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    Why are we in a hurry?

    It is seen that today many people are in a hurry. They appear as if they are late for their appointments or engagements. They will not have even time to talk and they will be engulfed with worry on their faces.

    If we analyze these cases, we will find that there is nothing to hurry but the individual had wasted some time in some useless or lethargic activity and due to that his time table is affected and now he is looking worried and acting hurriedly in all his subsequent actions and if he is the breadwinner for the family everyone is after him to help him with his bag or pen or vehicle keys or other miscellaneous help.

    My feeling is this is a self imposed hurry and could be avoided with little cool mind and planning.

    What the members opine about this phenomenon so prevalent in the life of some people?
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    The fact is that the majority of us are not yet prepared to follow suit in the majority of circumstances like advance planning & adhere to the schedules but we keep on changing with these as per our comforts & understanding which create the disturbances to the other areas as a result of which everything seems out of place.

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    We are hurry to grab things quickly but it is wrong. We can never achieve things in a hurry instead it complicates the situation. Almost everyone wants to do certain things or tasks quickly but end up wasting energy and time. By being in a hurry we can't achieve anything.

    However, working patiently surly opens the doors of opportunity and leads to the successful completion of our work. So, be patient and let the things come to you and don't run to overtake anything. Anything that we do patiently and with proper planning has a great reward. Then why be in a hurry to destroy not only your work but mental peace.

    Stop being in a hurry, work with utmost care and patience to get better results!

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    The main reason of our hurry is that we do not plan things beforehand and think that everything can be managed at the eleventh hour. Many people have this philosophy and when things come on their head they start running like a bullet.

    Many people miss their flights as they are not able to reach the airports in time. In fact airlines generally overbook as they have a historical data that many people cancel their tickets at the last minute and a few do not reach the airport in time.

    Long back, when there was no mobile phones and even we did not have a landline in our house, any hurry was costing us and there are instances that due to hurry people suffered miserably. It has happened with me also when I left for Bangalore from Chennai to attend a marriage function of a relative and when I reached there I found that I left the invitation card back in the house in Chennai and I have also not noted the venue address also. I luckily remembered the name of the locality which was Vijaynagar. It was marriage season and on that day there were hundreds of marriages in that area. I was not familiar with the area and soon found that it was one of the biggest locality in Bangalore and had so many sectors sprawled in a vast area. You can imagine my plight.

    So, hurry is something which is to be avoided at any cost but to do that a lot of patience and discipline is required.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Any action in hurry results in adverse reaction and accidents. The main reason for hurriedness is lack of planning and time management. We need to schedule our plan as per our requirements in day today life.
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    It's important to utilise the time well and not waste it. It's said the actions which are done in hurry are most of the time harmful and not right so we must take time our own time to make decisions. But that's not always. When we have knowledge about the particular thing then even our quick decisions may be appreciated by people and may be beneficial but when we don't have enough knowledge about the same thing we may take a bad decision so we must avoid quick decisions in such case and should do some research before reaching to the conclusion and taking some final decision.

    It is better to develop the habit of reasoned decision-making in almost all aspects of your life till you develop experience, knowledge and skill to take fast and right decisions. This is applicable both in personal as well as professional life and we must follow it to avoid harmful results by taking hasty decisions.


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    Maybe because we do not know how to manage time. In a day, we will get 24 hours and we have to divide these 24 hours to do certain tasks. At times, we have to incorporate more tasks in our schedule depending on the priority and therefore have to effectively manage the time. Suppose, if you complete eight tasks in a day and have to complete two more tasks within that time you need to cut down some time from those eight tasks for the extra two tasks at hand. You have to do it effectively so that no task gets hampered. At times, we cannot plan things properly and rush in a hurry thinking that we will be late. Another thing is that we have to know the process well while doing any job. If we are not sure about the process and take help from other means to complete it then a lot of time will be lost to take help. If the task is absolutely new to us, we should do our home task prior to taking it up to reduce the time of completion. This will help a lot to manage the time.

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