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    How to stop these fake promises

    Yesterday I saw my friend's bare nail without ink of vote. I asked him why and he said everyone is a traitor in cloak of a sheep. I said I voted "None of the above" to show my dissent too. We discussed heavily about different regional and national parties and their strategies. And we noticed how no one could implement what they promise. While campaigning these parties promise a lot. And they fail to show results when in power. So my friend suggested that supreme court intervened and made a rule/law that politicians should live by their promises and fulfill them within their term. If they fail to do so they are banned from contesting for the same post in future.
    This in itself isn't a new idea. But what took my by surprise is this sudden super power of supreme court that keeps poking its nose in everything. But this is a matter that deserves getting poked by supreme court.
    I think once this law is passed no politician would dare promise such things. We are understanding citizens and know 5 years is nothing in front of lifetime. So we won't ask for entire results. We just want an indication that the promises are being fulfilled.
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    In India, politicians changed the mindset of the people with their wiseness. Not only politicians but also people of India are very selfish these days. Even though the politicians don't fulfil their promises if something good is done to them and their family people are happy. If the minister helps me in getting a job to my son I am happy. I don't bother about his other actions. We will never think that by using the leader we procured a job to our wards but at the same time because of our action one real worthy fellow missed the bus. This selfishness is preventing people from questioning politicians. Supreme court will never take up a case without somebody going to them. If a person goes and files a case against these leaders saying that he deceived us by not fulfilling the promises he had made during the election campaign, then the court may interfere. why nobody will go and file a complaint. An educated man has no time to do all that because he will lose his productive timing. The government is taking care of the other people by paying them monthly some money in one form or other. So they will not go to court. So Court can't do anything in this matter. Anyhow an Indian voter will never take election promises seriously.
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    Only people can do it and should do it, not the court or the judge. If a candidate has not fulfilled his promises, people should question the candidate and move the court, and do not let him contest for election. If he contests, don 't vote for him, but ignore him.
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    There is no easy way to stop this. The electorate knows that the promises made by the politicians are mostly fake and they are doing it just to seek votes. In this aspect, there is no difference between the political parties and they keep on doing the same thing year after year. The Supreme Court doesn't poke its nose in everything, they interfere with things they find not following the basic tenets of our constitution. There is no point in making laws unless they can be implemented everywhere. It's true that politicians are making false promises, but look at the crowd in the rallies they are addressing. If people are not satisfied with their work there wouldn't be a huge crowd in the rallies. It is also true that political parties bring people to these meetings/rallies by paying them some money and here it is making a difference. When money can influence people in such ways, is it difficult to garner votes with the help of money? Unless people are changing their attitude, no law can enforce a change.

    Your friend has not voted, you have exercised the NOTA option, but how about others? How many in that locality stayed away from voting or pressed the NOTA in EVMs? Think of a situation if the votes cast in favour of NOTA exceeds the number cast against candidates of other parties in that constituency. If this happens, I am sure things will begin to change. I know many are frustrated with the politicians, there are also many who do not care about these issues and vote for candidates to gain something personally. It's very difficult to change these people and to change the whole scenario some strict measures must be applied.


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    Politicians make promises to lure the gullible voters. History is full of such things where the polticians always made tall promises but did not bother for them once they came into the power.

    This is a matter of concern and the educated and learned voters are serious about this shortfall by the election candidates.

    Right now there seems no solution of the problem as voters have their own affiliation and they are already biased in their mind as to vote for whom. The wise are furious with the system and either do not go or press NOTA.

    Only hope is some good leaders who can inculcate a honest working culture in the country.

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