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    Your opinion: Will Priyanka Gandhi Vadra contest from Varanasi in 2019?

    Nowadays we are getting this news very frequently. Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is contesting against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Varanasi. Can it be true?

    I strongly feel that Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra doesn't have courage, conviction, organizational capability, oratorical power, convincing ability, track record and popularity to take on Narendra Modi not only at Varanasi but anywhere in the country.

    The Congress leaders are only spreading this rumour to keep the lady in the limelight. It may also be possible to divert the attention of people from the corruption charges against her husband.

    I think Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is not contesting from Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency in 2019. What do you feel?
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    Truth is BJP is afraid that Varanasi may swing votes to Congress, if Congress use Priyanka Gandhi as a candidate.
    Actually BJP is looking for safe seat for Modi, which may be Indore, MP. BJP won last 8 election from Indore.

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    It is difficult to say so but we do not know the political moves as what step is taken by a party at any opportune time. Congress is a party where the Gandhi family members are the most important entities of their set up and in that reference it is possible that they may ask Priyanka to fight from Varanasi. Any member of the Gandhi family can fight against the topmost leaders of other parties.

    I will not be surprised if it happens so.

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    The question is: Will Priyanka-ji dare to fight against Modi-ji from Varanasi?

    Don't bring Indore here. It can be discussed later in a separate thread.

    Varanasi is one of the 543 safest seats for Modi-ji.

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    I feel she may not contest from Varanasi. Even she contests from there she will contest from another safe seat also. The chances for Priyank Gandhi are remote from Varanasi. If Modi is contesting from there, there will be zero chances to Priyanka to win from Varanasi. But to infuse confidence in the party leaders probably the Nehru family is playing the trick. But in the last minute by showing one or the other reason she will not contest from there. This is my feeling only. I may be wrong also.
    The feedback I am getting is the chances for BJP are very high in the north and Karnataka. BJP may get some seats in Kerala also. Tamilnadu AIADMK may get more seats which is a friendly party to BJP. Telangana and AP may not give any seats to BJP.

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    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    It is very difficult to answer at this juncture. The Gandhi family keeps these types of issues a secret and I will not be surprised if Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra contests from Varanasi to challenge Mr Modi. Mr Rahul Gandhi is making various allegations against the PM and the BJP and this election is a challenge for the Congress in the sense that it has to find out whether the allegations can swing votes in its favour. The performance of the Congress was not much encouraging barring the results of the assembly elections held in five states prior to the general elections. If Congress has the guts to really challenge Mr Modi then I feel that either Mr Rahul Gandhi or Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra should contest against the PM from the seat where he is contesting. Mr Gandhi has already filed his nomination so there is no chance for him to contest against the PM this time. Mr Rahul Gandhi has challenged Mr Modi a number of times to join in a debate face to face. I would say why debate in the time of the election? Let either the sister or the brother contest against Mr Modi and that will be the real challenge.

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    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    What I feel is - RG's candidature would be rejected in Amethi, and Priyanka would be contesting from Amethi. It is not safe for soft Priyanka to fight a war against strong Modi at Varanasi. She would lose it badly. People of Varanasi would vote for Hindutva, not for Gandhism. It would be nice for Priyanka to choose a place from Kerala for a definite victory. She should not try to put her finger into the fire to know whether the fire burns or soothes.

    I think Priyanka also might face the same citizenship issue like RG as she is elder to RG and born in a foreign land. We need to wait for Dr.Sub Swamy's comments and action.

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    Mr. SuN: By the time Raul Vinci's candidature is canceled at Amethi, the last date of submission of nomination for Amethi would be over.
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    I think Priyanka must be holding her nomination papers ready for Amethi, and also for Varanasi or elsewhere. If RG/RV fails, PG will file at Amethi on the same day (till 12 p.m)
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    I do not think Priyanka Gandhi would contest from Varanasi against Narendra Modi. The drubbing expected in Varanasi by the congress candidate will have direct impact on the image of Gandhi family.

    Though there are talks about Priyanka Gandhi contesting against Narendra Modi, due to the fear of loss congress may decide against fielding Priyanka Gandhi.

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    #662992: Today BJP has announced the name of its candidate from Indore Lok Sabha Constituency. No, his name is not Narendra Modi.

    The name of the BJP candidate from Indore is Shankar Lalwani.

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    I believe that the candidates should be chosen based on their abilities and capabilities. It depends what is the objective as well. Does Congress wants to give a token fight (like Kejriwal did in 2014) or want Priyanka to be elected to the lok sabha. If she is keen to be elected, she should choose a seat outside UP as already Sonia and Rahul are likely to be elected from the state, unless Rahul decides to give up Amethi in preference to Wayanand.

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    Breaking news: The Congress party on Thursday announced Ajay Rai as the candidate from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. PM Narendra Modi will be filing nomination papers on Friday in the constituency.

    So, my earlier prediction has been proved correct. Priyanka-ji has thrown the towel even before the fight.

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    It should be a bullfight between two strong bulls at Varanasi field. It won't be nice to watch a Cow-bull fight. In no case, a cow can win the bull. Congress thought of not having such useless cow-bull fight and get ashamed. Indeed, a wise decision by G family. BJP cow at Amethi is stronger like a tank than Congress bull.
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    What expected has happened. Congress announced. Ajai Rai is the candidate. Now it is clear that Priyanka is not the candidate from Varanasi. We have to wait and see where she will contest. Anyhow, the decision is a wise decision and now let Priyanka select a safe place for her.
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    Priyanka-ji won't contest this time. She will devote her time to somehow manage his brother scrape through from Wayanad because Amethi is now a lost case for his brother.
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    Some more days are left for Priyanka to think well and to file her nomination from an easy to win constituency. It is likely that RG may not make it to PM due to his questionable citizenship and doubtful/fraud educational certificate, and also the pending Herald case. In that case, who would be PM? PG only. She will not give up for her(not his)brother.
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