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    Sincerity, honesty, loyalty - are these qualities outdated?

    Are the qualities of sincerity, honesty, loyalty and the like no longer of any significance in today's work culture? Why these taken a back seat forms the basis of this forum discussion.

    Looking back a few decades ago, a salaried employee in a permanent job was well set, often spending most of their work life in one major firm or a couple of smaller firms. The qualities like sincerity, honesty, loyalty to the brand/employer were the benchmark. With such qualities and a job, educating kids, having an own house and some savings for retirement were possible in most cases.

    Fast forward to today's work culture, job cuts, companies going bankrupt, unethical practices by the top management, major financial pilferage, mergers, stiff competition makes the life of an employee very challenging. Someone who hangs on to the above-mentioned qualities or values often finds himself/herself at the receiving end for no fault of his/her own. I think the modern day employee should be smart enough to read the changes and trends, keep job prospects and professional survival ahead of the conventional/olden qualities. Please share your views.
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    Absolutely in today's world, nothing is permanent. Jobs in the corporate are not like as they use to be in the past. People used to stick to their first job until the retirement and employer also used to think about the employee, unlike today.

    Also, money is what matters these days when there is plenty of other job opportunities for the people as they can change it for higher salary unlike in the past when there were few job opportunities.

    I remember I changed 6 jobs at the start of my career in a very short span until I found a job of my choice and I have been on this job since last 15 years and now when I have got bored with this job I am not getting a job of the higher salary and at the present location.

    But that's true the things have changed people now don't believe to spend their whole life at one job.


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    Love your Job but not the company where you work. This should be the concept. If you love a company and if you stick there tomorrow if there is a problem in the company you may lose your job. By any unfortunate cause if you are not able to perform your duty the company will never help you with special benefits. You have to take care of yourselves.
    In olden days probably the people who are loyal may be getting extra money and the management may be giving extra benefits. But these days many managements are not having any sympathy for the employees. In the same way, the employees also should not have any sympathy for the organisation. If they can get a better opportunity with higher pay definitely they should shift and also if there is any doubt of the company's survival they should try and get into another job.
    I agree with this and I tell many of the employees about this and but one should be loyal to the Organisation as long as they work there.

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    In olden days people used to respect individuals by their profession, integrity and honesty . In earlier years a teacher was respected most. In present day people are respected going by their standard of living , how rich they are , which car they are using etc., There is total cultural change in the society. But this is not a good trend. We should always respect honest and sincere people without looking at their economical status.
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    Sincerity, honesty and loyalty are still considered as good traits today but the only difference is the cut throat competition in the job market and tough business environment where unexpected events are unfolding day by day.

    In this situation, one has to be alert and continuously update on ones core competencies so that in case of eventualities one can apply elsewhere in the industry. Another thing is today we are in a arena of networking. The personal relations and networking sometimes becomes useful in shifting from one job to another. So, one has to inculcate these new traits in oneself.

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    These qualities are not outdated but there are clever people in the society who are getting their things done through bribing, networking and poltical influences. So, the people with good traits but no connections and approach are losing the opportunities.
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    Nothing is outdated or insignificant but instead we need to learn of all the possible scenarios wherein these can be used in the most appropriate ways & therefore I don't agree with the author that in the past the terms & conditions used to be different when compared with the ongoing existing system.

    Many businesses started & many businesses got shut down & the same is applicable in context to the jobs too.

    Each of us has got with different experiences from others & in accordance to this the perceptions are created for any particular aspect of our lives as in the meantime we are discussing the significance of Sincerity, honesty, loyalty, these still got the values in today's society but the thing is that whether we are using these in the most foolish ways or as a learned person.

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