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    Why some people are afraid of the truth?

    It's very common that most of us don't like the truth. People want to live a life without difficulties and no hardships but truth makes them face the reality in most of the cases which they were not mentally prepared for.

    Even though deep in their heart and mind they know something about it, but still ignores that part just so that they can live peacefully.

    People don't want their truth to be revealed because they think that others might not like their true self and start ignoring them, so they lie.

    But is it right? I don't believe on the same and think its better to tell truth than to speak several lies. What's your opinion?
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    Telling lies is not a good habit. As far as possible we should restrain ourselves from telling lies. We all know about Satya Harishchandra who suffered throughout his life for the sake of telling truth only. Even he had gone to the extent of selling his son and wife also to keep up his word. He has lost all his wealth and kingdom in the pursuit of keeping up his word and never telling a lie. Finally, he had to work as a housekeeper in a burial ground and kept his word. Ultimately he attained Moksha and he proved his character. Of course, days are changed and day in and day out we will be always talking all lies only. If we are late to the office we will say traffic Jam. If we want a leave we say somebody died in our relations. Like this, we will be telling lies very frequently. Nowadays the concept is that if our lies are not harming anybody. we need not worry about telling lies.
    All depends on the perception of the individual and everybody will have their own point of view tell the points as per their convenient.

    always confident

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    I suppose it's because they are unsure of themselves and they are afraid of everything not only truth - changes, life, people. And they suffer because of it, for sure.

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