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    How many of you use Ghee in your Lunch or dinner?

    In our younger days, One of the milk product Ghee is quite often consumed in our lunch and dinners to improve the taste of our lunch and dinner and also for a protein factor. As the days go on especially me never consumed Ghee directly due to overweight concern. How many people still use Ghee in their lunch, dinner or breakfast(especially in Idlis).What are the advantages of using Ghee?
    Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    During my childhood, I was a butter chor like Krishna. I consumed a lot of milk products. As I was the only son then, I was cared and nurtured well by my mother. Dal mixed with rice and ghee was my favourite food. In the evening, I used to take idlies with curd. Ghee is mixed with Milakaipodi mix to have Dosai & Idli. Buttermilk is the soft drink to mix with rice, and also to drink.

    Alas! I am a diabetic now. Doctors have advised me to avoid milk products as far as possible. Nowadays, I don't even look at ghee and butter. I take only Peanut butter.

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    There is a lot of confusion regarding the the consumption of ghee. Doctors are of the opinion that ghee could cause weight gain because of presence of fat - content. Ask an Ayurvedic - Doctor or Vaidya regarding the benifits of cow- ghee, he would advise you t use the same at least in the lunch time to the level of one tea- spoon since cow - ghee is considered to be Medha - Rasayan art from nourishing the tissue of the entire body causing the enhancement of Balya and Memory. It does not affect the level of Cholestrol rather it would help in augmentation of metabolism thereby improving the digestion - system. Go through the texts of Aurvedas to know the additional benifits of usage of ghee.
    Application of ghee preferably a year old or even more on the chest area would reduce cough problem or the respiratory problems. Its application on the naval area regularly would produce sound sleep.
    Young generation need to know the real benifits of this age old Rasayan and should reap the health benifits of the same with the regular usage.

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    Unlike the north where people take plenty of ghee or dalda with food, people from the south don't take it much. It is only for taste, not for health. While a person from the north takes one or two teaspoons of ghee, a southerner would use only 1/10th of a spoon for taste and aroma. Instead of a spoon, they use only a leaf to dip and take the ghee from the vessel. In a feast, it is served along with dal as a first-course meal.
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    Ghee was taken by people basically for flavour and then there was a belief that it is very good for health as it contained so many valuable ingredients. People still use it but those who are having health problems related to fat or oil have restricted their diet without it.

    During our childhood, we never took food without it. It was a part of the dinner or lunch. We relished it especially with hot chapati or rice and dal. In some part of the country people sprinkle it on the hot vegetable and relish with tandoori roti.

    With age many people have restrictions on their diet and as I also belong to that lot so naturally my Ghee intake is now minimal.

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    I am fond of ghee and I still consume it sometime. I take it hot chappati or roti along with a tea. I have been using it since my childhood and I still relish this super cool ghee.
    However, those with medical implications can avoid it and take it in a limited quantity.
    I really enjoy it and like to take it with hot chappati.

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    Earlier it was very common for us to take the ghee especially with chapati and the rice but lately due to the health reasons the consumption of ghee is reduced. When we were child we used to take a lot of ghee with the food but nowadays many children do not take ghee. They are not habitual of taking it.
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    Even today also in our house we use cow ghee in breakfast, dinner and lunch. Cow ghee is supposed to be a good ingredient in the food. There are many Ayurvedic medicines which will use Cow Ghee as a raw material in making medicines. Ghee is good for your health. It keeps our skin smooth, gives more memory power and it gives strength. It will not increase Cholesterol. It will be good for the digestive system. But we should take a limited quantity only. Consuming too much quantity is not advisable. Dosas made with ghee are excellent in their taste and I like that dish very much.
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    When we were child we used to take a lot of ghee with the food but nowadays many children do not take ghee. They are not habitual of taking it, due to the health reasons the consumption of ghee is reduced.

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    I use ghee in breakfast. Breakfast is what gives you bursts of energy when needed throughout the day. A spoonful of ghee in whatever I take as a breakfast is a must. Nowadays science even recommend us to consume fats. Ghee in low quantities is a rich food source. So use it in your breakfast daily.
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