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    Recall all great moments of fun as much as possible

    Facebook has made it possible. When we connect with friends who were not in touch for even two decades, all the fun, all the good times, all the jokes and all the adventures are recalled by many of them. Conference calls are common too. Chatting on what's up in a newly formed group makes it lively. Facebook is the best vehicle to get back to recall all the good times. It is the best that we can even think of.

    This has happened to me over a period of six months, in the recent past. All the worries are gone. Moments of happiness for days on end follow. It is also great to follow up with mutual friends as they often have cell numbers. Life becomes meaningful once again. Constructive, positive suggestions follow. Everything happens within a very short time. And then what's up keeps the entire tempo like the olden times. I guess we should all do this and get as often as possible to check on Facebook if we can connect to someone known to us.

    How many Members have similar experiences?
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    I had a similar experience a few days back when one of my school friends called me after 26 years as she got my number from one of our mutual friends. It was a pleasure to talk to her after so many years. We almost lost the contact after school. These days it's not as difficult to find out the old friends with the help of Facebook unlike in the past when people didn't have it.

    To see pictures of friends after years naturally make us happy and give us good feelings. In today's world when everyone is busy in life just getting a phone call of a person whom you have forgotten for years is itself cheering. I don't like chatting but just being in touch with friends with Facebook makes me come on this site.


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    Facebook helped me also in coming in contact with many of my friends during my education days. After completing my education and joining the Job slowly contacts with the friends were reducced and new friendships took place. After almost a gap of 30 years, I am in contact with some of my close friends those days. When we talk and remember the good olden days we will feel very happy and we will cherish.
    We had a get together also in Hyderabad and met some of my friends on that day and our old friendship restarted and now we are all in touch.

    One in the morning I received a call. The number is unknown. I answered the call. The person who called me is a friend of mine in 10th class in the year 1972. After that, for two years we were talking. But slowly gone out of contact. My friend got my phone number through one of his Facebook friends and contacted me. It is a really thrilling experience to talk to him.

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