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    Are we loosing our Independence because we are deviating the peace policy of Nehru?

    After getting Independence we are strongly following Pandit Nehru's peace pact in foreign relations. From the beginning we are maintaining equal distance between the two super powers USA and Russia. But slowly we ignored that policy and started inclining towards USA. Present BJP go on blaming questioning Nehru and Gandhi's policies.Now at present USA giving ultimatum to India not to buy Crude oil for Iran even though we don't have enemity between our two countries. Do you think we have no rights to decide our policies? Are we loosing our Independence because because our country deviating the peace pact policy of Nehru?
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    We (at least, some of us) lost independence because we followed the policy of Nehru. Example: People of PoK, Upper Ladakh, Aksai Chin and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh.
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    For, how long you want to maintain Nehru/Gandhi policy in foreign relations? Till the end of the world??
    What is Pandit Nehru's peace pact in foreign relation?

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    So you want our country go under the shade of some powerful country and listen and do what they say? Then what is the need of Independence for us. Are we saying why we need an old aged Ambedkar's Constitution and why can't we have modern Constitution now?

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    Our foreign policy need to be reviewed periodically keeping the interest of the Nation. The policy of Nehru perhaps may be good on those days. Soviet Union was powerful in yester years. Following the disintegration of USSR during the year 1991 their standing in the world has completely changed.

    India is the member in World Trade Organisation [WTO] from 1995. The members of WTO are bound by the trade policies formulated by the WTO. It is not correct to say that these policies are formulated by USA. India cannot exist in isolation on the pretext of independence. We are member of many international organization like many countries in the world and we are bound by certain treaties signed by us. India has eminent people at the helm of affairs and we should repose confidence in them.

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    "So you want our country go under the shade of some powerful country and listen and do what they say? "---------------------This comment of the author proves that he has been blinded by anti-Modi hatred.

    Surgical strike, Balakot strike and Dokalam issue handling prove that Modi doesn't bother to listen to big powers on national issues. He works keeping in view India's interest. India's improvement of relationship with Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, Middle-Eastern countries and Latin American countries prove that Modi and Sushma Swaraj have given a new direction to India's foreign policy. At the same time, Modi also gave Pakistan a chance to change their behaviour immediately after becoming the Prime Minister, but the country has failed to avail itself of the chance.

    Nehru was responsible for the loss of POK, Aksai Chin and Upper Ladakh. He was responsible for India's loss of permanent membership of the UN Security Council. We are still suffering for the faulty and idealistic (not realistic) foreign policy of Nehru.

    I urge the author to seriously read about India's foreign policy before writing on this serious subject. Anti-Modi hatred will not always save him. Rather he would become an object of ridicule.

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    Nehru's peace pact might be good for those years. But we may not be able to continue that forever. The Nehru Policy or Indira Gandi Policy made them nearer to Russia. Till today the Lal Bahadur Sastri's death was a mystery and many people doubt a foul play in that. The Nehru and other Congress leaders of those years were more inclined towards USSR. We were not so close to the USA. Even today we have no enmity with Russia. USSR disintegrated and almost with all the countries we don't have any enmity.
    Not only Foreign policy but also other policies also to be reviewed periodically and should be remade based on the external factors and internal problems. That can't be called diluting but updating and refreshing based on the needs. In my opinion, India is having a good name internationally these days than those days.

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    I assume thread Authors concern quoted as "Now at present USA giving ultimatum to India not to buy Crude oil for Iran even though we don't have enemity between our two countries. Do you think we have no rights to decide our policies?"

    US President Donald Trump introduced economic penalties against Iran after pulling US from the nuclear deal clinched between Iran and six world powers in 2015.But, to ensure low oil prices (to control global terrorism), and to avoid disruption to the global oil market, the US authorities granted temporary import waivers to China, India, Grease Italy,Taiwan,Japan,Turkey and South Korea. Now the White House plans to end the sanction waivers to the buyers of Iranian Oil starting from May 2. Saudi Arabia is coordinating with Oil producers to ensure adequate oil supply in the global market and ensuring price stability.

    Here, In India, opposition parties are blaming Prime Minister Modi for Trumps sanctions on Iran!!
    What a stupid joke!
    Another foolish allegation by Jairam Ramesh…..

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    Despite Trump's general caution (it is not an ultimatum), India will go on purchasing crude oil from Iran. In the present regime, the Indian Government doesn't bother about other country's wish on such issues.

    India will purchase crude oil and other items from those countries which offer the best deal.

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    There is nothing in the world which we understood as good or bad relations but instead it is the businesses & diplomacies that work on all fronts & in the meantime we have a good deal of businesses & diplomacies around the world but the Pakistan & China would remain an exception here. The author need to have a note of that we have the best of relations since the time we got freedom in the year 1947 that no one objected to our cross border attack on Pakistan, not even the China. Possibly few of us would now be able to understand the strategies of PM Modi which is now paying off onto the world stage.

    And what do we mean by "deviating the peace pact policy of Nehru" because of a simple fact of about what we have got from such policies wherein we have lost a war with China losing a huge portion of our own land with 24*7 disturbances on the LOC along with Pakistan.

    Gandhi Ji intended to end the Congress party because this got no relevance after when we got the freedom but the Nehru including with the upcoming generations still continuing with the same party. Why so?

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    It is true that we had a peace policy with other countries which is still going on. I do not see that we have discontinued it. What has been done now is that in addition to the peace policy we have adopted a tit for tat policy also which simply means that if someone does offence to us we will give him a lesson which he will remember for a long time and the world will see it. What is wrong in that policy? Let us see the example of Israel. They are teaching good lessons to the offenders.

    A country should be peaceful but should not accommodate any attack from any country or entity supported by any country.

    The policies, constitution and directive principals are not fixed. They can be changed to accommodate with changing internal situations and world political scenario. What Nehru did was relevant to that time and what we are doing today is the need of the hour.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think we are very fortunate that we had great leaders like Nehru, Indira, Lal Bhadur shastri and Manmohan singh. They had great patience and dare to make India as great nation.
    I am really thankful that India of 1947 was not in control of any RSS people, because they mostly are narrow mentality. Which don't have place for many peoples from other caste and religion.
    Recently Mr Modi told that "we have Nuclear weapon and they are not kept for Diwali". I mean for few votes these days Mr Modi is talking anything which can destroy years of Indias policy. India is deviating from its peace policy but do you think people who sitting in government have guts to use any small scale weapons forget about Nuclear. Recently in after airstrike, Pakistan counter with one dozen planes to show that If India can use airforce they can too. If you government have guts, escalate matter further.

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    The foreign policy of a country never remains static. It is dynamic and changes from time to time depending upon the situation. Commenting badly on what policy Nehru pursued is nothing but a right-wing ideologists propaganda. "Nehru was responsible for the loss of POK". This is another classic example of twisting the history to suit their need. Can those who say so answer a simple question? When was a part of Kashmir occupied? Was it before the accession of Kashmir into India or after? Everyone knows that it happened before the accession of Kashmir into India. When it happened before the accession of Kashmir into India, how can the then Prime Minister Nehru be held responsible? These are the days, the political party leaders are unashamedly begging for votes in the name of Pulwana martyrs. Hope the Election Commission of India takes proper action.
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    But KVRR Sir: The author of this thread wants our foreign policy to be static. He wants it to remain in the Nehruvian period. He wants the present Government to continue the same mistake which was done during the Nehru era (1947-1964).
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    Nehru is the architect of modern India. Whatever he did, did it in good faith and for the good of the country. The strong democratic set up in our country is due to him. He started many institutions of fame and set the country on the right path. There is a tendency among some people to go back into history and twisting it. History is history and nothing can change it. One has to take inspiration from history and develop on it.
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    "The strong democratic set up in our country is due to him."--------------------------I earlier thought that we are discussing India's foreign policy in this thread. Now, I feel that we are discussing India's democratic setup.

    "One has to take inspiration from history and develop on it."----------------Should we take inspiration from history and repeat the same mistake or we must do totally opposite so that we can avoid earlier mistake, that is the million-dollar question. Here the thread author wants us to go on committing the same/similar mistake.

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    In a discussion, many things relevant and not so relevant creep in. One has to take inspiration from history only to learn from it. Nehruji followed a principle of non -alignment in his foreign policy which is good forever. The relations between humans as well as nations are guided by mutual benefit.
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