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    Can you imagine a child free home?

    Since time immemorial, the institution of marriage, concept of family and recently long term relationships all have one common fact, that is the addition of a child(ren) to the family unit. Most of us work hard, save, go that extra mile to see our dreams come true in our children. Parents, grand-parents early await the arrival of a new life, a bundle of joy in the family.

    But contrary to what most people would do, can you imagine a couple voluntarily not having children? Yes, there are people who believe that for the sake of planet earth and other life forms, man and mankind have to stop reproducing.

    Some of the groups are VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement), National organization for non-parents and other childfree groups. The basic thought process is due to the ever-increasing global population, resources are scarce and life forms(other than humans), flora and fauna are rapidly shrinking.

    Can such a concept gain widespread acceptance? Isn't it against one of the basic principles of mankind? What are your views?
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    Over population and no population are the two extremes. We are concerned about over population in India and China. But the movement like VHEMT will prove dangerous to future human race.

    Human beings are already going against the nature. VHEMT will be another mad movement which will work against the nature and creation. These movement should be banned. Instead we should create awarenesses among people about over population.

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    I don't think nothing is going to happen by starting such a movement. It is expected that a couple after marriage should have a child if they don't then they have to listen to society. They are thought to have some deficiency in themselves. I remember when I got married me and my wife decided not to have a kid before three years. In those three years, my wife had to listen to several people and had to answer why we are not having a child. It's a very strange world where we have to think about society.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    In this selfish world, it is hard to think about a family or couple not interested in the child(ren). It is always thought that mankind is only to enhance mankind. No one is interested in balancing the earth. If not earth, we will go to the moon or mars to give birth and enjoy life. By imposing restrictions on our life, we are going against nature and God. The purpose of God's creation is defeated by these sort of thoughts.

    @ A very big heart is required to think of a child-free home, not one heart but two hearts with the same thought.

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    Reproduction of species is the key element in surviving of a race and that is a natural phenomenon in the animal life cycle. The basic natural instinct behind reproduction is to enhance the population and survive even in the extreme conditions. Many species could not survive due to various reasons and adverse conditions and have become extinct.

    Volunteering for not going for reproduction may appear to be a good cause in light of managing the Earth resources but it has certain fearful implications also. The first question comes in mind is are all the races going for this type of thought or only a few selective educated people are thinking in that direction. If so then the extinction will be only limited to a particular group and prima facie there will be no problem with this small action.

    Next thing is some of the religions may not allow their population to go for this revolutionary thinking as they believe that increasing the number of offsprings is the order and desire of the God and they have to abide by it. So this is going to be a big anomaly in the society if people of only certain cultures take up this volunteer activity.

    Another fearful thing is that in absence of reproduction the population on this planet will be dwindling and there will be only old people around and to run the system no youngsters will be available. So there will be more dependence on robots and automatic gadgets.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is difficult to visualize such a strange situation where children are not born. Is it possible that there will be no next generation and the world will be full of seniors only?

    It is really a very strange and unbelievable proposition.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is something peculiar concept of not to have children for the cause of society. It sounds good to here. But when you think for a while on the subject it appears against the basic principles of mankind. Many people say we should have at least one child. Many married couples who are not having children are making rounds to fertility centres for having a child. One should have a concern for the society and one should have a concern for the environment and one should have a concern for the well being of the other people. But it should not go up to the extent of not having even a child. Even these days I heard that there are some countries where the population is less and they encourage people to have more children. This concept of not having children should not go well with people but the concept of having one or two children only should be spread and when there are no children I think we will lose our interest in our life after some time.
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