keeps us connected to each other, if this relation of trust breaks then it is not possible to get this relation of trust again.
    Shabri believed in the word of Matang Guru that Lord Rama would come in Shabri Cottage for that Shabri practiced penance for many years and finally Lord Rama came in her cottage so keep faith in life forever.
    We should believe in ourselves more than others, but do not have superstition. Do not break it because it is the power maintains our morale.
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    Positive thinking or positive attitude is the most important thing as well as a crucial characteristics in our life. It is not only the foundation stone of all our efforts but also essential for a peaceful and contended living.

    When we undertake a project or task then we do not know the difficulties we will encounter as well as the result we will achieve. So, it becomes necessary to have a positive attitude and feeling towards the results so that we do not make ourselves unhappy. It is not so that positive thinking will always yield good results. But a person having a positive attitude will never be bogged down by these setbacks and will try again for the betterment.

    Life is a continuous struggle and in the coming times it is going to be tougher day by day. In light of that one has to be prudent enough to keep the mind frame in a positive arena rather than a sad and disappointed negative regime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Positive thinking will keep you always happy. When you want to start a project or take up work, you should start with positive thinking that we will win and we should win. Without that confidence, if you start some works you may get failure. But if you start with a positive attitude and work seriously even failure may not give you a very bad time. Because of the positive attitude you have, you will start thinking about how to redo the same work correcting the mistakes and attain the success.
    A positive attitude will make you understand your own capabilities and shortcomings and you will try to overcome those shortcomings by working on those aspects.
    In these days of highest competition and fewer chances to flourish positive attitude and positive thinking is very essential for achieving success.

    always confident

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    There are many reasons that we should have always positive thinking in life. The major reason being the good relationships with the people. When we have a positive attitude we tend to forget and forgive the mistakes of others and ultimately have good and cordial relationships with everyone. The one who has a positive attitude towards life always has good health as such people never go in depressions because such people never have bad thoughts in their mind. People having positive attitudes likely to have more friends and people like them.

    Positive people are more likely to be successful than negative ones. When you will implement positive thinking into your life, you will notice that success becomes easier and it's not as tough and difficult, as many people think.

    Negativity can blind people's mind. If you turn your thoughts from the negative ones into positive, your eyes will be opened and you will see the bottle half full, instead of half empty. You will start to notice solutions and will understand that every problem is actually an opportunity to grow. All problems can be solved, and you, finally, will be able to see it.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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