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    Why some of the people shirk from higher responsibilities?

    I have seen many people as hard working and are devoted to their assigned work. These are the people who are contributing in the enhancement of productivity and growth of the business.

    When some of these people are given higher responsibilities then strangely they avoid it and become jittery. They say that they will do the work whatever given to them but can not force others to work. They do not have inculcated that trait in them.

    Is it that they are shirking from responsibilities and do not want to take hassles of managing people. What could be the reason for such a behaviour? What do the members think about this?
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    Some people will always have a fear of managing people. Managing Human resources is a subject by itself and many people may not have the required skills. Such people may take a back foot in the management of people. Such people may take higher responsibility where working on his own skills is more important than managing the people.
    Another reason may be a lack of interest. They may be very happy with their present responsibilities and income. Probably they may not be interested in going for higher responsibilities jobs due to the hazardous in those posts. In banks, many of the award staff may not like to take a promotion as an officer as their freedom will reduce and the income difference is less.
    Some people may be interested in learning and improving their qualification for which they require some good time and if they go for higher posts which demands a lot of responsibility and time. they may not be able to manage their studies.

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    Many people are good workers and do their job dedicatedly. They are sincere and honest in their work. They are liked by the management also and are respected in this respect. Whenever there is an emergency these workers are called for late night work or even working on holidays. These are the obedient and disciplined people.

    Now some of these people get opportunity for higher levels in the organisations and are asked to lead a team. Here comes the problem as some of these good workers do not take that responsibility as they can work their selves rather to direct others to work. So this is a strange situation but happens in organisations. Then management gives this to some other person or recruits executives directly at the higher level.

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    Doing things and getting the things done are two different aspects. Doing by yourself easy , but getting it done from others is very difficult. In order to extract work from others, one need certain managerial skills. Higher position comes with more responsibilities. Naturally higher responsibility means one is expected to manage people.

    Organizations have its hierarchical structure. Starting from a lower level staff to junior, Middle , senior level Management. When the person goes up the ladder he is expected to take up higher responsibilities and manage larger team.

    People who shirk from responsibilities will not have a career growth in the organization.

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    Running away from responsibilities is hampering one's progress, improvement, and success. Only a capable and responsible person is given responsibilities and if he avoids it shows his lack of confidence and commitment towards a particular work.
    A person should live responsibly and carry forward all responsibilities with utmost care and dedication. Running away from responsibilities only shows your inability to be responsible and dedicated person.

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    Higher responsibilities require more skills. In any company, the higher a person is in the hierarchy level the greater is the responsibility. Along with your own task, you have to get things done by the people who report to you. This is not an easy job and requires managerial skills. One who is good at doing any particular task may not be good at getting the same job done by others. This may be the reason for shirking some responsibilities. This is a very interesting situation because one is not directly doing the job but is completely responsible for getting that job done. In this case, if the job is not done in time the person responsible for getting it done faces the music. The higher-ups in the organization put pressure on that person to finish it up though she/he is not directly involved in the job.

    There are people who do not want to listen to the harsh words from their bosses for faults which is not completely of their own. Before taking up any responsibility, people think different aspects of it and if they find something not suitable according to their choice they avoid those things.


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    This is because few people are not at leading the team and some people are of dominating nature and they enjoy taking work from others rather than doing work. Those who cannot take work from others lack leadership skills and in industries, training is provided to enhance it.

    Also, some people hesitate to take higher responsibilities due to the fear if they would be able to take up that responsibility. In the industry, we find both types of people. But people forget as they grow up and go to higher designation they have to be good leaders than workers. They should be accountable for things. Sometimes few people don't want to broaden their responsibility as they want to restrict themselves in certain limits. Such people are not liked by the management and not easily promoted by the management. So in industries its good if people take more responsibilities with the time to get career growth.


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