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    Again, Humans became animals!

    There is a scientific theory that Man has come from an animal (scientific name called Homosapien) as now the Human life cycle is behaving like animals doing sex in public places(In lifts, parks, and Autos), excretion(toilets) in public places(example roads e.t.c) rapes in public places, killing others and eating organs(in some places its happening) as wild animals do. Are Humans became animals? are these are apt examples that Humans came from animals. Do you agree with me? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    If human behave like animal we can somewhat accept. But when human behave worse than animal it is very difficult to accept. There are instances where human beings behaved worse than animals. Animals fight for food , females and their territory. But human beings fight and kill each other for frivolous reasons.

    Animals do not make sexual advances without the consent of the female. The decision of a female animal is final. But human beings are worse than animals. Animals eat to the extent required for them and once their stomach is full they allow other animals to eat. But human beings do not share they preserve it for generations.

    All the above factors prove that human beings are worse than animals.

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    The basic aims of primitive man were, to live, hunt, eat, procreate. As humans evolved, group living started, the uncivilized man became a civilized one. But as civilizations grew, so did the evils of society. So, what the author has listed is the deviant behavior of some misfits in society. This does not reflect the practice and behavior of the majority of the human race. So, yes, humans did evolve from apes and a small section of mankind do behave like animals. We need tougher laws and education to bring these misfits into the mainstream.

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    Unlike animals, human beings are the most civilised animals. We cannot expect that the most civilised animal behaves like other animals. This is sad that the things mentioned by the author are taking place. We can accept such behaviour from the animals but we cannot blame all human beings for such behaviour. There are few people in our society due to which all human beings are blamed. It's sad educated people too are involved in such abrupt behaviour sometimes which is a thing to worry.

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    Humans are also like animals except the fact that they have a higher level of consciousness. Due to this and the well developed social fabric they are restrained to do certain animal like acts in public. With the modernisation and freedom of actions the social and moral values are declining and people have started acting more or less like animals in the open places also. This is a changing pattern in the society which we are observing and now this westernised culture is engulfing the oriental countries also with a fast pace.

    Freedom, lack of discipline and broken social rules often create such situations in the societies and slowly the whole world is inching towards such a scenario.

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    I forgot one more thing illicit relationship irrespective of gender (male/female) is also an example man behaving like Animal.
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    Animals don't bother about legitimate or illicit relationship, because to them, relationship has no meaning.
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    Humans are the evolved cultural forms of primitive animals only and it is natural that there will be residual animal instincts left inside us. So some people will behave sometimes like that though it is socially not accepted. These people have no control on their feelings and actions.
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    Human beings are evolved from animals. This is what our science taught us. Initially, people were not very well civilised and they were learning from other animals. That is why when somebody behaves differently we say still he has not forgotten his forefathers.
    But these days as mentioned by the authors we are coming across or hearing many incidents where a person who has to behave a human being was behaving like or even less than an animal. Even animals will also have some norms and ethics. But when we hear some incidents, we feel animals are better than these human beings.
    The percentage of such people may be less and because of good connectivity and coverage by media, all incidents are coming into light. The main reasons for this type of behaviour are unemployment, no education, too much greediness and lust. The mechanism of punishing such people should be strong enough so that people will have a fear of punishment and try to be away from such deeds. Unfortunately, in our country, this system is not strong. That is why we are seeing an increase in such incidents.

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