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    Have you purchased a coconut for weight anywhere in India?

    Am now in the fabulous city of Coimbatore. It is a really very good city. It has charming people, who are simple and down to earth. It is a massive educational hub.

    Be that as it may, it does have one or two negative aspects too. The Chief among them is that the public do not question anything at any time. This morning, I had gone walking in the posh locality of Saibaaba colony. This is the equivalent of Her and Nagar Chennai. Superb gated communities and the famous Annapoorna hotel as well.

    Yet, I was simply stumped when I purchased a single coconut. The shopkeeper said that he would weigh the coconut and it weighed 500 grams!! I had been to so many parts of India. Except this city, I have never seen a single instance where coconuts are sold on weight basis. Coconut is sold per single unit price. In most cities it will vary between Rs20 and Rs35.

    It is another story that I paid only Rs22. Have you seen this elsewhere? What are other items sold for weight?
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    Yes. I have also seen sellers weighing the coconut in Kerala. Mostly the coconuts which are sold in bulk are weighed. The price of the coconut is determined based on its weight.
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    It is not a wonder at all. I am from Tirunelveli of TN and buy coconuts by weighing., One kg of coconut costs about Rs. 40/-
    Fish is available at piece rate and also by weight. The vendors selling fish in their vehicle sell it at piece rate but the shops inside the fish markets sell it by weight.

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    In A.P. I have not seen it sold by weighing. In the past raw Mangoes, ripe mangoes, Pomegranates, Sapotas, oranges, bananas, etc. are used to sell by numbers. But at present mostly they are sold by weighing. Is there any law for this? or the sellers for their benefit selling by weighing?

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    It might be a common thing in some parts of our country but I am hearing it for first time. It makes sense because the size of the coconut varies from one piece to another significantly and selling them per piece is then appears a bit ambiguous.

    The shopkeeper will not have a hassle of weighing when he is selling it as per piece. So that might be a reason why in many places it is sold like that.

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    I never knew that coconut is sold by weight. Today afternoon I brought a watermelon from the market. It was sold on a weight basis. When I told this to my better half, she told that earlier these watermelons were being sold on unit rate but recently they changed it. Now I am reading this information. A coconut can weigh more if they have not completely removed the coir. So how to decide. Anyhow, we have no say in this. If we want the item we have to accept.
    These days almost all the fruits are sold on a weight basis only. In many places of Andhra Pradesh mangoes are sold on a number basis. But in Telangana, mangoes are sold on a weight basis.

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    No, I have never seen it anywhere. In Delhi where coconut is very rare to see and is transported from the coastal cities is sold at 35-40 Rs/pc. That looks strange that its sold in kgs in Coimbatore and its fair that you had to pay less for it.

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    In Kerala Coconut, Banana, everything is sold in weight only.
    It is so since decades.
    But I had been living n Mumbai. There it was and is in numbers-banana and coconut too.
    Today morning I had witnessed an incident. An old man came to a fruit shop. He took about three small mangoes(called Chandrakaran in our place). The shop keeper said he cannot weigh it in his machine as it is below a quarter kg. The old man put them back and went away. We can see such incidents in Kerala generally. And we talk about poor people.

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    It is a strange thing and even not heard about this mode of selling coconut.

    Whenever I have purchased coconut, it is on per piece basis.

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