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    Things are not nearly as bad as you might think they are.

    This happens to everyone. When we are in lows we start cursing people and the situation but we forget that we should accept every situation and by cursing situation, we cannot change it so what we have to do is to face it and try to fight back to change it.

    If you are ever in a difficult time, just do a quick check: do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food to eat? Do you have a friend in your life you can call whenever you need something? If you do, then you have plenty of things for which you should be thankful.

    All you have to do is start appreciating the things you have right in front of you and face the situation. Things will change once you face them. Time never remains the same, it changes once we give our best to overcome it.
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    Sometimes when time is not in our favour many issues will go the other way. The things which you thought easy will become very difficult and you can' t get even a single clue how to come out of the situation. But always it will be temporary and good times will definitely knock your door. You have to wait with faith in God and good will happen to all at a correct point of time. Only thing is we can have patience and wait for better times, But we should stop our efforts. We should continue our efforts and see what works will progress. Faith in God will always fetch us positive results. The things will never be so bad as we think. If we concentrate and continuously try for betterment, we will attain our goal.
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    A good narration by the author reminding us to bravely face any tough situation. We face difficult situations at times and its a part of our life. In those situations, we have to find a way out to handle it and there is no point in regretting or cursing the luck. What has happened has already happened and there is no way to reverse it. The only thing we have to think of in those situations is to come out of the difficulties. No situation is permanent in this world. Neither bad situation nor good situation stays forever. With time, everything changes and we have to adapt ourselves to those changes. We must appreciate the things we have at any moment which will give us some strength to face the difficulties. If we start cursing everything on our way while facing a tough situation, we will lose every kind of hope which will complicate the situation. Therefore, we have to boldly face situations in our lives.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    When you are in problems do not look up , look down. We always have tendency of looking at greener side and start comparing with another person who has lesser problems. We should look at people with more problems than us. This will give us a sense of relief confidence to face the problems.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Every day is not a Sunday. We can't enjoy every day because some days are not as good as we want them to be. Life is passing through difficult situations and overcoming those difficulties need patience and optimism. It is natural that we face awkward situation sometimes but braving such a situation solves these problems.

    We should look at the situations positively that will help us overcoming it and solving the problem effectively with your wisdom gives you courage and satisfaction. We need to be persistent in dealing with any kind of problem, the more you put effort to solve it more it becomes easy to rectify it.

    So, never discourage yourself, stay strong and stay positive; happiness will be your companion at every step and we will feel Sunday every day!

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