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    How a person treats their family says a lot about their Character

    In our society we come across many persons who appear to be well educated and snobbish. They give lectures in various programmes on how to bring up our children and how to take care of our family etc.,

    I happen to see one such person in our locality. He always advise me about disciplining children and exercising control over them. Otherwise children will become spoiled brats. After few days there was news item in the local news paper that his son was caught by police for Chain snatching. I did not see that person in the locality from that day and onwards.

    One should set right their own house before preaching others.
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    It happens with people they give lectures to others but they don't bother to check if they apply same on them. Such people have double standards for them they have a different parameter for themselves and for others.

    I don't like to advise people because I know no one cares to listen to others these days then why should I give lectures.

    It's strange how can this happen to a person who gives lectures on controlling children. Maybe he has left your locality due to embarrassment.

    Frankly speaking, when the person is in a problem it's easy to give advice because we can think unbiased but when we are in the same situation we forget everything which is wrong in my opinion. We should not seek advice in such case but should follow whatever advice we had given to others in that same situation. That's human nature that we give advice to others but don't care to follow them ourself.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Telling is easy but practising is difficult. We hear many times lessons from many people. But They may practice or may not practice.
    In our area, there is a Doctor. He is a very good doctor and he treats well. Whenever we go to him he says about good health practices and so many other things. He says drinking is very bad and one should not drink alcohol. I thought he will also not take alcohol. One day late night around 10 PM I went to him to discuss a point. His clinic was open. The doors of his room were closed. I just knocked on the door and I pushed the door because I will be talking to him very freely. He was sitting there with another 2 friends and they are enjoying the drink. Immediately he got up from the seat and came out. I told him sorry and I told him that I will meet him next day morning. We will find many such people in society.

    always confident

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    We may come across with the different people living in our localities having different set of temperaments in different situations. They may even show liniency while dealing with their spouses and children but the opposite is the case when they meet their friends and office colleagues. Their boasting attitude in course of delivering lecture would attract you because of their amazing styles in convincing others. They can talk freely on diverse issues confidently giving the audience an impression that he is abundant command in different spheres and they would even tell you tricks how the children can be disciplined with constant preachings.
    The facts could have been different if you analyse the behaviours of their children. How irony is that they maintain duality in their dealings to impress others.

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    According to Mahatma Gandhi "An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching"
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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