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    Why people are becoming self compressed?

    In ancient times, man was involved in his family as well as in the pleasures of neighborhood, but today man has become self-centered. Man does not know who is living in his neighborhood, he has been confined to a narrow circle. In past time complete locality was like a family. People used to meet the elderly in the village early in the morning and take blessings from them. Today, a person is living in house and being living up to it. This is the situation that we are making progress but in a limited scope. We are only looking at interests of our family, not the society and nation. One advantage of neighborhood culture is that we do not ever consider ourselves lonely, develop a sense of well-being and no work is considered to be weighted. Members according to you what are the advantages of neighborhood culture?
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    In modern days relationship has become pure commercial. Leave lone , neighborhood within the family socialization has become very rare. Each one will be busy in their own activity. Either watching TV or busy checking mobile. Each one is complaining about others but we are also sailing in the same boat.

    We also need to take initiative in talking to our neighbors. The relationship cannot be one sided it should be from both the sides. It is always good to have a friendly relationship with the neighborhood. We can help each other in crisis.

    We often suspect the intentions of persons when they come forward to have a friendship in the neighborhood. There are also bad elements in the society who try to exploit the situation. We need to be careful about such people.

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    Combined family concept hs gone and now nucleus family concept is going on. Of late, I am observing even in a nucleus family also individuals are more worried about their self-interest rather than the family interest. A child tries to keep the secrets from his/her parents and parents keep secrets from their children. This has become the order of the day.
    Even though we live years together on the side by side houses we never know who is there in the next house. This is the situation today. It is more so in cities/towns rather than in villages. Socialising is not there. We interact more with our friends on social media rather than meeting the people staying by the side of our house.
    This is a very dangerous attitude. One should have more commitment towards the Society and the Nation. We should give something to society.

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    We have to pay some cost against the development and modernisation in the society and this is one of them. Today people are becoming aloof and self centred. It is a type of indifference as what is happening around us in our neighbourhood. The philosophy of this is becoming strange as many of us feel that you do not disturb me and i will not disturb you. The closeness and sitting together of earlier times has changed in the feeling of disturbance.

    We say that we are developing and human race is ready to move to other planets but we are cutting from our connections which are so near to us but in our aloofness or selfishness we are not seeing them.

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