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    What will happen if many people start following minimalist philosophy?

    A person who does not spend unnecessarily and manages with the minimum facilities is known as a minimalist. Generally people having money and capable of affording an expenditure will generally go for purchasing it. They will not suppress their desire to buy and enjoy the luxuries.

    A minimalist can be financially rich also but he will not go for worldly luxuries citing that we should not consume more and limit ourselves within the limited means. The minimalist believes that there is sufficient resources in the planet Earth to support the humanity only if the people use it sparingly.

    It is interesting to note that if more and more people turn to this minimalist philosophy then there may not be any shortage of material in the world. At the same time if the consumption decreases the industries may suffer and job prospects might nosedive. This may lead to a sate of depression also.

    What do you think - is being minimalist is good for the society? What will happen if more and people start living like this? Members, please share your views on this.
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    If the majority of the people follow the minimalist philosophy and live a simple life, I think it is good for society. But these days we will find very fewer people who follow this philosophy. All wanted all luxuries in their life. Nobody wants to settle for less comfort. To fulfil their wishes they go for a mad run to earn money.

    Coming to the question of employment problem, because of the desires in a family these days both wife and husband are working and earning money, But when they lead a simple life there is no necessity for both to earn. Anyone of them will go for earning and the other member will take care of the family. As such the demand for jobs will also come down.

    There will be many advantages. Pollution will come down. People stop using ACs and refrigerators. There will be an increased demand for hand fans and earthen pots. So people will start making those in demand and employment will increase there. In our childhood days in our house, we were using hand fans made of Tadileaves. More people will get engaged in making those items. Corruption will come down as there is no run for excess money.

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    Spendthrifts vs minimalist Spendthrifts spend money lavishly where as minimalists will not spend money when the money flow is not there then it will not good for the country to economically move forward.
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    An interesting thread, but hard to imagine a situation like this. People are running after money to increase their comfort level and there are many who can go to any extent to earn money. If many people start to follow the philosophy where they will purchase only those things that are necessary for a living then there wouldn't be so many things around us. Just to fulfil our basic needs, we require only a few things. The whole world has developed economically because of consumerism. There are many things that were a luxury earlier and now a necessity. In India, even a four-wheeler is a necessity for many living in big cities.

    When people earn a lot there purchasing power increase and they go for things which they think necessity at the moment. If many people lead a life only on necessary items, it will reduce consumption and I think this will affect the all-round development in a big way. If there is no or very less consumer then the productivity is going to decrease. I wouldn't say there will be a job crisis, because if the needs subside there will be less requirement of money. I think following this philosophy will reduce the greed of people which in turn will make the whole world more peaceful.


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    The idea is good to conserve the resources but what will happen to the industrial and business growth. What will happen to the large production of consumables and othe items. The enjoyment may come down and even there is a threat to the innovators and entrepreneurs.
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    Minimalism is awesome. I know a man who lives in a small apartment, eating with his only utensil, a bowl. He has one spoon, one fork and one knife. Computer is one of the least energy consuming appliances. He has one. It is his only source of entertainment. He uses his phone moderately. He has only three pair of clothes. His lifestyle mirrors that of Buddhist and christian monks. The law of happiness is, staying content. If you desire much, happiness is the last thing you get. Minimalism is a stepping stone on that path. It is also the path that will help us find our self because its hard to live with less. Your true self comes out when you are struggling after all. Is minimalism a path to sustenance? Not really. We are merely cutting the quantity of things. And also there are people who take minimalism to diet and eat less healthy food. Then there is no sustenance in it. But it is an interesting way to approach spirituality and peace.
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