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    Be careful. You should not get deceived

    These days the Social media and smartphones are very popular. Internet and smartphones brought many advantages to mankind. But unfortunately, some people are overusing them and wasting their time. In addition to the wastage of time, many unwanted things are happening. Accepting a friend request from an unknown person and spending a lot of time chatting with such friends is also noticed in many cases. These incidents are more especially with college going students. During these chattings, some unwanted personal pieces of information are also given to the other person. In some such incidents, some people are taking advantage of and deceiving these innocent people.
    It is better to be careful always and be friendly with all but should not get familiarised with unknown friends. This should be the concept. I advise people to be friends with known people only but not with one and all whom you never saw also. Be cautious and never get deceived by such friends.
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    As brought out by the Author, we need to be very careful in using the social media. There are many scrupulous people misusing the social media. We should be very careful in accepting friend request or sharing our contact to any unknown persons. There are many incidences of crime conceived from social medias. The social media users should be aware of such dangers and take required precautions.

    There are many cases of fraudulent social media accounts . The anti social elements use these fraudulent social media accounts to cheat people. These pseudonymous social accounts are filled with wrong information with the purpose of cheating people.

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    Due to more empowered digital gadgets we are prone to more cyber-attacks but when we are coming-up with the casual approaches like inviting & authorizing others to make entry into the spaces of ours then nothing can be worse that may happen to our lives. The author has absolutely right when he speaks on the implications & including to this we have already acknowledged of the fact of about how the identities consisting of the PAN card, the Aadhar card including that of the stolen SIM card can do worst to disrupt the character of anyone.

    The section of younger generations are more liable to get victimized of such casual approaches & therefore the proper guidance should be provided on behalf of their parents & teachers. It would be good to look after their daily routine in order to observe any shift in their behavior & nature or contacts so as to take care of the possible implications in advance.

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    Cyber crimes are increasing day by day due to our negligence and carelessness. By inviting unknown people into our social media platform, they start fiddling with our privacy until they get our data. And then hacking becomes easy for these people.
    Yes, Dr, Rao is right we should be cautious of such attacks that may create disappointment. So many such cases have been already recorded and deception on social media is also the well-planned process by hackers.
    It is better we counsel people and nears and dears to avoid unnecessarily indulging in social media and sharing privacy. We can help people from being looted of their hard earned money. Mostly youth are prone to such cyber attacks and elders should help them understand the possible repercussions of being deceived. So be cautious of such attacks!

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    That's the reason I don't accept the friend requests of unknown people. Also, I don't like to spend more time on social sites as these are a waste of time.

    These days youngsters excessively use social sites. I have seen people always log in to Facebook since smartphones have come in use. There have been many cases where people through social sites got engaged and got married without even knowing the reality of the person and get bluffed afterwards.

    I am not in favour of people over using social sites. It's not good people even update their status on Facebook. Pictures which we upload on these sites may be misused. People should think of their safety first as it's very dangerous to chat with strangers and get intimate with them.

    Also, Facebook is widely being used by people as the ultimate way to kill time.

    When we stop using Facebook by silently reading the news feed here and there, the chances of our working productively is likely to increase.


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    A nice post by the author advising us to be careful in the social media. Yes, it is true that there are many mischievous elements in the media who will trap the gullible and innocent people in their web and exploit them. Now a days a lot of emails are also coming in our in boxes misleading us to their sites for increasing their traffic and trapping us in some sort of invitation or lure. They will have catchy headings and one is tempted to open them. They will say - 'You have a refund from Income tax' or 'You are selected for an award' or 'You are being given this special favour from our company' or 'Your electric bill is reduced' and so many labels like that.

    We must take utmost care in not falling in these traps in the ocean of internet.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are so many things coming in the media and a number of invitations most of which are business oriented or trap for exploitation later. It is true that we should not click those innocent looking buttons on the screen. Sometimes we fall in those traps and even if we lodge complaints in police it does not help either.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If we don't be careful in social media, we will bring our own peril. Don't make virtual friends our best friends.
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