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    Do you listen to music? Which is your favourite?

    Music is said to be the sweet nectar of human feelings and sentiments. It is very soothing, pleasant and makes us happy by its melodious contents.

    Many people like listening to music depending upon their choice of the songs, type of music and the language in which it is sung. Some of the youngsters who are exposed to western music have their own choices in this regard and they will tell some popular names if we ask them their favourite western music.

    I personally like the old hindi movie songs which have a very good lyrical content as well as a good melody. The music is superb and one can listen those songs time and again.

    Do you like to hear songs or music? What type of music you like? Which is your favourite? Please share your interests.
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    Yes, I do listen to music. And like my reading, my choice of music is varied. I like Bengali semi-classical, Bengali light film songs, different types of folk songs of Bengal, Assam, Orissa and eastern part of Bihar (Bhojpuri). I also listen to different types of Hindi songs, film songs, ghazal Sufi and other music.

    Just now, on this beautiful Monday morning, I am listening to 'nagar-kirtan', a special type of Vaishab folk songs of Bengal, sung by Amar Pal. This great singer has left this world only three days back.

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    Obviously, I listen to music. For me, music is like meditation, it helps me find peace. I am more into Jazz music. I feel a connection to them. Being an Indian I also like old songs of the 80s and 90s. Mohammad Rafi is my favorite singer and also I am a big fan of Jagjit Singh and in new singers, my favorite is Arijit Singh.
    The weather is beautiful with dark clouds and I am listening to "WO kaagaj ki kashti" by Jagjit Singh and it feels nostalgic to listen to this song relate it to your childhood.

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    Music makes mind happy and relaxed without our daily worries. There are great legendary writers, musicians and singers in Telugu who made Telugu people proud in the past and at present. I like the old songs of P.Susheela, Ghantasala,P.B.Srinivas,S.P.Balasubrhamanyam and even new songs. Old songs are a mixture of beautiful literature, treat of melodious music and ear throbbing singing.

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    It is true that music is a great companion and also a mood healer. There is variety of music today to choose from. I like gazals most of the times as they have a interesting lyrics embedded in them. The music of gazal is soothing and mind freshening. It is melodious also.
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    Being a Tamil, I enjoy Tamil music much. Being an Indian, I enjoy Hindi Music to some extent. I surely don't enjoy Western music. Until I reached sixteen, I preferred only Tamil nothing but Tamil music. When I left home and reached a city in AP for a job, I started enjoying Hindi Music. As I don't know Hindi much, I don't enjoy Gazal or Kavwali.

    In general, Music is an important activity in our life. There can be no human who doesn't enjoy music.

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    Music is divine. The music will be enjoyed by children, animals and snakes also. So I feel there may be very few people who never like music. I am really fond of music. During my younger age, I used to hear regularly in All India Radio various musical concerts by famous musicians. I used to like Karnatic vocal and instrumental music. One of my classmates is a very good musician. He plays the veena very well. For the marriages of my two sons, I requested him to give a concert and he did it.
    I like hearing songs which are rich in lyrics and well sung. I always feel the lyrics in the song are very important and the lyric will be supported by a piece of good music. Music should never dominate the language in the song. Such songs will be more audible. I like hearing Annamachrya Keerthanas etc. I like the voice of SP Balu, Balamurali, Janaki, Chitra and Upadrastha Sunitha. I like Telugu songs more and I enjoy them.

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