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    Express your opinion about Dr Subramanyaswamy

    Members, Dr. Subramanyaswamy is an 80-year-old seasoned politician who is a Rajyasabha MP and was a former Law Minister of India. Basically, he is an economist educated from Harvard University and was a professor in IIT. Even now, he goes to Harvard to take classes. He is not a corrupt leader. He is a courageous leader fit for good politics. Though an economist, he studied law and proved to be the best lawyer who fought cases successfully. He was the key to lock Sonia Gandhi becoming PM of India. He never spares his enemies even if they are friends. He is the cause for Jayalalitha's imprisonment, and also Sasikala's. Now he vouches for the Gandhi and Chidambaram families to go behind the bars for multi-crore financial crimes. Mr. Chidambaram was his student at Harvard University.

    What is your impression or opinion about this daring person?
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    Dr Swami is a mysterious man. I like him very much.

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    Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a learned person. He has Master Degree in Statistics and Phd in Economics from Harward. He worked at the United Nations Secretariat in New York City and also taught in Harvard University.

    He is considered as a controversial person. But as per my opinion whatever controversy he creates it has certain logic and substance. His words are blunt and harsh like slap on the face. He will not spare any body including his own friends. He will go to any extent to prove his view point. I like him more for his fight against corruption. We need such crusaders in our society who has the courage to fight against the system at the highest level.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Dr.Subramanya Swamy, a highly educated Tamil Brahmin. He is a hardcore Hindutva sideliner married Parsi women. He is a person who called Muslims should not be given vote unless they have Indian ancestry. His daughter married a Muslim. Mr.Swamy had a close relationship with Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi, Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao, Mr.Manmohan Singh. Mr.Swamy used to maintain a good friendship with Rajiv. He helped Congress in collapsing BJP's Vajpayee government. Every politician fears about Mr.Swamy thinking that he may drag them and involve them into any case to full fill his needs. He is a highly intelligent scholar and whatever allegation he makes on anybody he proves it.

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    Dr Swamy is a very bold and courageous person and a rare one in the sense that many corrupt and cheaters in high places in our country are always afraid of him as he will be hanging like a Damocles Sword on them. His modus operandi is based on facts and documental evidences and what he talks is authenticated by solid proofs.

    Naturally such people will be at the wrath of some influential people as well as anti national elements and that is the reason Govt has provided him Z security. He has got an inquisitive and investigative mind backed by knowledge and common sense and today he is one of the most influential person in the political circle.

    Knowledge is power.

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