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    What is the speciality of Wayanad?

    Wayanad, probably one of the most searched place in the Google after Congress president Rahul Gandhi decided to contest from this place. So, the curiosity comes in me as what is this place all about? Why he has selected this place to contest. What is speciality of Wayanad? Is Rahul is so sure to win from here when his own place and the Fort of Congress Amethi brings doubt in his and his party's mind?
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    The reasons for Congress party to give this seat to its President Rahul Gandhi are many.
    1. In 2014 and 2009, the Congress MI Shanavas candidate won the seat. He defeated the Communist Party of India's candidate. We all know that CPIin Kerala is strong.
    2. The Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency is formed in 2008 due to the delimitation of seats.
    3. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Shanavas got 410,703 votes, which was 49.86 per cent of the total votes polled. His majority over the CPI candidate, M Rahmatullah was about 150,000 votes. The BJP candidate, Vasudevan Master got only 31,687 votes which were 3.85 per cent of the totals votes polled.
    4. BJP is not very strong in Kerala and RG need not worry about BJP here.
    5. Communists may help him in winning the elections here.
    6. In 2014, the majority for the party is just 20,000 votes only over the second-placed CPI candidate.

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