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    Daily wagers are earning salary more than Engineers!!

    On an average 15 Lakh Engineers pass out every year from different Engineering colleges all over India. Very few of them will be successful in getting the campus placements. Remaining Engineers have struggle a lot to suitable employment.

    I have seen many Engineers working for meager salary of Rs.5,000 to 10,000/- per month which is much lower than the minimum wages declared by the Government of India. The minimum wages for unskilled labor is more than Rs. 15,000/- with additional benefits of ESI and Provident fund.

    These Engineers with good academic marks in the tenth and plus 2 take admissions to Engineering and end up drawing salary less than a unskilled labor. Should the children study so much to earn a salary less than a unskilled labour? Where have gone wrong?. Who is at fault?
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    You are right. Yesterday, three gentlemen came to my village in a car and introduced themselves as HODs of an Engineering college located in my district, and they canvassed the recently passed out plus II students to join their college. With their honey coated tongue, promised a lot of concessions to the students joining their college. They were ready to admit a student who passed with minimum marks. I was listening to them.

    I intervened and said, "Firstly, I don't think it is wise for a HOD to move and collect students. Secondly, If your institution is a reputed one, you won't be here to brainwash and take the students to your college. Thirdly, can you assure job guarantee after completion of the four years degree course? While there are lakhs of jobless Engineers and few working as Engineers for a very low salary of Rs.10000, what is the use of wasting money, time and energy to get a degree from your college? They can be better off with other job guaranteed /oriented education.

    They spoke in Tamil, and I spoke in English. All the three got stunned. They said, "Sorry Sir, No compulsion." and left.

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    Most of the students have excellent academic records. It is heartening to see them struggling for jobs even for a meagre salary.
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    Yes, many of them have excellent academic records which are reflected from their marks card. From my personal experience, I can say that many of those do not have basic knowledge of the trade they are studying. At times, you will be stunned by their replies. I am not going into these, but I must say the problem is with society and education system.

    Earlier, engineers were respected everywhere because of their standards and knowledge. They used to work in such positions which were a dream to others engaged in a different profession. From this mindset, a craze has developed to study engineering. People started to think that just clearing the engineering exam will fetch respect and a well-paid job. The problem is our education system has become only marks oriented. Acamedic excellence is judged only through marks. Nobody cares to go in depth and there are many students who go through the books containing solved questions and answers about a subject rather than the text and reference books and score high marks. How can we expect these students to fare well in interviews where their skills and traits are judged through different means?


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    The job position in India is very bad. No doubt. More Engineering colleges were opened. When there was a demand for the seats the colleges used to take huge donations and were making money. By seeing them many people came out with new colleges and students were getting admitted into the colleges. Many colleges even without any proper infrastructure and faculty also getting filled with students those days.
    Now the situation is different. No Jobs and for many jobs the management find these engineers not suitable and these engineers don't want hard-working jobs. All the points put together many Engineers end up with earning very meagre salaries. I know some instances where Engineers refused to work in the field even though we offer higher salaries. But they are ready to work for less salary also if it is a table work with a desktop or laptop.
    All these points put together the Engineers end up with low salaries only.

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    If we go by the statistics of number of engineering colleges in India in 1980, the numbers were in hundreds and there was a stiff completion in getting a seat in the Engineering college and the passed out could get jobs through the campus selection in MNCs with the attractive emoluments. Admission to the colleges was restricted to the aspirants having at least first division marks in intermediate level or they qualified the entrance test of IIT or at least state level competition. The trend reversed with the time and there was massive increase of such colleges though there was no demand of the passed out engineers in Publc Undertaking. Even at the present time, absorption rate is abysmal in most f the organisations.
    Recently we could witness the disclosure of the Engineering - colleges in many states such as Karnataka, Tamil - Nadu, Orissa etc keeping in view of low turn of candidates for admission.
    Now we have reached to a stage where a passed out candidate having an engineering degree would not hesitate in joining any concern with a paltry sum as low as eight thousand where as the unskilled labours are drawing not less than ten thousand.
    The overhaul situation needs to be reviewed so that the aspirants don't feel demoralised with their persuasion of engineering - streams.

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    Job availability is directly related to the ratio of qualified people to the vacancies announced. It is a demand and supply condition. In our country the number of qualified candidates - engineer or MBA or postgraduate or any other such degree is in a large number but the vacancies or job opportunities are comparatively lessor. India is a populated country and what we needed in fact was more technicians, electricians, plumbers, repair mechanics, helping assistants rather than PhDs or engineers or postgraduates.

    For getting a mediocre job some skill is required which unfortunately the highly qualified people do not possess. So, it is a situation which strongly suggests for reforms in our education system. The higher education should be imparted to only a select few who have the real interest and passion for that. Others should go for vocational courses which are more useful in the practical world.

    There is a demand of skilled person in commercial, financial and accounting areas albeit at a lower level. So, those who have requisite diploma courses or graduate degrees can try for these jobs. The highly qualified people may not like to go for such mediocre jobs.

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    The plight of Engineers should be eye opener for parents too. We should think of other options for our children instead forcing them to take up Engineering.
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    My views should not be construed as partisan or of jealousy or anti-poor attitude. I am only stating facts which I had come across in my life.
    While I was working as a bank officer , I could know that the head-load workers were getting three to four times my monthly salary in a month. Most of them had two-wheeler and good modern houses to live. They used to wear golden wrist watches etc. However for all practical purposes they were considered poor and were beneficiaries of government welfare schemes. However there were educated people who worked as security guards and getting only three to four thousand rupees a month.

    I had a friend who was the gate keeper in a posh hotel in a city. He used to get a good amount as tips. His earnings thus was more than his manager in the hotel. In fact once I told him this, and jokingly asked if there is any vacancy for me in his workplace.

    His answer is still relevant and that makes the difference.

    He said " Manager is manager and I call him Sir. It is the address 'Sir' that makes the difference." (We may take it as pro or con as we choose)

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    I think the number of engineers has risen in the last few years with respect to job availability that's the reason the companies easily hire engineers at a very low salary. I am an engineer in an MNC but I myself know how much struggle I had to do in the starting. Although I am in an MNC, the work culture here is not that good. With the time I have understood that it's of no use if someone does engineering course from a private or from a C grade institute as there is no guarantee of getting the placement in good company. It's better to do it from reputed colleges otherwise don't do it. There are many other professional courses too where there are more chances of getting a job with a good salary.

    Parents don't understand it and see the dream of their kid being an engineer even from not so reputed institute and later on repent for the decision.


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    Few years back Engineers had special status in the society. Now due to more no.of colleges the Engineers passing out every year is on the increase which does not match with job creation.
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    Absolutely Krishnadas. A number of engineering colleges have increased all the country and they have become business centres rather than the educational institutions nowadays. Even the teachers in private colleges are not qualified what and how do they teach God knows?

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    I think due to lack of experience peoples are suffering. Getting jobs for fresher means lot for struggle so I will advice to freshers to do some professional certification before entering for jobs and interview. Professional certificate means like SAP technical and functional certification..Same way Microsoft certification . These are required for private jobs.

    For Govt. Jobs degree and Master degree with good percentage matters to enter in exam and interviews.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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