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    What do you expect from Coming up Government for India?

    What do you expect from Coming up Government for India? Development, Education or Temple Nirman . What is best as per your opinion ? As per my opinion Development is best option for any Government and Education improvement need at village places more. One more thing I want to add if Population control rule come in future then it will be better for all.
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    The priority of any party forming the government should be to remove poverty from our land. It is possible only by providing employment to many millions of Indians struggling without a job, even after good education. Instead of trying to lure the public by freebies, our government should strive hard and open new avenues for the youths of our country to come out from the clutches of poverty. Rest is for the next government in 2014.
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    We expect the new Government to provide good governance. Eradicate corruption, create more infrastructure facilities, Employment opportunities, Re-visit the education system with more focus on skill development.
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    We want less talk and more work. More time is wasted by politicians through big talks. There should be all-round development and then only the whole country will flourish. The focus must be on education, employment and good healthcare. These are already there but limited to only a few. All these things must spread to every corner of the country so that everybody is benefitted from them. Along with this, the government must eradicate corruption. As long as there is corruption, policies cannot be implemented properly.

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    The Government of India should see that corruption will become Zero. That should be the first priority. Then they have to take actions to remove poverty. This will be possible only when the employment chances are improved. This can happen only when there is a priority for development. So the government should concentrate on the development of the country on the whole. They have to improve the infrastructure and see that more and more companies will start their business in our country. That will give a good chance for the people to get the jobs.
    Another important thing they have to concentrate on is foreign relations. We should be able to showcase our good nature and we should be able to establish our sincerity for cordial relations with the neighbouring countries and at the same time, we should be able to face strongly any irritating action from the neighbours.
    The government should also think about population control and measure taken towards this object are to be given much importance and see that the government will be able to pass on this message so that everybody will understand the message and follow the Family Planning programme without fail.

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