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    How people get easily convinced for suicide bomb attack?

    How people get easily convinced for suicide bomb attack? As we know if we have strong mentality then no one can do brainwash. I think there should be one subject in school to make students strong so in future if anyone do brainwash then no impact.

    Its major problem for all over the world and world need to take action before situation become out of control. Whats your views friends on this matter. This is very complex matter I know but public opinion is important on this.
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    The suicide bombers are prepared and trained by the terrorists groups over a period of time. The terrorist groups look for soft targets in the age group of 15 to 20. These boys are brain washed with many wrong information and doctored video which show the harassment to the people of particular religion. By these wrong inputs they mentally prepare the boys for these extreme action of killing themselves and destroying the surroundings. There are evidences that these groups preach the young children that they are doing the suicide attack for godly cause and on their death they straight away go to God.

    The terrorist group also assure these boys that their family members are paid hefty amount on completion of the suicide attack. The innocent boys fall prey to such scrupulous elements and cause irreparable loss to the mankind.

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    I think poverty and affection towards family is the weakness to get suicide bombers. It is not the religious spirit or patriotism but purely for the selfish goal.

    Terrorist Group Leader: What are you and what are your interest and goal?
    Boy: I am very poor, I have no father. I have one elder and one younger sister to be married. We have no home or land. I am not much educated. No one gives me a job.
    TGL: Are you interested in your life or your sisters' life?
    Boy: I love my sisters too much. I want them to be married and lead a happy life.
    TGL: OKay. Are you ready to give your life to have your sisters married and live happily?
    Boy: Yes.
    TGL: How much do you want?
    Boy: 3 Lakhs.
    TGL: Don't worry. I will give you 10 lakhs. Do what I say.
    Boy: Okay.

    The rest is history.

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