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    How much boost Congress will get If Mrs.Priyanka contests in Varanasi?

    There is lot of speculation in people and media that Mrs.Priyanka going to contest against our present PM Mr.Modi. Mrs.Priyanka or Congress president Mr.Rahul are not denying about this speculation.Infact Mrs.Priyanka announced among the people that she wish to contest in Varanasi. If she suddenly announces her candidature, her daring nature to contest against present PM may bring a positive wave for Congress in my opinion. People may even think that Congress may even keep Mrs.Priyanka as candidate for PM post in the event it scores well due to her entry into the fray. What is your speculations regarding this issue members?
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    As far as I know, I raised a thread on the rumoured candidature of Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from Varanasi. The thread is still alive. It is not locked or deleted. Then why this separate thread on the same issue?
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    Priyanka Gandhi will not take the risk of contesting from Varanasi. As far as my remembrance goes, she is contesting for the first time in the elections. So may not like losing in the first attempt. So in the last minute, they will say that she is contesting from another place. This is a rumour spread intentionally by Congress to give a bigger image to this lady and to attract people. By any reason she contests from this place, definitely, she will file from another constituency also as she knows that chances are very less from her. I have so far not seen any great change in the prospectus of the party after her participation.

    Of course, she is much better than her brother. It is better for Congress to project her as their PM candidate rather than projecting her brother as PM candidate. That may help the party a little. RG as PM candidate is making the chances for the party less for winning.

    However, for Congress, there is no other eligible candidate to become PM except these two members from the Nehru family.

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    First, we have to see that is it the first time Priyanka is helping out for Congress in election campaigning? Is she a fresh recruit? Or she is doing this first time? The answers will be all negative. This is not the first time she is doing this and in the past, we have seen that she can only gather the crowds instead of votes. We should also note that she remembers UP only during election time and we should debate on how many other times she visits and hearing those people. So, for me I don't think that any kind of boost Congress will get from it. Talking about contesting against the current PM, it is just a waste of time to compare her with him.

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    Now the congress party is going through a tough time and the family pride is going down day by day. They have brought the last member of their family to fight the current elections but there is no hope left in these efforts. Priyanka could be a good candidate but the timing is bad now.
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    Like her brother RG, she has no political experience. She was neither an MP or MLA. Hence we cannot expect any political maturity in her. She too like a parrot to repeat what is written and given to her. During the election campaign, her speech was not impressive to attract the voters except her personal attack on Modi.

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    People who talk tall about Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi needs to know that Mr Narendra Modi was sat on CM post directly of Gujarat without any previous political experience of MP, MLA etc. So, the theory of previous political experience fails.

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    The speculation is rife about Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's contest from Varanasi. If she at all contests from that seat and wins it then undoubtedly it will be a boost for the Congress party. But politics is not that fair these days. What we see during campaigning is vituperation. The kind of language politicians use is to divide people, they abuse others and make allegations. If politicians really liked challenges then we could have seen high profile candidates pitted against each other in different constituencies throughout the country. In that sense, I would love to see a direct contest between Ms Gandhi and Mr Modi which will send a signal to the masses that the opposition can challenge an incumbent PM with a candidate roped in to keep the dynasty politics alive.

    I hope members will not mind for the term dynasty politics since all the hype generated around Mr Rahul Gandhi and Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is because they belong to a particular family that got the utmost importance in a party since independence. Candidature alone cannot act as a booster for any party, rather if the candidate wins then it boosts it in many ways.


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    Modi came to politics from the grass-root level. No comparison can be made between Modi and Priyanka. We don't want a doll in the PM's chair.

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    1. As a common worker of RSS, Narendra Modi-ji traveled all over India for more than 30 years. He gained first-hand knowledge about the requirements, hopes, aspiration and sorrow of common people. He was born and brought up in an economically weak family. On the other hand, the brother-sister duo was born with platinum (not golden) spoon in their mouth. They were always surrounded by sycophants and don't have the ability to understand the issues of common people. Modi and the bro-sis duo can't be compared.

    2. "People who talk tall about Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi...."----------------Are you sure you wanted to use 'talk tall' in this context?

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    My question is from where Mr Narendra Modi was MP or MLA, before he got easy CM post of Gujarat?
    In my view he got Gujarat CM post, because of obedient RSS worker.

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    You yourself agreed that Modi an obedient RSS worker. It was sufficient for Modi to be CM of a state. What did PG and RG do? Where they obedient Congress workers? No. They always felt that Congress is Gandhi, and Gandhi is Congress. They don't know what is poverty and unemployment. They always rolled in currency beds and ate golden biscuits.

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