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    Does being successful mean getting rich by making money or achieving a dream - active GD

    Do you consider a person to be successful because of achieving a dream or because of monetary worth, perhaps through influential means? Participate in this active Group Discussion to consider what spells success, debating on various aspects and both sides of the coin.

    This topic is taken up for an active GD. Responses will be accepted up to 25th April 2019.

    Who is a successful person according to you? Is he the one who makes money and becomes rich by hook or crook or the one who achieves their dream?

    No doubt there are rich businessmen and other people who struggled and achieved their dreams and also made money with their hard work and are very successful. They have made their dreams come true and earned love and respect from everyone by not making money through others' influence.

    But there are a few people who claim to be successful and achieved things and money just by the influence of others or politicians and we cannot really term them as successful. Yet, they themselves say that they have succeeded as they have doubled their money or property.

    So success means just money or achieving a dream?
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    For me, money earned through bad ways is not good. I have always given importance to the relationships and not to the money in life. People who run after money, later on, realise that they have missed many other things in life which are equally important.

    There are people who get success through unethical means or by the influence of powerful people but that's their way of being satisfied with life. For me getting success without the help of influential people is the real success and that is more satisfying. I know one has to work hard for getting success on his own but that's what real success is. I have seen many people in my life who are sitting on higher posts through the influence of powerful persons which makes me upset because somewhere they have disallowed people who actually deserve that position. It's very sad as such things have become so normal in our society and we have to eliminate it from our society forever.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    My opinion is that there is no relation between success and Money Earning. Many people these days are earning money by some or other means. The ways may be with values or without values. But Success is something different.

    A student getting a school first is a success for him. An educated person getting a job is a success for him. For an employee getting a promotion is a success. A small employee feels he is successful if he can make his own house without taking a loan or if he can repay the loan before he retires.

    But some people think that they are successful if they have money. Personally, I feel earning money by illegal ways is not a good trait. Following ethics and giving importance to the values is more important than earning money.

    always confident

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    Being Succesful in life means different thing to different people. A person after completion of his studies considers getting a job is his success. Student passing exam considers it his success. A farmer always wishes to harvest better produce and considers it his success. And even earning money through legal or illegal ways is also success for some section of people. So, success is a different thing to different people.

    However, only earning money and marking it your success is not fair. And most importantly earning illegally is the most unfortunate thing. I would say that earning money for fulfilling the requirement is fine but completely ignoring your family in the grab of earning money legally or illegally is reprehensible.

    Running after money and making it a sole purpose of life disrupts the peace of mind and our families also get affected by such unworthy approach. So, never make earning money your goal of life. Enjoy with your family and share and strengthen the love with them.

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    It varies from person to person. Nowadays, there are many who think that making a lot of money means one is successful. Making money cannot be the only thing in life and there are different aspects that have to be taken care of to lead a contented life. I would say that achieving any dream without any unethical way is a success. As many members have already said this with the example of students wishing to score a rank in the exams and finally making it by working hard is a success to them. If somebody has the dream to make a huge amount of money through any means then, of course, I would say to him success is only making more money.

    The success stories can be shared and it inspires others to become successful. Is it possible to share money with others to make the other person rich? Possibly no. Running after money makes a person greedy which in turn invites anxiety and a strain in the relationship with near and dear ones. The money will give you the power to purchase things, but the pleasure and excitement of achieving a dream or target, however small it may be, is something to be cherished by all and is completely different from earning money. To me, achieving a dream is a success.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Money is one of the most impotent things in life as you can get facilities and materialistic luxuries with it. But earning money is not the barometer of success. The lust of money is never satisfied and there is no end to accumulate wealth. The real success comes when you feel that you have achieved your dreams and done something which gives you satisfaction and contentment.

    People earn money with so much struggle and hard work but on one fine day, they start giving huge amounts in philanthropy or charity. Why they do it? There must be some sense of achievement or peace of mind that they might be deriving out of such big donations. Or is it for name and fame?

    So simply making money may not be the parameter for success and what matters most is what have you contributed to society and humanity and derived a real feeling of success from those good deeds.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This thread's topic has been selected for an active GD. Participants can debate on various aspects of the topic up to 25th April 2019. Best participants (maximum four) will be awarded cash prizes.
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    A dream not achieved is a beautiful illusion only. It is human nature to quantify things based on the extravagance. We are hardwired by Nature to do so. Not every successful person is wealthy. But if you are wealthy from your own efforts, you are pretty much successful. Success is going to a point where there is nothing to succeed in your result. So if you have achieved something that can never be ceded to anyone else in your lifetime you are successful.

    Now let's talk about the ones that achieved successful status after their deaths. Nikola Tesla was regarded as a failure by his peers when he was alive. But later it was uncovered he has done numerous genius inventions. So is being successful something that is related to your lifetime? Is being regarded successful after your death even worth? Should we strive to be successful in this life alone?

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    Success is nothing but achieving the desired goal. If you want to get 70% in your examinations and if you achieve 70% or more you are successful. If it is 69%, you are not successful. Success is not related to making money in my opinion. When you are trying for a railway reservation booking if you are able to get the confirmed berth, you are successful. Like this, we can give many examples of success. If my goal is to earn a crore of rupees in my lifetime if I can do it, I can say I am successful.

    Success will be a success only when you follow the rules of the game. If you are participating in a tournament if you deviate from the rules you are not eligible for the prize and you will not be considered a winner. Same is the case with earning money. By following unethical practices some people may earn a lot of money and they can't be happy and they will be under the fear of Income-tax raids. So even though his goal is to earn money and if he earns it illegally I will not treat that as a success. Of course, they can purchase whatever they want with that money but they can't purchase happiness. Success should bring happiness always but here it will bring fear.

    always confident

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    Money is important but it is not the everything. Simply earning money will not be the end of it. People have hobbies, tastes and passions for doing something which gives a pleasant feeling. While doing these activities there may not be earning of money rather there will be expenditure only. So, to attain that happiness and peace of mind people divert their selves to other actions which are not for making money.

    The life is for a limited period. One has to earn livelihood but there are many other things for which one has to take out time. If someone had interest in travelling places, he will have to depute his work to a family member or hire a manager to look after the business. Engaging oneself in the business and completing the whole life there itself is not a sensible or prudent way of life.

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    Thank you for selecting my thread for the active GD.
    For me, success is not about making money or getting rich. Success is about achieving our dreams and getting recognized for a good work. If people's target is to get rich by work hard and making more money and if they achieve it then they are also successful.
    Simple because a person becomes rich from nothing without putting any efforts or hard work is not successful.
    Also there are few people who does not chase any dream nor have the wish of becoming rich, but have done the work efficiently and have saved enough money for their future to be independent. We can call them also successful in their own field as they earn respect and love by their peers for their hard work and positive attitude.

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    Making money should not be the only purpose and motive of our life. Success cannot be judged with the yardstick of richness of a person. Most of the politicians in the country are very rich that does not mean they are all successful. There are many successful persons in the society, but they may not be rich. Therefore richness cannot be linked to success.

    Money is required to meet our basic needs and to lead a happy life. There are many aspects in our life. Are we managing these properly?. Am I taking care of my health?, Whether my family is happy with me?, Whether my relatives are happy with me?, Whether my friends are happy with me?, Whether my colleagues are happy with me?, What am I doing for the society and Country as whole?. Answers to these questions will help us to understand how successful we are and also purpose of our life.

    Depending on the economic condition of each person we should try help the needy. Helping people not only helps underprivileged but also provides us lots of happiness.

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    When we are talking about success, we have to think of it in two ways. One way is to be successful to ourselves, that is to achieve a particular target and feeling contented of achieving it and the other is to be successful in the eyes of others. Aditya Mohan has given the example of Nikola Tesla who was regarded as a failure to his peers. Maybe Mr Tesla thought himself to be successful in carrying out his experimentations and inventions but the world noticed it in a different way and he remained a failure to them at that time. Later people realised his work and then termed it as a success.

    When you are passionate about doing something you are successful when you accomplish it, regardless of the recognition you receive from others. When you are doing something for others' happiness or benefit, you will never be successful however good may be the work if others' do not benefit from it. Here I would like to mention about the film Mera Naam Joker by the legendary Raj Kapoor. The cost of making the film was huge and he had to mortgage his assets to release that film. It was a flop and Raj Kapoor was in deep trouble. At that time people didn't like that film. But after so many years people realized that Mr Kapoor was ahead of his times and they found the film really great. Mr Kapoor was passionate about making good films and never lose hope. In that condition also he took a huge risk and made the film Bobby which was a great success. Therefore, we can see success also depends on what others feel or think about something and not limited to only how you value your work. If people want to judge success by the amount of money you earn, let them do that. Be yourself and do things in a way by which you stay happy and contented, others' botheration should not be the reason for your unhappiness.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    To the extent that one can meet the basic requirement with respect to food, shelter and a few pair of dresses( in the past two pair of Dhotis and two Kurtas) was the purpose of money in the past and such trend was visible till 1980 but later there was reversal of this trend.
    I could witness the contribution of the great men like Sri Langat Singh, Late Madan Mohan Malviya who sacrificed their entire savings in establishing the educational institutions with massive savings and maintaining the simple life - style.
    Their thinking was entirely different and had eagerness to change the society with the affordable education for all. But with the time objective of many people has changed with their primary objective to concentrate on the accumulation of wealth. Other humane values such as sacrifice, compassion, helping others in distress has taken in the back seat in terms of one's goal.
    However, excess thinking in terms of money may destabilise one'shealthand the peace of mind.

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    In today's world success is often considered with the money a person has. If the person has a luxurious car and lots of property he is considered a successful person. No one cares to know how that person earned that much money. It's when that person is exposed then only people talk about the way he earned that money.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Trying another time to make this discussion interactive, "what does success after lifetime mean?" Is an essential question. If you can answer that you will realize why do you strive for success in the first place. Why did pharaohs build great pyramids to be remembered after their death? It's not like they can reap out of the success of their construction. The successful often wish to tell their story long after their death. Or at least they are assumed to do so.

    Wealth vs success. The verdict can be only given properly once you are able to answer this question. Is success something we want for this lifetime alone or something as long as memory exists?

    Success is what we work for actively in life. That's a given. But what after achieving success? Yes, there is another goal that a successful person will set and strive for. But there is this brief interval that he would like to indulge in the pleasures his success brought. Riches are essential for pleasures. Getting a huge name come under riches I believe since it directly would bring one more opportunity. Engaging in lavishes is often what success is followed by.

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    In another term, success may be defined as accomplishing those things big or small by which you get happiness. It depends on person to person. For a few people like me, success is when I get solace in life that is by having good friends, obedient kids and an intelligent wife. For me, money is not that important. I give more priority to relationships. In my opinion, a person is more successful if more and more people like him when he or she is in a group.

    Rich persons make so many sacrifices in their life.They had really work hard sleepless for being what they are today.May be they missed their baby first step, first word or even was not available for their children birthdays , may be they are not available when their old parents want to talk with them and so many little things which seems important or became a memory when they look back and now their money even cannot buy that.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Feeling happy and enjoying life can also be considered as a success. If you have one crore rupees in your bank also if you are not happy and not enjoying life means you are not successful in your life. This depends again on the mentality of the individual. Some people are very happy with what they have and they will enjoy their life. That is a success for them. Great leaders like Lal Bahadur Sastry and Vajpayee are having no huge money for them. But in the history of India, their name will be there always and even after their death we all remember them for their sacrifice for the sale of Nation. They are really successful leaders.
    Telugu people will remember NTR for his acting skills and service to the State. People will remember him forever. So he is considered to be a successful leader.
    I agree with Aditya Mohan that if people around you may think you are a failure. But afterwards, if your juniors recognise your good work and if they remember you, you will be a successful person.
    Success is multidimensional.

    always confident

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    Do we measure our success in terms of others' achievement? If somebody has achieved something, do you think yourself successful if you achieve a thing which is better than that person? Let me clarify this with an example. Suppose your neighbour purchased a new car. Are you going to think of yourself more successful if you purchase a car that has more functionality and costs more than your neighbour's? If the answer is yes, then I would say it is not a success rather greed to have more. In that case, you think of it in terms of money.

    In most of the time, we measure our success in terms of others' achievement. During student life, a student is considered very successful if at a particular examination he scores more marks than that of the guy who stood first. I would say there are always two sides to the success story. One is how successful you think you are and the other is how others rate you. I do not agree with Aditya Mohan when he says people strive for success thinking about its effects after lifetime. What is going to happen after the lifetime of a successful person will be decided only by others. Whether they are simply going to label that person as a successful woman/man and erects a bust at a prominent location or carry forward the task which is left over is an entirely different issue.

    Any success story is written because of a particular achievement. People remember successful people because society is benefitted from their work and if the success is entirely personal because of some personal achievements then the name fades away in due course. Success cannot be measured by money, it is entirely some kind achievement which is either personal or beneficial to a large section of people or society.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Sankalan its normal in our society as we do compare ourself with others and then rate our success. If my neighbour buys a new car I won't be bothered but there are people who will get bothered and if in the budget will try to buy a better car than the neighbour. We are in a strange world where we don't set parameters by our own but we set them while seeing others. It's sad that we have changed the meaning of success nowadays and have linked it with the money.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Competition and comparison with others can help us achieve our goals and we try to improve ourselves and perform better. That does not make us greedy. But wanting more of what we already have is termed as greedy. Looking for comfort is okay but trying to turn the comfort into luxury is greedy.
    As sankalan said we might feel like having a car looking at neighbour. Looking at the comfort with it we can buy it according to our range. But trying to compete with them and buying a better car even though it is beyond our range is greedy.
    We cannot measure success in others achievement. We can only be happy for their success and try our best to achieve it. Everyone wants sufficient money to spend lavishly and enjoy how can they be successful. Achieving your dreams to be successful will always be in a right path and hard work and you will be happy and contented. Wanting to be successful by getting rich can either be with hard work or wrong path. And if it is by corruption or black money or others influence we can never be happy and satisfied.

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    Success is one thing you earned by your hard work or your smart work. Success is anything you accomplish in your life. Earning huge amounts of money which is not your goal or dream cannot be considered as success. If you wish to win the heart of the other person and if you are successful in it is success. Suppose your aim is to earn one lakh rupees. By putting your hard work and abilities you are able to earn the money what you set as goal is also success. Yes in one way you can say it is achieving dreams by your hard work and abilities. A true success always brings happiness. Money always can't bring happiness in life. There are so many things in life which cannot be bought by money in which happiness is also one of the thing.

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    In this world so many rich people are there and all they are happy? So many of these people sometimes they are commiting suicides and some they are leading a miserly life. Some of the richest people of India Ajim Premji, Ratan Tata etc. donating lots of their money for poor which makes them happy. So from this you can say getting rich by making money is that what one makes successful or happy is not truth. "Success is getting what you want, Happiness is being happy with what you have." By making money you never get satisfied. You will try to earn much more. So making lots of money is not a criteria for success. Success always brings happiness in life.

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    Yes success should bring happiness and we be happy by sharing. But everyone's dreams are different and perspective is different. For me, I have a dream of buying a home of my own with out the help of anyone. When I do that I can say I have succeeded in my dream. Here when I achieve my dream of having my own house with no help taken from others I will definitely be happy. Definitely success is not money but as Sanjeev Gupta said, for few people, making money for they comfort and their kids is a dream. When they achieve the dream in a right way they are successful.
    Of course money cannot buy happiness and many rich people are commiting suicide. But same is the case even in middle class people and poor people. There are many suicide cases everywhere. People behind money cannot be happy only when they are greedy for more or when they achieve it illegally but people working hard to have a comfortable life can be happy.

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    In a Telugu movie called "Challenge" where the Hero (Chiranjeevi) and Rao Gopal Rao(Villian) have the same conversation of the above as the title for the discussion. As the Hero will say it is easy to earn money there is no big deal in it then the villain says everyone will earn money and become rich why it is not happening? then Hero replied back everyone aim is not becoming rich different people have different aims. For example, a Scientist aim is to invent some new one. A doctor has some other aim... and the Villain replied, "A poor man always have a self-satisfaction otherwise he will not live" - for example, A man who lives in the hut will always think that what is there in the building if we can live happily in the hut that itself is enough. After hearing both arguments if you want to judge me who is correct, in real life to me what the villain says is right. Because earning money is an art (for the majority). And for some people, it is by luck or by foul means. When you achieve your dream(which will be useful for the people) automatically money will also come. To me achieving a noble dream(which is useful at least for some people) will also earn money and fame.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    There is a proverb in Telugu "Kuti kosam Koti vidyaulu" means for having food you have to do be try in crores of ways. So earning is an art and whether it is a fair or foul means
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    It sounds quite philosophical when assumed that success has nothing to do with earning, but in my opinion, it makes an impact. It depends upon the mindset of the people of different sections of our society. Society consists of three classes such as the poor, middle class, and the rich which differ in their requirements and dreams too.

    The poor would wish to have money because for them to meet the ends of life is their ultimate requirement. It's money which can give them instant relief from the hassles of life, and they do not have time to wait for some great achievement to happen which would wipe away all the problems.

    Same is the case with the rich but their intention to have more, and more money is different from the poor. More and more income gives the rich a status and maintaining it becomes the priority, but falling below the set standard is considered as downfall which the rich cannot even imagine. To enhance income, the rich believe in unlimited investment and achieve success in every foray.

    The thought process of the middle class is very different. It believes in playing safe so wants to strike a balance between money and achieve a dream. What people will say is a big botheration for the middle class and so neither it runs after money nor after success. Most of the people in the middle class are afraid of taking a chance. It takes as it comes, so I would say the middle class is very indecisive regarding the meaning of success because not ready to give themselves some time to dream big. Success never comes without a dream which the middle class has forgotten to see, be it of money or position.

    Thus, success and money are interchangeable based upon the sections of the society.


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    We are living in a materialistic world and the success of people is generally attributed to the wealth they accumulate. It is an unfortunate thing that people think like that.

    In reality, people will pursue their hobbies and interests also in addition to earning money. It is necessary that we must satisfy our desire to pursue our interests so that we enjoy our life in a fruitful and satisfying manner.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If you take an example of poet. A poet always want to write a good literature.There are so many poets in Telugu and other languages who are writing songs in Telugu and other language movies and became successful as they became popular and recognize by the Indian Government and getting awards like the highest civilian awards(Padma shree, Padma bhushan,Padma Vibhushan,Bharat Ratna).As they gets money and at the same time they get fame so it meets both ends...
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    In my opinion, a successful means of achieving the desired goal. Money is not everything. Many people earn money but we can not say that they are successful. Sometimes a person is called successful though he does not have much money.

    For example, Dawood Ibrahim has much money but can we call him a successful man? No, obviously not. Similarly, I want to present the example of former Prime Minister Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri. He did not have much money, he was the son of a farmer, but we can say that he was a successful man. Since he had achieved his goal.

    Some people got money by heritage. Do we call him a successful man? No, he got all the money due to the success of his father.

    So, money is not a criterion for success. Achieving your goal is the criteria for success.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I am sorry if I offend some members by taking the names of a few writers like Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta and a few more of their era who are known as successful. What success means? Most of their stories have no literary value, but they get an invitation from various literary organisations. These writers wanted to become authors and achieved their goal. Even financially they have earned huge, but do the true lovers of literature rate them as successful writers? Are their work regarded as good write-up? Not at all but the people who love to watch typical hot and spicy movies, like their stories.

    Neither the stories are of good standard nor the language but see they are both successful in terms of name, fame and money. There are many writers whose knowledge is commendable and have a strong hold over the language but are not that successful in terms of popularity. The general people salute those whom the Bollywood and the news media promote, and that's how the standard of our taste gets decided.


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    During my student days, I used to think of doing Doctorate with a Fellowship. I always used to dream about that. I tried for that through my studies. After B.Sc I secured a seat in the university. I was very happy. After M.Sc I applied for CSIR fellowship and I was one among the two who got the fellowship that year in my department. My joy knew no bounds. I felt as if I was on the moon. I completed my research and obtained the degree just in three and a half years and my goal accomplished. My dream came true. Thus I felt that I am successful. In this total issue, there is no target for getting any money. So my life itself is an example of success.
    Like this, we can give many examples which will explain that success is nothing but accomplishing your goal or realising the dream. Let is not link it with money. Many successful people in life are not rich.

    always confident

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    If you refer a dictionary you will find that the meaning of success is to accomplish an aim or purpose which clearly indicate that it does not have any relation with money. In the ancient time, there was no money in society and the barter system was prevailing in Indian society. Then you may get a list of many successful men of that time. Though they do not have money we consider them as successful men due to achieving their goals in their lives.

    Some people got money in dowry which is evil in society. Would you consider that person as a successful person due to his money? No, obviously not.

    When I was in 9 standards I taught the students of lower classes and teaching was my passion. It was my dream to be a teacher. Now, I am a teacher is reputed school of f Neemuch district. Though my salary is not attractive I am satisfied as I achieved my goal of being a teacher. I considered myself a successful person. I have respect in society though I do not have much money in my bank account.

    So, in my opinion, achieving a goal and have to respect in society are the main criteria for being successful.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    As my aim and dream is to become Engineer as through my Education I am unable to accomplish it because I am not Engineering Graduate.But through my Profession I became Software Engineer as I failed to earn so much of money like other Software Engineers but I am still be happy with my profession and little earnings.So I am successful achieving my dream.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    One has to earn money for livelihood as well as other basic amenities. Up to that level earning money is all right. But the endless pursuit for wealth is not a desirable thing as it chokes the venues of happiness, contentment and peaceful life. Money is a very important aspect in our life but it is not the everything.

    Some people are there who are always busy in making money but they also complain that they are not getting time to pursue some of their interests. It clearly shows that there are other aspirations also in our life other than making money.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Educationally I am qualified and wanted to be a working woman, but it did not materialise. Before marriage, I was in a job, but after marriage, my base shifted to another city. It was a whole new environment for me: the family, the climate, the place, the neighbourhood and so on. I decided to give up my aim, and in the meanwhile a few more transfers took place. I became a mother, and my life got entangled in various things in which I was not able to fit the working criterion. So, I gave up the thought of being a working woman.

    Now, the question is: am I not working? The homemakers are always working, but they don't earn any remuneration in terms of money. Still, they receive joy and satisfaction in the success of their family members, isn't it a success of a homemaker? Now the point is that every homemaker does not think in the same manner. Like me, many would consider themselves as successful with the success and prosperity of the family members, but many others would differ. Personal satisfaction varies from person to person, and similarly, the definition of success does not match among people.


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    Criminals will also achieve success in making money by robbing people. How you make money is the basic criteria. Is it through legal means or illegal means? The person who makes money through legal means can always claim success of his achievement. There is lots of hard work involved in making money through legal means. There are people who make money resorting to illegal means and corrupt practices. The achievement of these persons cannot be considered as a success. These people are liable for criminal action.

    Another point I would like to highlight here is about the mindset of our younger generation. They pursue job opportunities for higher salary compromising family life. Should we not lead a simple and happy life with our earning?

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Let me humbly put across a counterpoint to Mr Krishnadas's opinion expressed in #663321. He has blamed the youths for compromising their family life in the sake of jobs with higher pay package. I would say it's not the young minds which are at fault, but the problem is of those nurturing minds who are behind them. It includes parents and also the school authorities, especially of the reputed Public schools.

    In Delhi, there are schools which promote some private organisations which arrange international trips during summer vacation. They take them to the USA, Australia, France and other places. It is expensive, but many parents send their young school kids for such tours. What message are we giving to our children?

    The schools promote it because they earn some commission per student, and the family is creating a superiority feeling in their children because of their ability to spend an enormous amount. Going for a family vacation is acceptable, but sending a school student for such trips gives the message of money power. It is just one example, but there are many which signify that the family and school promote children to be money minded.


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    If a person keeps a goal of earning money by hook or crook and if he earns the same, he feels he is successful. But talks about the mentality of the person. A responsible citizen of the country and who thinks about the values and ethics will never do such things and he will try his best to be a rule follower. Such people will never be considered as successful and will not be respected by fellow human beings.

    If you consider the case of Duryodhana, he thought he was successful and he attained the success by foul play. Temporarily he is on top and Pandava struggled in their lives. But God is with them and helped them. Ultimately Duryodhana has to face a defeat in the hands of Pandvas and Pandavas are successful. This epic tells us the importance of attaining success following the rules of the game, ethics and values. Even though such people suffer a little in their lives ultimately success will be theirs.

    always confident

  • #663372
    #663369 All our Politicians are corrupt are we not casting the vote to them and the politicians are ruling who got the chief minister post or Prime minister or legislative members achieve their goal and become successful. So are we not praising our chief minister or prime minister and we all back them when they did something wrong.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

  • #663378
    Dr Rao gave a perfect example from the Mahabharata. At present, if we look around us, we have Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi who are all absconders. They do have a lot of wealth and are maintaining a high profile lifestyle, but in their motherland, they do not have the guts to move around freely. So, what is the use of enormous wealth when society disrespects them?

    Let's take the example of the two Ambani brothers. The elder brother Mukesh Ambani has the full control of his life and makes sensible decisions, but Anil Ambani, the younger brother, is a perfect example of not being able to utilise the opportunities properly. Owning money is not wrong, but one must learn how to use it and should know how to keep name, fame and wealth intact. Earning in any manner is not all, but leading a life with grace should be the ultimate aim.

    The Ambani brothers are the children of a well-known business family. Anil Ambani wanted to earn a lot but failed to execute his plans which could have landed him in jail but saved by his elder brother. One must stretch his feet only to that extent which is manageable or else it leads to downfall. Anil Ambani seems to be unsuccessful, but Mukesh Ambani is successful professionally and humane too.


  • #663379
    When I have opportunity to make enough money I feel myself stronger, taller and so on :) I think you understand what I am talking about. I don't need to make few thousands per week but the main thing is that I need to be sure I can handle with my life without help all by myself.

  • #663384
    People want higher salary and wish for increasing their salary to lead a comfortable life, to be able to move on with the rapidly increasing cost of living. But wanting higher salary by working hard is no wrong and if they are able to achieve that by hard work, here their dream is accomplished and they are successful. Today as the salary increases cost of living is increasing so we cannot blame people who want to make money to lead a comfortable life.

  • #663387
    Having money or getting rich cannot be termed as successful. But if your dream itself is to make more money and assets and you achieve it by your hard work and determination then you are definitely successful. If you want to get rich and inherit property by elders or make money illegally then you are not at all successful.
    Success is achieving any dream whether it is making money in a right way or any other dream. Also we have seen few examples of famous people who are successful and made name. But there are many successful people who's name we don't even know. Success is how we take it. Few members said, getting rich is not success but for few people getting rich or making money itself is a big success.

  • #663394
    My opinion is that success is not related to money, luxury life, and beautiful wife etc., but it is something more. I am going to explain in the form of story.

    one night, you had a strange dream, inside the dream you had observed people walking by wearing white and black coded dress towards a same location. you are very interested to see what is going on and then you observed people are taking a corpse to the grave yard.

    you went with the people. when the box of dead body is opened you shocked. you had seen yourself in the dead body's box. At that moment you realized that the people are your family, friends, boss and colleagues and your religious people.

    They are burying you and praying for you. And all the people are talking about you. Suddenly you opened your eyes.

    so think now, what do you want people to talk about you?
    what do you want your family and friends to talk about you?
    what do you want your neighbors to talk about you?
    what do you want your boss and colleagues to talk about you?
    what do you want your religious people to talk about you?

    These four category people are your closest people. if they are talking positively then you are successful or else, you have born just for eating, sleeping, earning and making your body mascular.


    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

  • #663404
    People talk positively about us if we talk nicely to them , if we help them. In general, people talk positive about most people . We cannot term that as successful. Because a person who does nothing can be liked if he talks nicely and is friendly. But in what way is he successful? What has he achieved to be called successful?

  • #663408
    Let us take three very well known companies. All the three are very successful. They are lead by three different leaders. Yet, the only one biggest group has a person who is listed as one of the richest persons in this world. This group stands out for the most unholy and highly questionable practices. Whether it was the Congress regime or the BJP regime, this group had its owner literally having many of the politicians on the bribe list.

    Want to know it's name? Yes, it is the famous Reliance group. To this day, it remains a very highly dishonest group. One group headed by a Playboy industrialist called Anil Ambani is now in the news for bagging a contract for his firm that had not even started manufacturing!!

    Cut to the seventies and eighties. The then big boss was on record for one of the most honest statements of his time. This great man called Dhirubhai Ambani famously made this statement in an interview to Business India" Am not the Mother Theresa of Indian Business".
    He indeed never was one. The most dubious means were adopted to get the budget proposals in advance and manipulate the stock markets. This group was termed Visionary. Perhaps only for its business skills and manipulation.

    Contrast Reliance to two other examples. One leader, who is still around, is called Narayamoorthy. His company is called Infosys Technologies. To this day, he lives a very simple middle class life. He flies economy class. He is on record as saying that the huge differential pay between what is paid to the CEO and other top officials and the entry level engineers should be reduced. His views are always very highly respected. Infosys Technologies has been very highly respected for its social activities too.

    Another famous person is called Azim Premji of WIPRO. Among the country's richest Indians, he did not give in when he sacked a trade union leader for manipulating a small expenditure while on official tour. The strike to reinstate this person was on for six months. Premji threatened to close down the office. The workers returned to work. He has donated at least 2000 crores of his person wealth for charity. Contrast this to the great Mukesh Ambani who spent 272 crores on a plane as a gift to his wife!!!

    Well,the moral of the story is that the means to the end are as important as the ends itself. The ends do not justify the means. Kamaraj had a bank balance of Rs1.23 when he died. Mahatma Gandhi taught the world the futility of vast accumulation of wealth. We hold such leaders in the highest esteem only because they were very honest. Someone said" without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar". It will always be. Wealth through the most honest means is the best at all times. As Azim Premji and Narayamurthy have proved to the world.

  • #663409
    We always talk about distribution of wealth. Yet, we are very dishonest. Unless people change and the politicians change, nothing will happen. Look at certain realities. The great President of India attended a function at the Usha Yoga centre on the outskirts of Coimbatore City. The greatest Yoga expert, whose name is Jukki Vasudev, is the most controversial guru, who has encroached on very vast lands. The most fertile lands. One really wonders whether Yoga is all about dancing. The disciples here keep on dancing. He receives billions of rupees as donations.

    What was the cost of the President of India's single trip? Rough estimates have put the figure at twenty lakh rupees. And our great Modi also visited this place. Wealth of people ñeeds to go back to the same people. It never does. Lakhs of rupees go down the drain. The Essar group, the GVK group, parts of the Birla empire, the Adani group and Anil Ambani group together owe some 80,000 crores that had borrowed. God only knows when the money will come back, if at all.

    What do we do? We need public narratives that will question the politicians on every item of expenditure. The most vulnerable classes need good education. Private donations in kind can help a great deal. We need checks on the misuse of public money. No one should be allowed to play with it. As the Essar group has done. This is perhaps the worst group. The need is for honesty of a very tall order. Otherwise, we will all be doomed.

  • #663410
    I mean to say it's not about talking, there are many people and prophets in olden days who haven't earn money and they were not rich even though people remember them because they have lived there to serve people and spread knowledge. They used to help them and they used to donate their money. They even don't own a house too. but they lived a very happy life.

    In my view success is not about earning money but living life happily with our environment.
    Dreams and goals differ from one person to person. It may be earning billions, getting government jobs, traveling all over the world, climbing Mount Everest, etc. If someone tries to reach them, fulfilled they are successful because they have made it.

    My goal is to establish my own company in my own city If I complete this task than I am a successful person. According to me, my ultimate dream is, when I die, I want to see many people coming for me to send off me to the world after death.


    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

  • #663411
    In my response above, it is important to note that Narayamoorthy of Infosys Technologies and Azim Premji of Infosys Technologies had dreams too. Their hard work, honesty and sincerity helped them realize their dreams. Dhirubhai Ambani had the biggest dreams. Yet the means adopted were very bad, very unethical and detrimental to public interest. Dreams are very important. But we need checks and balances. And we need to never encourage the dubious guys like Juggi Vaasudev of Isha Yoga fame, who have manipulated society through dishonest means for very selfish ends.

  • #663412
    I had not read #663378 when I wrote about the Ambanis. I have material that would exceed one hundred pages. V. P. Singh was a very honest politician. He was the Prime Minister for a short period. Yet, he tried to go after the Ambanis. He would have nailed them if he had continued in power. Yes, even today, Anil Ambani is one very dishonest person who has borrowed public money left right and centre. This playing around with public money should stop and his tribe should be made to repent for all their sins.

  • #663425
    Just earning good money does not mean that the person will be happy and enjoy his wealth. Many rich people are unhappy and do not have peace in their life. To attain peace they go to the spiritual leaders and prestigious saints who also are not able to help them much.

    So, it can be concluded that money is not the only thing in this world. There are many things which are also important and people will like to go for them for peacefully enjoying the life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #663429
    Unanimously all the participants are of the opinion that earning money is not the success. Having an aim and getting positive results in our endeavours is a success. This is what I understood from the discussions so far. Dreaming and visualising the dreams and making them real is the ultimate success for a human being. The success gives a lot of happiness and pleasure. A boy who stood first in the exams and when he sees his photo in the papers the glow in his face indicates the joy he derived out of his accomplishments which the other way can be called success
    Some people keep small goals and go step by step and they will enjoy their success at every step and that success and happiness will motivate them to go for the next stage of goal may be a little higher than his earlier goal. Whereas some people will have a big goal in one step and try to be successful. The choice is yours. You can choose the way you like. But try for the success and the ultimate happiness comes from the biggest success.

    always confident

  • #663430
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  • #663433
    @ABSivakumar My knowledge about any business house is limited. You are a senior and knowledgeable person, so your write-ups are always quite eye-opener. There are few ethical business houses, but the Ambanis is not ethical. It has become a norm that in the business sector all the action will not be clean.

    I highlighted the fact that with all the dubious act Mukesh Ambani has still managed to keep a clean image which Anil Ambani couldn't. Even Mukesh Ambani did not ignore his brother at the time of crisis. Both the brothers wished to earn more and more money and wanted to lead an extremely luxurious life. One succeeded while the other one fumbled.

    The middle-class people judge the business-class on ethics, but Mukesh Ambani still tops the list of the most successful businessmen of India. It was his dream to become wealthy, achieved it and is successful. His unethical approach to his work is aided by many big personalities. In middle-class families, we try to take care of right and wrong, so our success is limited in terms of money, but we feel happy about it. It pricks when we fail to afford the best medical help for critical cases, and then the word success becomes a question mark?


  • #663436
    We all have favoured ethical success. It sounds good and does not pose a threat to our way of living until we face a severe financial crunch. It can put us into a dilemma that what is a success all about.

    In the present scenario, education is expensive as well as the health care facility is extremely costly. A person who wanted to become a respectable teacher, a good human being, an honest gazetted officer, and those who wanted to aspire a particular career and remain ethical is all good till one can manage every requirement.

    I always have a question for God to answer which remains unanswered every time. Why honest, judicious and contented people face nothingness. I have seen many people who either start self-pitying or term themselves unsuccessful because of their limited bank balance which makes them helpless in case of extreme expenditure for life.

    Thus, I doubt the word 'success' because when we are unable to afford treatment, healthy living condition and proper education for our loved ones then we fail to achieve whatever we want. One section has unlimited money, and our media house promotes their culture which makes success a nightmare.


  • #663438
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  • #663446
    From the discussion, I found that many of the members are trying to judge who is successful, who is not, who should have been, who failed in some way etc. Yes, actually we all do this only. We think of who is more successful or a failure according to our own definition of success.

    Ms Shampa Sadhya in her reply @ # 663433, mentioned that Mukesh Ambani still tops the list as the most successful businessman in India. It is true, but according to whom? By us, the common people or the media and magazines which publish reports based on different aspects of the business? Media will give us the facts and figures about their success story and there the wealth of the owner and the company matters a lot. At times, we all are influenced by the activities of others. We call somebody successful if others say it loudly with facts and figures and term some others as failures because others thought it in that way.

    Here, we discussed only those who earned some fame either because of their money or their nature. How about common people about whom we do not know anything? Their activities do not matter much to us, but they can be successful in their own way.

    1. Think of a child studying in a school, having a thatched roof, at a remote village in India. When he stood first in his final exams after a lot of hard work throughout the year, isn't he became successful in his mission? Of course, yet he never earned a single penny for this achievement. To him, this is a success.
    2. Take the case of a renowned surgeon who takes a hefty sum to operate. Two patients having serious problems came to him and paid him his fees to perform the operation. For one patient, the operation was successful and you can see the smile on his face. Yes, it's undoubtedly a success. In the case of the other, the operation became unsuccessful and you can see the pain on the face of the patient. The doctor became upset though he charged his usual fees. In both cases, the earning was the same but the result different. I am sure you are not going to call the second one success and here it is understood that earning money is not everything. You must achieve your desired goal to be successful.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #663459
    Ms Sadhya, kindly note that Mukesh Ambani has inherited the vast empire only from his father. Yes, he has entered into new businesses. Yet, the record of the group is horrible. Compare it with the record of two fabulous groups called the Tata Group and the TVS group. The later is reportedly a Rs60000 group today. It will surprise you to know that most companies of the TVS group are zero debt companies. The owners pay all their taxes. Not a single supplier can get anything in cash. However, even the Tatas are in trouble, they will never ever cheat anyone. They are very honest people.

    Mukesh Ambani may be very successful today. The means to any end in the group is even today questionable. About Anil Ambani less said the better.

  • #663477
    Success actually is an accomplishment of anything which we have thought of. People have a different aim in life. Most of the people have the aim to earn lots of money in life and if they accomplish it that's their success so I think it's fair but in a process, people use bad ways and that's not good.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • #663488
    As I had mentioned before and as sankalan mentioned there are many successfull people who are not known. Only famous people are not successful. There are many common people who have found success by achieving their dream through hard work. Everyone's perspective and dream will be different. What we see something as success might not be considered success by others. It depends on peoples mindset and perspective.
    For some success is money, for some reaching their goal or target and for few success is counted based on number of friends or family who care for genuinely. Ultimately if we are happy and satisfied and proud in what we have achieved then that is a success.

  • #663489
    I would like to conclude by saying that in most of the cases our success is determined by others. For example, if somebody asks whether you are successful you can describe your position to declare whether you rate yourself a successful person or not. But during any discussion, rather telling our own stories of success we keep on focussing how another one succeeded. Now which aspect one will focus depends entirely on the meaning of success to that person.

    In the discussion, we will hear how another person has achieved a particular position or earned a certain amount in a short span and many more like that. We hardly discuss our own stories rather keep on comparing one with the other. Our discussion largely focuses on some kind of achievement, whether monetary, fame or pursuing a dream. In the end, we only discuss some achievement which we compare with the others. Therefore, I would say that success is definitely an achievement. Now whether it is achieving one's dream or gaining enough money depends on the person who is quantifying the success.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #663492
    Mr Sankalan Bhattacharya, it is natural to know about people from others because it is not possible to know everyone personally. We come to know about the recipients of the National Bravery Award from the media only, and we appreciate their achievements. Weighing success in terms of wealth is not possible in every case, but when the discussion is about an industrialist, then it's natural to talk about his wealth.

    I am not going into the legality and ethics because of the loopholes in administration. If the laws are stringent, and the lawmakers are honest, then no one can fool or cheat the countrymen. Talking about the success of a surgeon, your example is very good, but there are many doctors and surgeons who believe in minting money by forsaking the condition of the patients. Such doctors forget Hippocratic Oath.

    Asking for a good living standard is not asking for much but harming others in pursuit of getting good life is painful and objectionable. Still, money plays a vital role in receiving medical treatment and education.

    Mr ABSivakumar your explanations are worth appreciating. I also accept that unethical achievements are not the right kind of success, but still, they are able to enjoy every benefit and comfort of this world. Thus, they consider themselves successful.

    I would like to conclude my point by saying that success is a vague concept. Everyone needs money but some opt genuine path and some follow the unethical path. When the need for money becomes important then honesty seems painful, but an honest man will never give up honesty in exchange for anything. Success is immeasurable.


  • #663493
    In my opinion to become a successful is to fulfil your dream... because you can earn money after fulfilling your dreams but only money cannot fulfil your dreams... when someone achieve what he gives him immense happiness and if you are happy it means you are successful because ultimate goal of life is to satisfaction and happiness.. thank you

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