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    How about a chew proof earphone?

    Have you ever taken a chewable medicine? I think so, though most of the medicines have to be swallowed there are a few which are chewable tablets. It's natural to chew a piece of chewing gum and I remember I used to chew a lot of them during my school life. Not only me, but many of my friends also had this habit during our school days. Even one was so addicted that one teacher used to compare the activity of that guy with that of a cow because he used to chew all day. You see, it's quite similar to a cow which is always busy chewing and re-chewing the same food. I have seen a few of the children have the habit of chewing things. They chew the bottom of the pencils, pens and erasers and for this reprimanded at home and school. I have even seen a handful of fully grown up men chewing the bottom of a pen or pencil while thinking something at their workplace alone.

    Few habits remain throughout life if not checked at the appropriate time. I am reminded of this habit after finding a few teenagers, at different places, almost chewing the wires of the earphones. They are even not leaving the mouthpiece and holding and chewing it inside their mouth after finishing talking. Naturally, the wires will be damaged within a short while because of this bad habit and a way must be found out to stop this. How about a chew proof earphone in which the wires will not be damaged even if chewed for a long time?
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    The author has brought out an innovative idea for protection of earphone wires from the persons having chewing habits.

    Chewing is a habit and once it is formed the person finds and uses the easiest thing available nearby for chewing. Chewing earphone wires seems to be a rare thing but with so many people moving around with them this is a potential area for chewing.

    Companies will always be looking for new business prospects and any habit of people in general will attract them for innovation and launch a product. So there is no surprise that some company may soon come up with thicker and harder earphone wires which do not erode with chewing. Though the danger of synthetic or plastic particles going in the mouth for a long time is not a healthy option and companies will have to get that health protection certificate from the concerned global or national agencies.

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    The idea is innovative. Those companies which manufacture ear-phones may try to develop new ear-phones which are not chewable. This would definitely help.
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    The habits of human beings in chewing cannot be compared with animals. The digestive system of animals like cows, giraffe, Buffalo, Deer, Camel , Goat, Sheep etc., and human being are different. Cows and Giraffes and other similar animals have two sections for digestion of food.

    The first section is called rumen , these animals when take the first bite and swallows , it goes to this section. Here the food is mixed with digestive liquids and this section is called cud where food is formed in to small balls. During the resting time these animals through rumen muscle get back the food ball to its mouth and chewing for further digestion.

    Whereas the chewing by human being is addictive habit. People have different habits of chewing, Bubble gum, betel nut, tobacco, Some people have the habit of biting nail. This is a symptom of tension.

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    "Chewing on the mic of headphone" is a sign that you are talking to your girlfriend. In order to let their secretive powerful words be a secret. Their murmurs cannot even be heard by the one sitting beside. I personally hate this behavior. I understand their need of privacy but public places are the last to offer privacy. So they must stop trying already. They too know they can't talk anything much interesting with wires tucked in their mouth. And yes as you say, not because of biting but because extending the wires these headphones get damaged easily. So they should stop it for their love of headphones and privacy.
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    God has given a facility to some animals like a cow to get back the food swallowed back to the mouth and slowly chew it and eat it so that it will get digested quickly. If they are not doing that their food will not get digested and it will create a health problem for them. But for a human being, that facility is not there. So if somebody is always chewing something in his mouth I compare him with a mill which runs for 24 hours. I say is yours's a mouth or a mill. Mill parts can be replaced if they are worn out. We can't replace human parts so easily.
    Coming to the concept proposed by the author, I feel it is really an innovative idea. If any member of ISC working in the earphones manufacturing industry can take it as a lead and do some R & D and if they come out with a product which will not get spoiled on chewing also there will be a good demand for the product and the market will receive it positively. So people can start thinking on these lines with chewing gum in their mouth so that they concentrate more on the thinking process.

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    It is really surprising that some people even chew the wires of their earphones. Anyway, if it a habit nothing can be exclaimed about it. Chewing the plastic coated wires is not a hygienic thing.
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    May be we are on the wrong side because as per me it is the MIC that the listeners keep to their mouth so as to allow more clearer voice on the other side & its not the chewing phenomenon by them.

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