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    'Yogi' wins election in Japan

    Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of UP, is presently very busy in campaigning for his party. He has been campaigning in Uttar Pradesh and in other states. When Yogi-ji is busy campaigning, another Yogi, Puranik Yogendra (nicknamed Yogi), a 41-year old Pune-born Japan-settled man, has created history by winning an election in Japan. He was backed by Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. This naturalized Japanese citizen wants to become a bridge between the Japanese and other people coming to Japan.

    However, I feel that this is not a new trend. Although almost all of us have forgotten Hariprava Takeda, a Bengali lady married and settled in Japan, we still remember Mahabiplobi Rashbihari Bose, who also became a citizen of Japan, married there, got the highest civilian award of the country but fought relentlessly for the independence of India. The contribution of Japan in Netaji's INA is well-known and is not required to be repeated here.

    In 2016, daughter of a Bengali father and a Japanese mother, Priyanka Yoshikawa, became Miss Japan (Miss Japan speaks Bengali). She and Puranik Yogendra are carrying forward the old legacy of Indo-Jap friendship and cooperation.

    In this connection, we must not forget the deep personal bonding between present Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and present the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.
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    It is heartening to note that Puranik Yogendra became the first Indian to win a ward assembly election in Japan. He won from Edogawa Ward assembly, The Indian origin people settled abroad are achieving many laurels. In the same spirit, we have to acknowledge and encourage the people from abroad who settled in India and became citizens of India. They are also contributing to the welfare of the country.
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    As Indians we feel proud of his achievements of Mr. Yogendra Puranik. He has won the Tokyo's Edogawa Ward assembly elections with the support of Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. He is acclaimed as the first Indian to win an election in Japan. The elections for the ward assembly was held on 21st April 2019. Mr Yogendra managed to secure 6477 votes in the ward assembly elections which is fifth highest of valid ballots cast.

    We wish Mr. Yogendra Puranik success in his future endeavors. With the victory of Yogi, we are sure that the friendly ties with Japan will further improve.

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    It is very nice to hear that an Indian settled in Japan for the first time elected to the Tokyo's Edogawa Ward assembly.
    My hearty congratulations to Mr Yogendra Puranik. I think in India also we encourage foreigners who came to India and settled here. We are no way less than other countries in this aspect. The biggest National Party is in the hands of a foreign person settled in India. The entire party is under her control. She ruled the country for ten years in a row. More than this what can be expected from Indians and India.
    Many IT giants are having Indians as CEOs. Like this our Indians settled in other countries are doing wonders and bringing a good name to our country.

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    A timely thread posted by the author to highlight the performance of Indians abroad. People of Indian origin are getting success in various fields worldwide and now this unique achievement in the Japan will also be adding to that long list. Indians are by nature hard working and confrontation avoiders and this is the quality that is making them acceptable globally.
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