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    Kindly suggest all natural remedies to overcome Summer infections

    A few days ago, I had written about henna leaves boiled in water, added with a little honey as a cure for skin infection in the form of fungal infection and subsequent itching. The cure happened in less than 48 hours. Similarly, Rao Sir had in his response suggested some simple cure.

    In this fashion, I understand that in Orissa, West Bengal and in the North of India, there are cures that are simple and based on natural herbs. Members may please highlight all such cures, particularly for various ailments or infections that happen in summer. It should be noted that the aforesaid cure for the fungal infection cost so little when compared to the very costly tablets and the ointments prescribed by dermatologists. This sort of cure was purely temporary and the itching started again. It was the natural cure that worked so wonderfully.

    It will be worthwhile to learn from other Members too. After all, some 200 years ago, only such cures were around for all sorts of ailments. So our forefathers were intelligent in their own way.
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    For all the small problems, there are natural remedies. But we have to know that and we should have confidence in them. Many problems can be easily cured with these natural remedies. The action may be sometimes a little slow but it is a permanent cure and there will not be any side effects,
    Many of us go for cold water from the refrigerator in summer. But that is not good for our teeth and throat. Instead of that if we take water from an earthen pot we will be feeling the sufficient coldness and at the same time, there will not be any health problems. Similarly, we should not take cool drinks but if we take buttermilk with salt, we will not have any heat problem.
    There is a medicine called Draksharista in Ayurveda. If we take a spoon full of this in a half glass water we will get our heat reduced and we will feel refreshed. Eating Ice creams in summer is never advisable.

    always confident

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