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    Is unemployment in a country a threat to its national security?

    Would unemployment play a major role in being a threat to the security of a nation? In the case of India, how do you view this theory?

    India is a highly populated country in the world. Poverty and unemployment is a major problem in our country. While there is a tremendous day to day increase in population, there is also a tremendous unemployment problem. After finishing graduation and post-graduation, people find it difficult to get a job to earn their bread. Our politicians talk about employment in their election manifesto but forget the unemployed after coming to power.

    My question is - Is unemployment in our country a threat to the security of our nation? If so, how and in what manner? Let us discuss.
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    Empty mind is devils workshop. Lack of employment causes many social problems. It is not correct line of argument that an unemployed person should resort to anti social activities. But definitely, good employment opportunities will reduce the anti social activities. Lack of unemployment, some times motivates youngsters to take wrong route which is national security concerns.

    Youngster should not look for only employment. The educated youngsters should explore self employment opportunities and try to provide employment opportunities to others.

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    Unemployment is one such peculiar problem which creates many problems in the society. The people resort to mean practices to earn money, start cheating the gullible people, join the anti national elements and things like that.

    Unfortunately our educational system did not concentrate towards skill development and it simply went to churn out the MBAs, PhDs, M.Tech., M.Sc., B.E. etc who are good for higher white collar positions but otherwise of not much practical value. What we need more is electrician, plumbers, fitters, mechanics, primary teachers, self employed person, helpers, assistants etc who can get employment or start their work themselves.

    With highest education available in the country the highly qualified people are waiting for something to happen in their life which is a good job. Seeing the number of job vis-a-vis the highly qualified numbers it is very clear that only a few of them will be able to get some jobs. What others will do? They do not have any skill to earn money. Simply having academic knowledge does not qualify one to earn money.

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    In populated and developing countries unemployment is the most challenging problem and there is always a danger of the unemployed youngsters falling in wrong hands. We are also having this threat in our country and we have to think seriously for the engagement of the unemployed people.
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    True. After they finish their education and start trying for a job if they are not getting a job, they will get frustrated. Their requirements and need for money will increase. Every time they can't go and ask for their expenses from their family members. So they start thinking about how to earn money. Some people go for small jobs or small businesses. But some people who are a little lazy or weak in their mind will be trapped by the anti-nationals. These anti-nationals will give them good money and try to use them for anti-national activities. Those acts will cause security problems in the country. That why we are seeing many young people becoming part of suicide squads.
    In some families, the family planning concept is not followed properly and have a number of children. The parents because of their financial condition they can't take care of their children and they will be grown in a bad atmosphere without proper education also. Such children will also get tempted for money and join hands with terrorists and can become a problem for the security of the Nation.

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