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    Write the chapters for this eBook writing contest

    Dear All,
    You already know about the eBook writing contest declared yesterday for which many of you have <a href="">registered here</a>, where the details about the contest and the prizes to be won is already mentioned. We are now declaring the names of the participants in the order they registered.
    The first author would be Aditya Mohan and then the next in line would be
    2. Partha K.
    3. Hakimmudin Kuwakhedawala
    4. Neeru Bhatt
    5. Sanjeev Gupta
    6. SuN
    7. Dr. N.V.Srinivasa Rao
    8. shampa sadhya
    9. Reena Upadhya
    10. Sankalan Bhattacharya

    The <a href="">registration page</a> is kept open and we will accept further registrations until notified and we will keep you updated with any further notifications over there. So keep checking this page, until it is locked. The chapter is to be submitted after 12 noon 23rd April, 2019, that is, today. The first author will get a maximum time of 12 noon 24th April, 2019, that is tomorrow. If he submits the chapter within that time, the time counter for the next author in sequence will start and he would have a maximum of 24 hours from the time of the submission of the first chapter. If first author fails to submit within 12 noon 24th April, 2019, the the next author in sequence would automatically become the first author and it will go like this.

    So members put of your thinking cap and start writing.
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    Chapter 1: The crease at the door step.

    "Bhabi, where is Manushi going alone, this early in the morning?" Asked an annoying neighbour who's sole purpose in life was to survey the colony girls. "She likes playing cricket. My husband does too. He enrolled her for coaching", Manushi's mom replied. "How can you Bhabi! She is a girl. The scorching sun will tan her skin. She will have health issues over exerting herself all day. Who will marry her if she roams with men all day?"
    Manushi's mom didn't feel like answering this disgusting question. She walked away.

    Manushi came crying that evening. She couldn't let her family know. They will stop her from playing otherwise. She let her tears mix silently into bathtub. In her diary she wrote,"There is a crease at the doorstep. Defeat welcomes me once I step out of it.
    I get tired defending against balls of insult.
    And against minds thinking women aren't for cricket." She was adept with both bat and pen. Her fellow male players think she's too weak. Her coach gets especially hard on her for the little mistakes she commits. Her face would be wet with sweat at noons and tears at nights. On her way home alone, she gets teased every evening by the uncultured teens of this part of Kanpur. She endured all of that for seven years. Now she was finally 18. She had sharpened her bat with the sharp tongues. The ones who called her soft and weak can hardly counter her swings. She knew her dream was nearing her.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: The chapter is required to be submitted AFTER 12 noon today. You are lightning fast!
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    Sorry for submitting earlier but I have college to attend and lately I'm busy with project work. So I submitted before.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Aditya as of now, I would suggest you to remove the chapter from this thread and wait for further notifications here. However, keep the chapter stored with you. Let me have a talk with my fellow editors as to what is to be done. Then you will be notified whether to post the same chapter after 12 noon.
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    Participants need to follow the instructions in the announcement of a contest. Let us not deviate from what is announced. Let Aditya's chapter remain, no need to remove it. This is not the first time, frankly, that he seems to have skimmed over the content and not read instructions and rules. The next author can go ahead and submit the chapter within 24hrs. of this response of mine.
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    Chapter 2:

    It was almost 2 a.m. Mrs. Sharma, Manushi's mother, suddenly woke up. A ray of light was coming out from Manushi's room. She got down and went there. The light was on. Manushi was asleep sitting on the chair. The diary was kept open in front of her.

    Mrs. Sharma silently moved and stood beside Manushi. Had she been crying while writing the diary? Mrs. Sharma read the few lines written in the diary, silently took it and left the room switching off the light. She showed the diary entry to Mr. Sharma. He also read it.

    Next day was Sunday. Mr. Sharma, the Sports Teacher of Kanpur DAV School, himself understood the value of sports in the life of young people. He had been noticing the derogatory attitude which his daughter was facing in their colony and also her silent determination. The diary entry of her daughter made him more determined. At around 7.30 a.m, Mr. Sharma asked Manushi to accompany him. Mr. Sharma and Manushi left home.

    Just outside Kanpur Green Park cricket stadium, Kanpur Cricket Club (affiliated to UP Cricket Association) had been running a cricket coaching camp. Mr. Sharma, along with Manushi, reached near the practice net.

    Suddenly, a middle-aged man noticed Mr. Sharma and greeted him. Mr. Sharma returned the greetings and introduced Manushi with his friend, Vijay Bhardwaj, a former Ranji Trophy player and presently an Assistant Coach of Kanpur Cricket Club.

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    Chapter: 3

    Mr Sharma: Vijay, this is my loving daughter Manushi and she wants to make her career in the field of cricket. I need your help.
    Vijay Bhardwaj: Mr Sharma, you are my best friend and it would be my pleasure to help you. You have helped me in the training camp when we were getting sports training. I have not forgotten anything. Let me know how can I help you?

    Mr Sharma told the whole story to Mr Vijay Bhardwaj. Mr Bhardwaj told to Manushi that he would like to see her performance. He wanted to look at her style of playing. Manushi was eagerly ready to show her temperament as she wanted to prove herself.

    Mr Vijay Bhardwaj called the fast bowler of his coaching institute and told him to ball Manushi. Manushi did not bring her cricket kit but Mr Vijay Bhardwaj arranged one kit and she was ready to face the fast bowler.
    Manushi played all the balls and she beated twice . Mr Vijay Bhardwaj told that she has a great temperament and promised that she would be selected for Indian Cricket team one day.

    Mr Vijay Bhardwaj also told that she needs to practice the short balls. Her technique was not good to play short ball but no problem he was ready to provide coaching her.

    Mr Vijay Bhardwaj also told that under 19 UP women cricket team for central zone competition has to be selected after two months. So, we have two months for preparation. My first step is to prepare her to be selected in under 19 UP women team.

    Manushi was very excited and was ready to get coaching from Mr Vijay Bhardewaj. Both Mr Sharma and Manushi returned home happily.

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    Manushi was too happy that Mr Bhardwaj, Assistant Coach of Kanpur Cricket Club agreed to coach her for the selection for upcoming under 19 UP cricket women team.

    She was very much excited and could not sleep that night. She was vividly seeing herself playing in the stadium and the applause of the audiences around.

    Next day in the evening her father said, "Manushi, I had a talk with Mr Bhardwaj regarding your coaching timings and he has asked you to report at 6 AM in the morning at the club and after warm up exercises they will coach you along with other aspirants till 9 AM. So I will drop you there at 6 AM and again come back there to pick you up at 9 AM and then you can go to your college."

    Manushi was happy to hear that and next morning she was ready in time and her father dropped her at the club.

    Manushi had not seen the club atmosphere earlier and she was feeling a bit shy in presence of the players, learners and other people. Mr Bhardwaj spotted her and ask her to join the others for warm up. Next 15 minutes it was a good workout and then they were given a break for 5 minutes.

    By this time, Manushi was feeling a bit comfortable and looking up to the coaching session.

    Manushi was trying to grab the intricacies told by the coach and was trying her best to convert it in actual play during the coaching and though at the end of it she was feeling a bit tired but she was cheerful with the hope of her probable selection for the women team.

    About one and a half month passed like that and now the end of the coaching session was approaching and Manushi was told that she has to play a practice match on coming Sunday and there were some good players participating in both the teams. She was told that two teams playing with each other were named as Kalyanpur Royals and Meston Road Stars. She had to play for Kalyanpur Royals.

    On Sunday, Manushi's father accompanied her to the venue and attended the practice match. Manushi was batting so good that she scored very good runs and during that scoring spree was caught out while lifting and placing a ball to the boundary. Kalyanpur Royals won the match.

    There was a good applaud by the few spectators and the other players present there and at the end of the match Mr Bhardwaj informed Manushi's father that with this briallent performance it was sure that she would be selected in the team. He also told that the announcement in this regard would be made by the club management in a few days.

    Manushi and her father returned to the house and shared the good news there.

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    Chapter: 5

    Manushi was not happy with her performance as she didn't play as per her expectations. She was thinking about how can she improve her technique of playing short balls and she wanted to overcome this weakness.

    She was busy in analysing her play in the match suddenly her mother came into the room. She was very much happy with her daughter. It was like slapping on the face of people who were making derogatory remarks about her playing cricket. Her mother had tears in her eyes of happiness.

    Few days passed and she was getting better and better with each day. She was made the captain of the club from which she was playing. Her studies were getting affected but she had the firm determination of being selected in Indian national team and she knew that she has to work very hard for it.

    Manushi had watched Mithali Raj playing on TV and used to follow her technique. She wanted to be a member of the national team and she knew she has to clear many hurdles for it. Her first aim was to get selected in the district level. And the day came when her name was announced to play in the district team.

    She was very happy when she saw it as she was approaching near to her goal in life.

    People who used to tell her mother why she allowed Manushi to choose a career as a cricketer now started giving an example of Manushi to their daughters. It was a great reason for her Mom to feel proud of her.

    Now her aim was to give her best performance in the tournament being played at the district level in a month. She was working very hard these days. Her coach Vijay Bhardwaj was very happy to see the dedication of Manushi.


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    Chapter - 6

    It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. There was no special Sunday coaching class to attend. The cricket coach declared holiday for all his students. Manishi slept well dreaming her future as an International woman cricketer. After having her morning glass of honey mixed lemon juice, she pulled up her light woolen blanket and slept again till 10 a.m. when her mother got into her room and said, " Manushi, just see who has come to see you."

    Manushi was surprised to see her maternal uncle's son Shyam. The 24-year young lad in a fully white-clad looked smart with his well-trimmed beard and neatly cut mustache. She said, "Hello Shyam, Nice to see you after a long time. You look terribly smart. How are my uncle and aunt? I met them last Sunday during a marriage function, and they said you were in the US for your higher studies." Shyam said, "Yes. I completed my studies in March this year and returned from the US last week only. I am staying in Delhi and searching for a job. I came home yesterday only. I thought of telling hello to you all. By the by, what are you doing now?"

    Manushi said, "Shyam, you will be surprised to see what am now. You know, I am the Captain of Kanpur's Under 19 UP Women Cricket team. I am going to play with a Delhi team on coming Sunday. Shyam congratulated her and said, "Manushi, My best wishes. I have an excellent book. If you want to fair well as a cricketer, kindly follow that book. It is the cricket playing secrets and techniques that can turn you as an International cricketer." Manushi said, "Shyam, I want to see the book right now." Shyam said, "Don't worry. It will be with you tonight. By the by where is the treat for your captainship? Manushi said, "Okay, Let us have dinner at Hotel Radisson Blu today at 7 p.m. Please don't forget to bring the book with you." Shyam said, " Radisson Blu… It is a very costly hotel. Why not some cheap and best hotel." Manushi said, " What Shyam..., What's your problem? It is my treat. I am going to be a future Cricket star. Let us enjoy the dinner in a star hotel." Manushi informed her parents and took their permission and money to go with Shyam for dinner.

    It was at 6 p.m.and was drizzling a bit. Despite the drizzling weather, Shyam arrived and picked up Manushi in his father's newly bought Activa 125 and proceeded towards Hotel Radisson Blu. Unfortunately, while negotiating a turn, due to the slippery road due to unexpected drizzle, their Activa 125 slipped and skidded very badly. Shyam escaped with a minor fracture on his left wrist, but Manushi got a severe fracture on her left foot. Immediately they were taken to a nearby hospital for first-aid by the onlooking public. Both the families were informed about the accident. Mr. Sharma rushed to the hospital and took Shyam and Manisha to an Orthopaedic Hospital for further treatment. The doctor treated them and said, "Nothing to worry much. Both are Okay. Yet Manushi needs to take bed rest for three months." But Manushi was much worried. The words 'Bedrest for three months' was repeatedly heard and was ringing in her ears.

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    Chapter - 7

    What an Irony? The man proposes but God disposes of. She has to lead her team for the match against Delhi under 19 team coming Sunday. She wanted to learn the skills, practice and lead the team for success. She is eyeing a place in the National team. All depends on her performance in that match. Day in and day out she is dreaming her career as an international player representing India. Manushi started worrying.

    The coming season is very crucial to her. She will miss the game because of this unexpected incident and she will have to wait for another term to get selected for the national team. She is in deep sorrow. She is praying God to help her to recover fast and continue her efforts in the game to reach the greater heights. Three months of bed rest is a long period. That is her worry.

    Her parents are trying to consoling her. Her eyes are full of tears. The doctor came meanwhile and asked her what the problem is. Her father explained everything to the doctor and the doctor understood her feelings. The doctor told her nothing to worry. She will be perfect and she can play her natural game without any worry. He also assured her that he will try his best to see that she will recover in a month are so. He also told her father that the next day a specialist is coming to his clinic and he will refer this case to him also so that the best way to recover fast will arrive.

    The whole night she was getting worried and not able to sleep. The next day morning her coach Vijay Bhardwaj came to see her. She literally wept and blamed herself for taking the risk of travelling by a two-wheeler when it is drizzling. Bhardwaj tried to console her. He told her that these are initial setbacks and the clouds will go away shortly and the light will shine shortly.

    Just at that moment, his mobile started ringing. The phone call is from the UP state cricket board and they told him that because of some unexpected happenings in Delhi cricket association the proposed under 19 ladies match of coming Sunday was postponed and the exact date will be informed to him later on. He said it may take a minimum of two months to get the next date finalised and the match will be only after three or four months. His joy knew no bounds and immediately he informed the news to his student and she was almost got up from the bed and thanked the coach.

    At that moment the doctor entered the room with the specialist doctor

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    Chapter - 8

    Both the doctors entered the room and overheard the conversation in Manushi's room. They stood there quietly and started observing the expression on Manushi's face. Although she is in pain, is extremely happy for getting some extra time due to the postponement of the match for a few months. She is thankful to God for the opportunity that seemed lost. Suddenly, it's a ray of hope for her, and she wishes to recover from her injury as early as possible.

    Suddenly, Manushi's father noticed both the doctors standing near the door. He then drew Manushi, her mother and Mr Bhardwaj's attention towards the doctors. Manushi tries to control her emotion when both the doctors walked towards her bed. Her doctor smiles at her and introduces Dr Singh, the specialist doctor to the patient and the rest of the members.

    Dr Singh sees the x-ray plate and thoroughly examines Manushi's left foot. He then recommends plaster of her foot for a month which again disturbs Manushi. Dr Singh notices her reaction and tries to pull her spirit up by informing her that with proper diet and plaster her injury will heal up within a month. After a month, the plaster will be removed, and then physical therapy along with the prescribed bone healing diet will help her to recover completely within a very short time.

    The specialist further says to Manushi: you are a teenager so you need not bother about the injury because your healing process will be fast. He suggests her to add veg and non-veg protein, calcium, vitamins like C and E in her diet. He also prescribes that Manushi must avoid painkillers because it slows down the bone healing process. Before he leaves the room along with the other doctor, he smilingly says to Manushi that as a sportswoman she has to be patient and positive too. Read some motivational stories of great sportspersons which will motivate you for the future and in between take some required rest.

    Manushi along with her parents and her coach become happy and relaxed. They now know that though the accident has posed some problem, there is still some hope left. Manushi looks highly energised and in a very positive mood that is so satisfying for others. She now asks for her mobile phone from her father to search for some inspirational stories of some great sportspersons which is a very constructive sign.


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    Chapter- 9

    Manushi zestfully started browsing the internet for some inspiration which was very much the need of the hour. She read the stories of legendary women cricketers. She read stories of Diana Edulji, Mithali Raj, Shikha Pandey and others. Thereby she could hardly endure the pain of her accident. Her anxiousness and nervousness vanished and got replaced by hope and courage in her heart.

    Her parents who were seated in the corner of the room were delighted to see her happy. She escaped in the cricket world and thus lost track of time. The day passed. Manushi had her dinner followed by medicine. The doctor came on his final rounds. This time he could see a remarkable difference in her behaviour. Manushi he met at this time was cheerful and way more positive than the one which he met in the early hours of the day. The doctor promised her to discharge the next morning.

    Last night Manushi could not sleep as worries and anxiety overpowered her. The present night she could not sleep because the stories that she read gave her ray of hope. Her whole life started revolving around her. She started thinking about everything like how right from an early age she enjoyed everything about cricket whether it was watching it on television or reading about it in the newspaper. She remembered how her father gifted cricket kit on her 9th birthday and how she started playing with her friends in her colony and never stopped talking about her scores to her schoolmates. She remembered that everything went well as long as she was a kid. Objection started getting stronger when she did not stop playing it even after entering her teen years. Though now people are accepting her more and judging less, still, she can sense some judgments coming from people around.

    That night Manushi promised herself to be true to her passion and thrive hard to attain excellence. Neither judgments nor pain of any sort can cause a hurdle in her journey. She will stop shedding tears and wipe away the doubts when hardships approach her in the way. She kept thinking and the more she thought the clearer her mind became. She washed away all the clouds of doubt from her teenage brain and finally fell asleep to get some rest.

    Next day morning was bright, sunny and perfect. A strong, cheerful Manushi woke up with the sunrise. She was ready to embrace all sorts of improvement and reforms that would enable her to become a better cricketer in the cricketing world.

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    After the 10th chapter is posted by Sankalan
    the next writers would be
    11. Umesh
    12. Neethu
    13. Rosie Ray
    14. Suman Sahu
    So writers please keep track, when the chapters are posted and post accordingly. After the 14th chapter has been written by Suman, the concluding chapter will be written, when and and by whom will be announced shortly.

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    Chapter 10

    Manushi is feeling very happy today because as promised by the doctor she will be discharged from the hospital by morning. The inspirational stories she read made her so positive that she started to inspire one of the nurses, whom she found depressed since her admission to the hospital. The nurse began to listen to her patiently and smiled a little. The nurse told her how she feels by attending different types of patients regularly and by realizing their pains make her depressed at times, though this depression is temporary. Manushi tried to boost her in many ways and lastly said "After all, you interact with various persons and care for them on a regular basis. You must be happy by thinking that you are the reason of happiness of so many patients and they feel better because you care for them". The nurse wanted to tell her something, but at that moment Mrs & Mr Sharma entered the room.

    They felt happy to see a cheerful Manushi. The nurse told her parents, "Sir, I am telling you, one day she is going to make the whole country proud and that day is not too far away". Manushi just looked at her parents and asked for her mobile phone from her father. A beaming Mr Sharma gave the mobile to Manushi. She dialled Shyam, her cousin, to inquire about his condition as he also has a fractured wrist. She heard a faint and nervous voice of Shyam, he began to tell her how irresponsible he drove that day and because of him Manushi suffered a serious injury. Manushi stopped him and loudly said "Why are you worried? I am going to meet you today afternoon". Her parents were anxious but couldn't say anything against a spirited Manushi. They know her tenacity.

    After her discharge, she smilingly left her cabin and thanked everybody. In the ambulance, her phone started to ring and she found it's one of her teammate, Riddhima's call. She answered cheerfully and got to know that they are playing a practice match with Meston Road Stars today. Riddhima told her that she will be visiting her in the evening after the match. Manushi insisted on her father take her to the club to watch the practice match. She told him how this will boost her mentally. Mr Shrama, a sports teacher himself understands how important it is for a player to stay mentally fit. He immediately called up Mr Bhardwaj and told him the intention of Manushi. Mr Bhardwaj agreed to this and allowed the ambulance to be parked at the gallery.

    When she reached the ground the match already started and she began to cheer for her team Kalyanpur Royals. Her teammates were really happy to see her. Kalyanpur Royals batted first and during the break, the teammates talked to her. She asked many things related to the composition and performance of the Kalyanpur Royals as well the Under 19 team. The teammates felt happy and asked for her advice regarding the bowling line up and tactics to defeat the opponents. According to her advice, Kalyanpur Royals began to bowl and after a tough fight, they won the match. The whole team applauded and congratulated her and she felt like a non-playing captain of her team. Mr Bhardwaj was also very happy and felt proud of Manushi. Finally, the ambulance started with a loud cheer from her teammates.


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    Chapter - 11

    Manushi was recovering but she wanted to attend the practice sessions in the club soon. She was under the physiotherapy routine of light exercises and short walks as directed by the doctor. She shared her desire with her father to start going to club for practice. He politely suggested her that once the physiotherapy phase is over she can start her practice. She was feeling a bit annoyed with this slow physiotherapy sessions and somehow wanted to be out of that quickly. Her father understood her desire but could not help anything in the matter.

    Manushi asked her father if they can take opinion of the doctor on that. Mr Sharma was a bit reluctant to do that but seeing Manushi's strong inclination to start practice session, agreed and took an appointment with the doctor.

    They went to the doctor on the appointment day and the doctor examined her thoroughly and showed his happiness over the nice recovery she was undergoing and patted her back as an exclamation of his joy.

    They asked the doctor if she could start the cricket practice in the club. The doctor was not very comfortable with this idea but told that may be after about 10 days she could. Manushi was feeling sad on this development but kept quiet and retuned to house.

    In the evening she got a call from Shyam that he was almost back to normal and will be coming to see her in the evening. Manushi was happy that she will have some good time with Shyam when he comes to see her.

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    It seems just like yesterday, when she got injured by a bike accident. She almost lost the hope of playing again. Then again a ray of hope came up and she started practicing again in her club. Shyam's book on cricket and his business class ticket to Delhi were a substantial contribution in getting her into the limelight of BCCI. It was Shyam who arranged a meeting with his friend's mother Rashmi Chouhan, coach of Delhi Cricket Association for Women. It was there, where Manushi got trained to become a part of the national women's cricket team. After 5 years, Manushi gets selected in the Indian Women Cricket squad. She grabs the selector's attention due to her marvelous batting skill and tremendous bowling performance in the last Ranji tournament. After hearing her name in the selector's list she was on cloud nine. Her dream comes true after putting so much of effort for the last half decade. Her friend, Harshita who was chosen as the captain of the national team of Indian Women Cricket squad told her the most enthralling news she had heard till date. This news was, she was also chosen as the vice-captain of team India (women). She will remain as the vice-captain in the upcoming cricket world-cup.
    The host country for the upcoming world cup tournament is Canada. The matches will be played in the different major cities in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa. Manushi was not able to sleep for 2 nights for the excitement because it will be her first international trip even first journey through airplane.
    The day for which Manushi waited for so many days is close. India is now in the Group A which included Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa other than India. According to the world cup tradition India won against Pakistan easily. Furthermore, India defeated South Africa but lost against Sri Lanka. India secured 2nd position in Group A. Manushi score two fifties against Pakistan and Sri Lanka also she got 2 and 1 wickets respectively. The fateful day of the world cup final will come in a couple of days. What will happen? Will Manushi score high on that day? Will she make team India win? Will she make her hometown and her country proud. Oh God! She is not able to sleep anymore. It's almost dawn.

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    Thank you all for participating in this eBook writing contest. We have selected one authors from the ones who have written above to write the conclusion. He or she is in for some good news. Please check your message boxes for the message regarding writing the conclusion . If you are the selected author, please post the conclusion as early as possible to expedite the process of selecting the prize winners.
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    Chapter 13

    The excitement couldn't let her sleep. Why she's thinking about the World Cup finals so early? They have not played the semi-finals yet. Maybe the dream to win the World Cup made her excited and she started thinking of playing the finals so early. She remembered her earlier days when she had to battle a lot of criticism from the neighbours, she remembered the day when her father introduced her to his friend Mr Vijay Bhardwaj who later agreed to coach her.

    She woke up now; she knows that this is not the perfect time to think otherwise she will be late for practice. She was feeling sleepy, but can't help. She can't skip practice. She stretched for a couple of times and got ready to go to the ground. At 6 AM, they all reached the ground and started practice. It was a light session though she batted for quite some time. Tomorrow is the semi-final and their opponent is Australia. She knows it's tough to beat Australia and they have to play a good game to get the berth in the finals. After the practice session, Manushi along with Harshita got into a team meeting to work out some strategies. There it was decided that Manushi will come up in the batting order and bat at number 3. She knows that the team has confidence in her capabilities and she must live up to the mark to prove her mettle. She returned to her room and fell asleep.

    During lunch, the team huddled again and resolved to defeat Australia in the semi-final. There was a gruelling practice session in the afternoon and the team worked hard on their shortcomings. She had a sound sleep that night.

    The next day she couldn't realize how the morning turned into the afternoon so fast. The game started, they won the toss and elected to field. Australia scored 298 on a difficult pitch. India started the innings and in the 2nd over they lost their first wicket with only 8 runs on the board. Manushi came to bat at No. 3 and partnering with Riddhima scored a hard-hitting 115. She was caught behind but already built the foundation for the team. Now India needed only about 100 runs to win the game. It was not so easy for the rest of the team to score the runs as the pitch was a difficult one. They made it after a couple of hiccups and it was a dream come true moment for the whole team. Manushi started crying on the field. The tears of joy started rolling out from her cheeks. The team went back to the hotel and instead of partying all of them went to their respective rooms. It was strict instruction from their coach. This is a memorable night for Manushi and one thing was ringing in her ears all the time. It was the nurse's comment about her in the hospital. "Sir, I am telling you is not too far away". She tried hard and finally slept.

    The next day she practised concentration since morning. At times, she sifted through the pages of the diary she wrote. She stopped at the page where she wrote: "There is a crease at the doorstep............................". She didn't like that phase and wants to forget it. In the evening she watched the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. She's also a fan of Dhoni and knows how he struggled. Her heart started beating faster thinking about the day of the finals. She couldn't sleep the whole night.

    The day has finally arrived. It's not a bright sunny morning at TCSCC ground in Toronto and there is a drizzle. There is a forecast of light rain but that couldn't dampen Manushi's spirit. The rain finally stopped and the game started. Their opponent is England. India lost the toss and had to bat first. The trouble started in the very first over. They lost a wicket without any score on the board. Manushi came, hit a couple of quick boundaries but couldn't keep her nerve. She got out scoring only 21 runs. The team was in deep trouble and ultimately the innings ended with only 172 runs.

    A low score and the wet outfield made the team nervous. Manushi kept silent and went inside her room. She silently prayed for some time and came out. She didn't talk to her teammates. England started the innings and after 10 overs the match was interrupted by rain. The rain didn't last long and the game resumed. Manushi took the ball and started her over. It was an unbelievable over where she took two important wickets. She knew, she had to defend the score and kept on bowling along with the regular bowlers. It was a nail-biting finish and she took six wickets. The game continued till the last ball and India had the last laugh. They won the game by 5 runs. Manushi was stunned. Is this the day her nurse was talking about? Is she watching the game? She wanted to call her, but where is her number? She looked high up in the sky.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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