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    The poverty in India is due to looting 45 Trillions pounds by Britishers

    An essay published by Ms. Utsa Patnaik, Columbia University Press states that the British rule plundered out over $45 trillion from India. As a result India could not come out of the poverty even after 71 years of Independence. Before colonial rule the economic condition was good under the rule of princely states.

    Can we not make a claim against England before International Court of Justice to repay the loot with interest?
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    Maybe we have lost a lot of money during the British rule and many of our assests were taken away by them. That may be the cause of the poverty of our country and more people are below the poverty line. But that is one of the many reasons for the present state but not the only reason. After independence, many elections were held and our Indians only ruled the country. These rulers also are like Britishers only. They swallowed the money and kept it in foreign banks. This means even today our money is going to other countries only. We all know about the black money and the money lying in various other countries in the accounts of our leaders. For this whom we can sue. Where is the court which can tell the justice and see that our money swallowed by our leaders will come back and will be utilised for the development of the country?
    In fact, the difference between the rich and the poor increased over a period of time and the rich are becoming more rich and poor are becoming much poorer. What to do for this?

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    Sorry, I cannot agree. Let us not blame the British. It is we Indians who dug our own ditch of poverty to fall in and unable to raise up till date. We have our own rich crop-eating fence which still keep us in poverty. If you go behind the rich Indians you can find multi-trillion with them. We Indians are not efficient to rise up with the globe.
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    Before Britishers also, we were looted by the invaders and attackers from the other countries and every time a lot of gold and jewellery was taken out to those countries. The invaders liked the Indian spices and other herb items and that also was siphoned out time and again. Britishers added ti this misery further and exported the things from India during their rule here.

    But none of this is related to our poverty today. We have a very good agricultural as well as industrial production and sufficient resources with us. Only thing is we have a very poor governance in our country and we are not able to stream line our schemes and plans meant for farmers and poor people. The machinery is very slow and corrupt practices are being rampantly followed in the system.

    We are hearing that due to the low prices the farmers are simply destroying some of the items to show their resentment. The problem is not production, it is the lack of control on mediators and cheats who are functioning between the farmer and the retail market.

    I am sure we are a rich country if we can improve our governance.

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    Yes, Britishers looted our country and we should claim it but do you think they will return? They will not because there is no evidence of how much wealth they looted and if they agree too than they will become a poor country. It is evident that they stole Kohinoor diamond from India but even after knowing this they never ever wished to return it to the Indian government.

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    Will Kohinoor remove our poverty and give us prosperity if it is returned to us by the British? Pakistan claims they are the legal heir to the Mogul and Kohinoor is their property, and made a request to the British to return it. Let us not think that all the objects carried by the British from India are the cause of poverty in India. Thank god and be happy that they did not carry out fertile lands to Britain for cultivation.

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    The Country which has plundered India has become rich. They have the audacity not to say no sorry for Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
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    I was just giving an example of the property (Kohinoor) they looted from India. I know by returning it poverty cannot be eliminated from our country.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    India was looted by many outsiders and history is full of such attacks on it. We can not get all that gold back. We have to see how we can progress today and remove the poverty.
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    England continue to treat India as a colonial country. The attitude has not changed much.
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