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    Do we have something irrelevant being asked in the interviews?

    Now there is growing general opinion that most of the questions being asked in the interviews are irrelevant to the job profiles but even after this the candidates are left with no options other than to face it.

    There can't be denying of the fact that the different questions being asked may have meant for judging the suitability of the candidate for the given post but however sometimes the same may feel inappropriate.

    From few of my personal experiences, I had to wait a lot that my whole day wasted with the simple reply that I don't carry with the same experiences was a surprise for me because we already discussed on that during the telephonic round & the same being raised for declaring in the F2F round wasn't a ok for me.
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    The purpose of personal interview is for selecting right and best candidates for the posts in the Company or the organization. The process of Interviews is one of the important element in the recruitment. How to select a best candidate, how to assess the candidate in respect of his job knowledge, personality, skill, attitude etc. The process interviews helps the candidate and Company to connect each other and helps organization in selecting right person for the right job.

    The questions generally asked in the interviews are with the purpose of assessing your subject knowledge or to assess your personality , suitability to the post. . It is not correct on the part of the Company to make the candidates wait unnecessarily. Company's generally schedule interviews with proper timings depending on the number of candidates called for the interviews

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    Actually, an interview is to know about the suitability of the candidate for the post available in the organisation. At the same time, it is useful for the candidate to know about the company and he can get his doubts cleared if any. So it is useful for both the parties. In private organisations, these interviews will be conducted very sincerely and try to get the best candidature available within the company's budget. They may not bother to offer a little more if the person is good in their opinion.
    But in some organisation, they will conduct the interviews for the namesake and they may predetermine the candidate to be taken. In such cases, there are chances for the examiners to ask unnecessary questions and out of the scope questions and they may irritate the candidates. If the candidate is experienced, he will understand the things and answer the same way. But a fresh candidate who is in need of a job has to answer the questions patiently so that he will have a chance to get selected to the post.

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    A personal interview is necessary to select a suitable candidate for a particular job profile. The interviewer not only checks the technicalities required of the candidate for the job profile but also checks the personality and capability of the candidate. A person employed in an organisation should know the process of the job as well as the ways to handle difficult situations while carrying out the job. To check all these things, many questions are asked and there may be several rounds of the interview of the candidates before the final selection. So a few of the questions can be on any topic to judge the abilities and traits of a candidate but what the author said in the thread is quite annoying to anyone because after knowing fully well about the experience during the telephonic round, the same is given as the cause of rejection during the personal interview.

    Every company schedules the interview process in such a way so that a candidate's valuable time is not wasted. The process is different for freshers and experienced persons and while hiring an experienced person the company makes sure that the person hired will add some extra value to the company. As Dr Rao has stated in his reply @ # 663158, if the selection is predetermined then the interviewer may ask something unnecessary just for the sake of the interview and this undoubtedly can irritate the candidate.


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    The basic purpose of interview is to select a proper candidate for the position. The interview board is supposed to ask the questions by which they can assess the candidates and shortlist them.

    In practice the interview board may not ask same questions to all the candidates. The questions will change and even the member may change from candidate to candidate. All this creates a confusion in the mind of the candidate and he starts doubting the efficacy of interviews. This is a serious concern and there should be some stream lined methods of interview taken for the coveted positions. Today it is simply the judgement of the board members as to whom they chose finally for the positions in the company.

    Another important issue is how much weightage we are going to give to the the theoretical part and how much to the interview. This will change the selected candidates as some are very good in interview while some are only good in theory.

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