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    Chief Justice of India is seeking justice.

    Shri. Ranjan Gogoi, Chief Justice of India has been accused of sexual harassment by a person who had worked as a junior assistant in Supreme Court . She alleged that pursuant to the sexual assault incident she has been terminated from the service. She also alleged that frivolous FIR has been filed against her. The allegations of the lady has been denied by the Office of Secretary General in Supreme Court.

    The matter has been now posted before a Bench of Hon'ble Supreme Court consisting of Justices Arun Mishra, Rohinton Nariman and Deepak Gupta. In the mean time an advocate by name Utsav Bains claims that a biggest Corporate house in the Country has offered him money to frame CJI in the case.

    Now Chief Justice has to seek Justice.
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    Just imagine, if this is the fate of the CJI, the supreme body of the judiciary, what would be the fate of you and me in India. Really, there is something fishy in this case. Why should the lady report a six-month-old event now? Is she not aware of the" #Metoo" to help her? She should have used any social media to report her injustice against justice. One day, two days, one week, two weeks, one month, two months, Was she sleeping for six months? Truly, it is a false case to defame the CJI.

    The case should be investigated and the person proved guilty should be booked and punished severely in such a way that would be a lesson to others also, may it be CJI or an ordinary staff.

    As I mentioned in one of my thread, law should be amended to set a time frame to report such sexual harassment cases. If a case is not reported within 24 hours or justified for the delay, should not be accepted by the police or the court.

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    Hon'ble Supreme Court is hearing the matter today. Justice Arun Mishra said They will enquire until they get to the truth and root of the matter. He feels that the allegations of sexual harassment against CJI is part of larger conspiracy by the disgruntled employees and Corporate fixers. Mr. Bains in his statement has named two dismissed employees of Supreme Court . Tapan Kumar Chakraborty and Manav Sharma, are trying to doctor a judicial order in a contempt case between Ericsson and businessman Anil Ambani.
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    It is not a straightforward case. Definitely, there is a bigger conspiracy behind the case. Oneday before the allegations, Rahul Gandhi has to say sorry to the Supreme court for his remarks against Modi. The next day this incident happened. An incident reported being taken place six months back has come to her mind on the day after that incident.
    As told by Justice Arun Mishra the enquiry should be conducted until they get to the bottom of the incident and the real culprit should be punished. Otherwise, this type of issues may crop up more and more. If it is proved that CJI is wrong he should be punished and if he proved innocent then the other party should get punished. Otherwise, the faith in the Judicial system will go down and it is never good for the country.
    I agree with SUN that something happens immediately the case should be filed but not after a good time passed away.

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    This could be a bigger conspiracy and we will know about it soon. We are in a democracy and we can accuse anyone in the country irrespective of his status. We are seeing it happening around us. It is so common. Chief Justice is also human being and is not outside the purview of the law. If found guilty, he will be treated just like another citizen.

    If it is a conspiracy the exact motives behind this will be known soon as the proceedings will unfold the case.

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    The special bench headed Justice Arun Mishra says "Money power or political power" cannot be allowed to control the apex court. He further adds "We have to tell the rich and powerful of the country that you can't do this. You are playing with fire.
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    Why should the lady write to 22 judges of the Supreme court? Is it the procedure to lodge a complaint against a person. Couldn't she seek an advocate and send a notice to the accused for explanation or lodge a complaint with the police? The lady was misdirected by the team that wants to defame the CJI. I am sure the real culprit will be caught and punished for his actions.
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    The vested interests are trying to tarnish the image of the Apex Court and its judges. These scrupulous elements should be handled with iron fist so that it will deter others.
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    This seems to be a strange case. Why this is being raised at this crucial election time is also not understood. I think court will get the matter investigated properly and then give the verdict in the matter. If found wrong the petitioner will face the music.
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    It could be a real case of sexual harassment or could be a fabricated false case framed against a Judge. After all, a judge is also a human being who can be with an unquenchable thirst for sex.

    There is no age for sex. There is no end to sex in life. Aimbathilum Aasai Varum (Even after fifty, we desire for sex)

    A detailed study and thorough investigation by a sincere, dedicated and loyal investigation committee will be able to find the truth of this case to save or shame the complainant or the accused. Law should be the same for all from a CJ to OC(ordinary citizen) of India.

    It could be the other way too. A young woman can try to have sex with an old guy of an esteemed position, to feel proud of their connection. If failed, she would make a noise of sexual harassment by the good old gentleman.

    Who is the culprit? Is it CJ(Chief Janatha) or OJ(Ordinary Janatha). Let us wait to know.

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    CJI Ranjan Gogoi has been exonerated from sexual harassment allegations. Justice Bobde panel gave clean chit to CJI.
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    If CJI is not Mr. clean, who else can be expected to be clean? The three judges committee formed by the SC has done justice to the CJI. The investigation proceedings has been kept confidential. The woman did not appear before the in-house enquiry committee as she wanted to be supported by a lawyer, and was denied. The decision is ex-parte.

    @ Since the proceedings of the enquiry is kept confidential and not available to any one, and the decision cannot be challenged, I feel that there is something fishy in this case. As commented by a former CJI, it is a mockery of justice. One day the fact will come to light.

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    This thread is more than 10 days old, better not to reply unless the editors decide to keep it open.

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