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    How to improve content writing for better articles?

    Let us start this forum as to how to improve our articke writing skills. Seniors' guidance is required. It is requested to all seniors to allot one topic and to post an article on that topic. Review each one's article and suggest how to improve.
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    There are many senior members here and some of them have got good expertise in article writing. So they may like to share their ideas in this post thread. I will also be adding my experience regarding article writing.

    In this site (that is commonly known as ISC) any member can submit an article on any subject. This will then be seen by the experienced editors of this sites. They will approve it or ask for modification or if it is below the standards reject it. On approval, it will earn normal points as well as cash points starting around '15 normal points and 15 cash points' to '100 normal points and 100 cash points' and even more depending upon the quality and contents. So prima facie you will know the worth of your article at that point of time.

    So seniors can only guide you through forum threads but other roles are authorised only with the editors. You will appreciate that this is required for running a site in an orderly and disciplined way.

    Now coming to the article writing. I am not very good in that but am able to publish a number of articles here on various subjects including book reviews and movie reviews. My focus is more in Ask Expert section and the forum section (this section).

    Still, I can give you some tips in this matter. For writing an effective article two basic things are required. One is good control in the language and other is the content. For content one has to collect as much material as possible and then structure it in the way you want to present your article. It is up to you where you want to elaborate and emphasise and where you want to cut short. Then there are other considerations like whether it is a short article or long article. A short article can go up to a length of only 500-600 words while a long article can go up to 1500 or more words.

    Incidentally, if you participate more in forum discussions and contests which are announced time to time then your language will improve further and slowly you will see the difference in your expressions. So, go ahead and submit a few articles and assess yourself with the results and try to improve the writing and churn out more articles. I will also suggest you to download the free version of Grammarly app in your mobile or laptop so that it will correct your write up for basic syntax and spelling mistakes. Remember, ISC is a site for continuous learning and in the process there are some earning opportunities also.

    All the best.

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    I can say that Ms. Vandana, Ms. Juana, Mr. Shivkumar are the most prolific Members in respect of article writing. Their articles also get good points credit and cash credit. The author and other Members are waiting for the valuable advice of these three prolific Members.
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    Every new member has this question in her/his mind about how to improve the skills of article writing. This is quite natural and you have to do a little research to find it out. It is important to read good articles posted in ISC and also to participate in discussions in the forum section. After a while, start writing articles yourself and see how it is judged by the other members. All the editors and seniors are here to help you and clarify your doubts on any issue. I think you will find this article interesting and there are a lot more in the Articles section through which you can gain some good knowledge on the topic.

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    I would say that you should read Good article writing tips.

    This will clear your doubts. Moreover, you can go through the approved articles to have an idea of how to start and conclude an article here.


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    One of our members Mr A B Sivakumar has submitted around 250 articles in a year or so. I read many of his articles. We can understand them easily and he discusses the subject in depth. So you try to read his articles in our article section. That will give you some leads about how to write a good article.
    I am not very good at article writing and I may be writing a maximum 3 to 4 articles in a month. So I may not be able to advise much on this,
    You can decide on the subject on which you want to make an article. Collect the required material and read. Then you will have a good knowledge of the subject. Then make a plot of the article with article headings and subheadings. Then make a draft. Discuss the subject thoroughly. Use precise words and simple words. Also, see that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes.
    Before start writing the articles, you should also learn about HTML tags and how to give those tags for a better appearance.

    always confident

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