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    Can we think of one Global identity by merging all the Countries under United Nations

    The total defense budget of the world is approximately 1,739 Billion US dollars per year. The defense budget is required to equip the military forces for any internal and external aggression. Mostly the threat is from a foreign Country.

    The United Nations (UN) was established on 24/10/29145 to sustain peace between the Countries. UN also envisages friendly relations among nations to accomplish co-operation between the Countries.

    In case all the Countries of the world are brought under the Governance of United Nations we can resolve many issues. The border issues between countries can be resolved, Defense budget can be reduced so that same could utilised for many developmental activites.

    Under the new system there will not be separate Country. The head of each country will be member in the global body. The members in the global body will elect the chief and other positions.

    Will it be a solution to the problem or result in chaos?
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    This is already in the process, sometimes described as the "New World Order" - NWO. The USA, UK, France, etc. want this to be dominated by their own allies. The Russians want it to be more inclusive. In any case this NWO will come to pass.

    Digitization of finances, educational info, medical info, political leanings, etc. etc. in fact the whole life info of each individual will make this possible. The ones who do not fit this can be isolated. We already have this to a certain level wherein a 'bad' person can be prevented from entering countries because of passport info. Within our country, a person can be put to disadvantage if their aadhar is blocked.

    It is described in scriptures that there will be a one-world government collectively appointed by a bunch of countries, with a term for 7 years initially. An appointed leader will run this government. This will solve the major problem in the middle east/Jerusalem with the three clashing religions (Islam, Christian and Jew).

    This government will also provide a global identity for each individual, incorporating the latest technology, which is also known as 666 or the 'Mark of the beast' or by any other new terms. The currency system will become fully digital. There will be some nations that will not be a part of this NWO and will rebel against it. Defense expenditure will not reduce as one might expect. There will still be wars going on. Different countries within the NWO will also try to bump their neighbor areas to make for their own local profit.

    While it will become effective in the initial period, it will turn out to be anti-religious for believer of any faith. Things will get very interesting after this and depending on which side of the NWO you are, it will be a problem or solution for you.

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    Conceptualisation of the world as one combined entity under the aegis of UN is a very good idea and there are certain steps being taken by the UN members in this direction. This may help in resolving the present issues of confrontation and fight between the countries and as well as help in improving the condition of the poor and backward countries.

    Theoretically it appears a utopian scheme of coexistence but there are practical considerations also. In such a scenario the most important and powerful post will be the chief of UN and its cabinet. How much power they will have and how much authority they will be able to exercise on the countries is a matter of concern. Even in that system cast, creed and religion will stay in its present form and the rebellious elements will be as strong or may be more as they are today.

    In many countries in spite of the common judiciary and army, it is being difficult to keep people under one umbrella as there are continuous demands of separatists from one corner or other. In the proposed one global country how these issues will be resolved. There is also a danger of the world being taken up by some powerful country in the name of development and progress. Assimilation of different languages and cultures is another challenge.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It will be a great thing if we reach that stage through mutual conscience and negotiations. It may solve many of our ill conceived notions for fighting and attacking others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Power seekers are more. Everybody wants to be in power. That is why many leaders are trying to split the country into many states. Why Andhra got split into two states, we all know.
    If the whole world comes under one government the powerful positions will reduce and there will be a lot of problem to the leaders. So they will never allow it to happen.
    As an individual, I feel the idea is really a great concept. There will not be any wars and there will not be any necessity to spend a lot of money for the country's defence. A common forum to decide on the ways and means of conducting the government and representatives from each region is to be created. Then each country will have a team to see the implementation of the points decided by the governing body. An excellent idea.

    always confident

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    There are many advantages of bringing all countries under one umbrella. Large money being spent on defence budget can be avoided. The aggression by the countries and killing during the war can be avoided. We can establish world peace.
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