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    Has the Modicare really started working or is it only tall talk?

    Our Modi Government is very famous for making tall claims about any incident. The attack on Pakistan, that was touted as a great victory was one bluff and cruel joke played on the nation. Now the External Affairs Minister has herself let the cat out of the bag. The great PM talks about employment but he only takes into account the NEEM scheme trainees, when he talks about his so-called achievements in creating jobs. The bitter truth was ( and still is) that the regular permanent jobs were never created. The atrocious NEEM scheme is one without any social security and to claim this as job creation is rubbish.

    Be that as it may, what has happened to Medicare? Is it working? Has it been implemented in any way? Members who have data with them may please come out with the facts. One does hope that such medical care really reaches those who deserve them in the first place. It will be nice to know what has really happened on this front.
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    In Tamilnadu, we have Amma care also. Now we have an additional Modicare. I do not know how both these cares work. I have seen special wards for Ammacare in TN government hospitals. I think it works well. I am yet to see Modicare working.

    Once some Insurance company (UTI) started this Medical Insurance scheme. I was trapped by an agent. I invested about Rs. 2000 as one-time investment and bought a bond. It assured me insurance for me and my wife for Five lakhs. Now I do not know its whereabouts?

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    The Government has allocated 1200 CR for this scheme in this budget. 232 health centres per district on an average. will be opened This will create good employment potential to doctors and nurses. On average there will be 1 health centre for every 8666 people. Under Ayushaman Bharat Yojana as 10 CR families, that is 40 CR to 50 CR people of India will benefit. The scheme started recently and implementation is in progress. Definitely a good scheme for the poor. But the main point is the scheme should not be misused.
    In Telangana, there is Arogya Sree scheme and in Andhra Pradesh NTR health Scheme is there. Like this many states in addition to Central scheme. The rich people in villages also manage white card ( Card given to Low-income Group) and all the free medical facilities are also availed. Many poor people even don't know such a scheme is there and they may be not able to utilise the scheme. The implementation should be done correctly.

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