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    How many ISC members interested and good at cooking?

    Cooking is a great art. In Indian tradition ladies come first in cooking expertise. But in Indian mythology, Bhima got that name and fame for cooking who is a male. 'Nala bheema pakam' is the popular name what Bhima got for his expertise in this field. Are you interested in cooking whether you are male or female member. How many marks you can give for your own experience on a scale 5. Andhra or Telugu people are known for various delicious dishes in their meals. In my early childhood as I used to move closely with my mother I learned so many things in cooking food. In that way I almost learned in cooking food. Even I trained my wife in cooking what she don't know after my marriage. I can give myself 4 marks out of 5 in cooking.
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    Being a housewife I have no difficulty in cooking and fortunately I like cooking and do new experiments in cooking different dishes. Many of my recipes are published in this site itself. The latest one is Vegetable Biryani.
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    I am an average at cooking the food.Cooking is an art I agree!.
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    I like cooking. I cook only for my survival. I cook only when my good wife is away or sick. However, my son is an expert in cooking. He can cook all types of food. When he is at home, my wife takes a break from the kitchen.
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    I used to cook during my PhD days. Those days I was staying with my distinct relative in a room for a few days. At that time I started cooking and I know how to make some vegetarian curries, dals, sambar, rasam and chapathis. after some time my aunt joined me. So there was no necessity for me to cook. But once in a while when there was a necessity I used to cook. After my marriage with my wife, I shifted to another place as I joined in a job. Then onwards whenever my wife goes to her mother's place, I used to cook myself. But once my two sons have grown enough they started cooking and I need not go for cooking. I think I cooked last almost 7 years back.
    As per the mythological stories Nala Maharaj was also a good cook and as mentioned by the author Bhima was also a good cook. That is why Nala Bhima Pakam has become very famous. Even these days also the higher quantities of cooking for marriages and other functions also being done by male cooks only.

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    I am not good at cooking. I used to cook when I was working far from my native place. I had a room partner who was very good at cooking. He used to help me with cooking. I was not good so sometimes he never asked me to cook as he used to say that I don't cook well but after a few days I learned a lot from him and started making tasty dishes. But nowadays I don't get time to try out dishes moreover my wife doesn't allow to enter her so-called territory.

    I didn't know that Bhima was a good cook this is the first time I have heard such information about him.


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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    You haven't read or watched Mahabharath in detail. After spending 12 years in exile, the 13th year was a difficult period for Pandavas to be in their disguised form. If they were identified and caught, they were to repeat their 12 years in exile as agreed. During the 13th year, all the five brothers and Draupathi lived in Virat kingdom in disguise. Yudhistra was the King's Advisor as Ganga Pattar, Bhim was the Royal cook as Pallaya, and Draupathi as a maidservant to the Virat Queen as Shylendri. Nakul and Sahadev also had their name changed and looked after the cows and horses.

    Bhima served the King's family with delicious dishes. Bhima was not only an expert cook but also a heavy eater.

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    Of course, cooking is an art and more your involved in cookery, more you would be proficient and you can experiment with different spices, addition of curd while making fish - curry or addition of vinegar in the cooking process of mutton .
    I have had the oppurtunity to relish both the items vegetarian and non vegetarian cooked by my wife but at times, she insists me on serving some varieties of my choice. The net result is always surprising to me when she says the servings are perfect contains full aromas and tasty.
    To tell you the truth, I add one teaspoon of chiken masala along with the usual spices of coriander powder and cumin powder to add some tangy flavour.

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    Cooking is an art and I think few people have expertise in that. Many of us are simply the cook for surviving. We do not have patience to spend a long time in cooking techniques.

    When I was doing my post graduation, due to my health problems I was not taking food outside and hence I used to cook myself but it was limited to rice and vegetables. Anyway this went for one year in my second year I got a family who were delivering home made food to nearby students on a reasonable price. So, I went for that and during the second year I got rid of the cooking hassles.

    Later in emergency only, I cooked some items time to time for 1-2 persons and I am still in touch with the kitchen but so far I have not cooked food for more number of people as that requires some practice and experience.

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