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    Do these therapies really cure diseases?

    How much should we believe in certain types of therapies as supposed cures for an illness? Do they really have any genuine provisions to help with an ailment?

    There are various types of therapies used for healing a disorder or curing a disease. Therapies which we commonly hear about are Magnetic, vibration, electric, steam, oil, nail (with having a smooth touch on the skin with nails). These are said to really cure the disease. Do you ever undergo these type of therapies? Are these therapies really a cure for a disease? Is it scientifically proved or it is just relaxation for the body?
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    I am not sure if these therapies are useful or not to cure diseases. If they are useful too then also their effect is very slow. I believe in allopathic treatment only.

    I know a few people who say that by acupressure they have recovered from certain pain because of them I also tried it but I could not get any benefit. I don't know if they are really useful. Even I don't believe in Ayurveda and homoeopathy as they benefit is very gradual, unlike allopathic treatment.


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    My wife underwent Suzok treatment which is nothing but relieving the nerves in turn pains will come down. This therapy is really worked well and my wife got good relief from the body pains by this treatment. In this therapy based on the part of the body where you are getting pain a part on your palm will be identified and at that particular area on the finger pressure will be applied by pressing with a very sharp pin or mild current shock will be applied. There is no necessity of using any medicine. But in a week we should visit the doctor 2 times and get the treatment, Based on the severity of the pain it may take 3 to 4 months to get cured completely.
    I know many people who underwent this treatment and got relief. But I have no idea of any other therapies. One of my friends underwent magnetic therapy and he says he got completely relieved from body pains. Many of these treatments are useful for pains only.

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