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    Can we earn God's blessing by forwarding messages to others?

    We receive messages from friends and relatives containing pictures of Gods and messages which state that we should forward the same to another 25 members and you will receive surprise favours otherwise you will be punished. People forward the message whether for favours I am not sure, but definitely with the fear to many more in their friendship circle.

    Is it not a blind faith?. I request the members to share their experience and opinions about such fowards.
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    It is definitely a blind faith. I do not trust those messages and I do forward. First of all, I don't like to open such message at all. God is worshipped because he a a god and I don't think so god will punish his believers or anyone just for not forwarding a message.
    The messages are not only about. These days there are messages about a suffering kid or anything which says if we forward the network will pay for their treatment.
    People should stop creating such stupid things and also others should stop forwarding or believe.

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    I don't think God is interested in such publicity through circulation in multiplication. 1 to 9, 9 to 81, 81 to 729, 729 to ....... and so on. It is a foolish game started off by a funny lover of God. Earlier days, we used to receive such threatening letters of God's faith, and because of the real fear of God, people used to respond sincerely fearing God's punishment. And nothing happened to those who ignored such letters and threw them into dustbins. These days, it is very easy to forward it to many with a press of the button. Yet we think it foolish and ignore it.

    I really don't care about them.

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    Earlier when online media was not developed we were receiving some post card messages where it was told to send the same message to at least 20 persons otherwise one will have to face the wrath of the God. Many gullible people followed it and sometimes the post card was not available in the Post Office and people waited for it for some time.

    It is simply the blind faith. Many people have it in different forms.

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    Rather I would like to ask those members who already forwarded a lot of messages like this earlier or do it frequently whether they earned any blessings from God after forwarding those messages. I raised a thread earlier on this type of messages and wanted to know from the members what kind of good news they wanted to hear after forwarding these types of messages. Many members replied that they expect the well being of themselves and their family members and on a pursuit of this a few of them forward these types of messages. They also said that it's blind faith and one should avoid it.

    As for me, I delete these types of messages as I consider those as spam and earlier made a polite request to a few of my friends not to forward me these things. Some time ago, I found an interesting picture, which somebody forwarded me, based on this theme where God is punishing a young man with an iron rod for spreading these messages and asked him that when God told him to forward these messages to others? From that picture, it seems God is also annoyed by certain activities of his ardent followers.


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    It is all superstitions only. We need not worry about those messages. Whatever I receive Just I read it and leave it there. But we should forward really useful messages that we receive from different people. If you help the people who are in need and if you serve mankind definitely God will bless you. He will see that your life will be full of happiness. God will never ask Propaganda for him.
    He is there watching everybody and he may punish those people who are really forwarding messages unnecessarily and he may punish them for creating fear among the people. DOn't believe those forwards and just ignore them. That is the best course of action.

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    God will bless us if messages are not forwarded. By not forwarding we will be doing good to others. God loves good things.
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    There are some bad and clever people in the society who start sending such type of messages to make the other people fool by threatening that they will have to face the wrath of God if the do not forward it. Gullible people just obey and forward it to others. It is really a pity and miserable thing that people are forwarding such misleading messages.
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    Real crazy people who had pledged their heads and hearts to some vested influences. Or some who have some vested interest -commercial or otherwise).
    When I see messages asking us to forward to ten, or twenty people, I simply send it back to the person who sent it to me and ask them not to repeat the same . I tell them that I will send ten/twenty times to them only.Then I delete the message.
    One such thing happened a couple of days ago also.

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    It is merely a superstition. I do receive many such messages and I have never forwarded them to anyone still did not have anything bad in next few days which use to be written in such messages.

    It's sad people get trap and start making chains of such messages. This has started with the introduction of social media.


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    Who creates such forwards and what is purpose of such people. What do they benefit out of these forwards.
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