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    What is your winning strategy?

    In the recent announcement of the winners for the topic-based TOW contest, Sumit Kumar Bhui requested the winners to share some of their winning strategies. I thought it would be interesting to initiate this thread to get the views of everyone.

    In my opinion, there is no hard and fast strategy to win any contest. Spontaneity is the key, so just put whatever pops up in your mind into words. That does not mean that one should just submit an entry right away. Take time to think over how you will put those words into a cohesive manner. Jot down some points in your ISC notebook that will likely occur to you as soon as you see a contest announcement - before they go into the archives of your brain! Drop in a spark of creativity and uniqueness which makes for a magical read that not only registers with a forceful impact on the reader's mind but also touches the heart.

    When talking about spontaneity, what I am indicating is that one should not strive to be like others. Retain your own creative individuality and not ape others. It is also good to simply participate in a variety of contests to discover yourself. You will be surprised to find that you can write a story, solve a crossword puzzle, decipher a many wonderful things you realize you can do but likely never even tried your hand at!

    [Note: the ISC notebook can be accessed via your Dashboard page or from the drop-down menu at your name in the right top corner when you log in.]
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    There is no short cut for success and hard work pays. Once you pursue your objective with hard work and determination you are sure of tasting the success. In order to win a competition it is necessary for us to have sufficient preparation. For an athlete to win a race, he need to have proper stamina and fitness. We cannot have general rule for winning. We need to prepare ourselves depending on the type of competition in which we are participating.
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    The key to winning a contest is in the hands of those judging the contest. You can have n number of strategies in place, but you cannot strategize a win. At the end of the day, your entry is judged by someone wearing a judge's hat. And it is not always possible to have them on the same page as you. Their views may not be in sync with yours, and they may discount your entry as insignificant and overlook it.

    Spontaneity, originality and content, then become insignificant. What counts is what that someone sitting in the judge's chair finds interesting. Your effort doesn't win, it is their leaning that makes your entry win.

    My post can be brilliant, in terms of content, it can be eloquent, socially relevant, with a powerful message, yet it might fail to impress the judges. I consider the unbiased comments that members submit, in response to my posts, as the reward. When they quote a snippet from my post and applaud it – that to me is my reward.

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    Strategy to win. That is a thing which varies from situation to situation and individual to individual. One can work hard and have many strategies to get success but sometimes success is very alluring and remains like a mirage. Even enormous efforts can not guarantee success if other factors are not supportive.

    Still, we must have a strategy to win in this cut throat world. Without strategy our chances of winning will be considerably reduced. Strategy includes many things. Which particular area we should work to achieve maximum returns. What are the contests we must participate and what are those which are second priority for us. How to select the subjects for writing or elaboration. Is it a common subject or something unique or fresh idea. All these things are required and act as the basic building blocks of our strategy.

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    'One can work hard and have many strategies to get success but sometimes success is very alluring and remains like a mirage.' Did you mean elusive, when you described success as 'alluring...mirage'?

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    So far as ISC is concerned, I win award once in a blue moon. But I generally participate in almost all competitions. I try to give my best and wait for the decision of all-powerful Editors. If they like it, I may get an award. If not, then I wait for the next competition.

    Who bothers about winning strategy? At least, not me.

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    Well, an active GD is still going on to find out what success means and I don't think the winning strategy is something different than the recipe for success. Is there at all any recipe for success? Then I would love to purchase the book containing the recipe to become successful.

    As Mr Partha has said in his reply, @ # 663423, give your best to whatever you do. Don't concentrate too much on the results, rather concentrate on the work you are doing. After all, winning a competition is not in your hands in any way which is wonderfully described by Ms Juana in her reply @ # 663406. If it is decided by the jury it depends on how they took your work. If it is decided by the audience then also it depends on how they liked it. Therefore concentrate on your work and see how others are doing it also. You can learn a lot from them too.


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    All depends on the people who are judging the content. I like Sweets. If I make a very tasty sweet and give it to a person who never likes a sweet, he may not enjoy the taste. It may not impress him very much. The content should be impressive to the person who is judging.
    But when we attempt to write something we should write it the way we feel is the best. We can also take the opinion of the family members. We can make changes as per their suggestions and then if we feel their suggestions are good we can implement them.
    Irrespective of the award, if what we write is appreciated by many readers we can feel that we have done our best.
    We should always keep in mind that we should write the content expecting an award. We should write the content the way we like and the way we feel better. Then look for the appreciation of the readers more than an award.

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    I have not won many TOWS. At best I got special winner prizes. But even those upon observation lies with the advices of Dr. Rao and Juana. Observe and learn what the contest wants and what the contest judges want. A general assumption though is that different is better. But only with practice you will know how different you are supposed to go. Trying to be too different will put you away from the topic. Explore different approaches while adhering to the topic. That should work.
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    I have clearly stated that I don't have any winning strategy, because I don't win quite often. But I am interested to know about those Members who regularly win awards, as for example, Mr. Viz, Ms. Neethu, Ms. Vandana.

    I hope they will clearly state their winning strategies.

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    Different people have different strategies to win or to get success. Though it is not easy to win everywhere or everytime but strategy helps in that aim.

    I believe in working hard and pursue the things and if I do not get success I switch to other projects.

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    I don't make a strategy that's why I don't win the contests here in ISC. Maybe I should think of it so that I also may win a few of the contests.

    I don't think winning is that much important for me. I am happy with participation only.


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