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    Is technology in India up to date or outdated?

    Technology in this modern era plays a pivotal role in building a nation economically and scientifically. Technology is not only useful for day to day needs, but it helps us to identify the diseases and cure the diseases in medical treatments. With the advent of Technology, so many countries get developed and move forward. India also uses Technology but is this technology an up to date one or is it an outdated one? For example, consider countries like Japan, Germany, China, the UK, and other developed countries uses more advanced technology than India.
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    The title of this thread is somewhat confusing. I am unable to understand what is meant by up to date or outdated in terms of technology. Developed countries started to use technologies long ago compared to India and thus largely benefitted from it. India, on the other hand, is a developing country and still, there are a lot of sectors that require technological development. In developed countries, the infrastructure is completely developed and there are a lot of research facilities which India do not have. So, the technologies that are invented in those developed countries were implemented quickly there and it is coming to India after some time. Because of globalization, the scenario has changed and many technologies are implemented throughout the world simultaneously.

    Money is a great factor to implement the latest technologies and the more money one can spend the more advanced equipment one can purchase. For example, if we look into the use of household appliances in India we will find that many households do not have a microwave oven, whereas in developed countries almost everybody is using many other kitchen appliances along with a microwave oven. If the people of any country do not have the purchasing power of modern appliances or any technology, naturally implementation of those technologies will be late in that country and in that case there are still many sectors in India that have remained less developed than the already developed countries.


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    The developed countries spend more money and time on the researchers so they have better technology than us whereas the developing countries like ours have fewer funds to spend on the researchers so are lagging from the developed countries.

    But still, we are better than many other developing countries as we buy technology from developed countries if we aren't able to invent them.


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    India is a very vast country with the second highest population in the world. There are many differences in the country and the gap between the rich and the poor is very high. Because of the difference in the economic status, some are having all the latest comforts in their lives whereas the other people not even having the minimum possible comforts also. When we see these poor people we feel that we are not developed technologically well when compared to other countries and when we see the very rich people we feel the country is developed.
    The main drawback here in our country is the political situation. There is no encouragement to a person with good knowledge and capability and such people are going abroad and developing the technologies there. In our country caste plays an important role than other things. Otherwise, in India, there are people who are experts and can develop good technologies.

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    In India, we have access to the latest and most modern technology available in the world. But, I feel that less than 20% of Indians have access to the most modern technology. In modern countries, such disparity can't be seen.
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