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    Is it necessary to take special coaching to get IIT and Medical seats from school studies onwards?

    Prominent cities of Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States are well known as educational hubs. People from various states of India come and study in hostels here. Many corporate educational institutions are mushrooming in these two states in every village and town of these states. There is a lot of competition among these corporate institutions. Every parent in these states whether rich or poor like their wards to be an IITian or Medical professional. So these corporate institutions taking advantage of parents weakness introducing coaching for IIT and Medicine from 6th class onwards. This is causing a lot of pressure on average and below average students. Out of lakhs of people who undergo such rigorous training from school level to college level a handful number of students succeed finally? Why parents are not realizing this fact? Why the government of India encouraging these competitive exams instead of giving seats on the basis of their qualifying exams? Do you think this type of coaching for these professional courses is needed from school level onwards? What is the situation in your own places?
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    Everywhere the situation is almost the same. The reason is the education system and our mindset. A complete overhaul of the education system is necessary and as long as this is not happening this unhealthy competition is going to increase. Teaching, once a noble profession now turned into a lucrative business and every institute is promoting theirs to lure the students. The employment scenario is not at all encouraging but parents think that only a good academic qualification can boost the chances of their wards for getting a good job. Parents forget that every individual is unique and their capabilities vary. They think every student must follow the same method and score high marks to get the coveted job. In the name of learning, the students know what they undergo and many students have started to fear the system. As long as there is fear, they will not learn freely and they will continue their studies under pressure.

    Rather than comparing one child with the other, let them grow in their own way and nurture them according to their talents. Parents try to realize their own dreams through the eyes of their children which must be avoided to improve the situation.


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    Coaching is picking up everywhere and there are some coaching hubs in our country which are developed to such an extent that parents are feeling proud to send their wards there. One such place is Kota in the state of Rajasthan. As author has indicated there might be similar set ups in AP and Telangana.

    This peculiar situation has arisen because everyone wants that the child should get admission in top institutes in the country whether he really has any interest for it or having an academic capability. No one wants to send the children for acquiring technical diploma and get a job quickly or start ones own work. It is considered derogatory and at the same time when the boy is sitting idle after engineering degree everyone blames Govt that it is not providing the job. The post independence era saw the Govt recruiting the people left and right for the quick development of the country and these recruitments were done in Govt as well as PSUs. That era is over now. Everything now is going in private enterprise side and the existing Govt departments and PSUs are shrinking day by day.

    We have to change our mind set accordingly. Only those students should go for these coachings who have a calibre and aptitude for higher studies.

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    I feel it is nothing but overloading the Child and giving him more pressure. I think the student should understand the subject well and basics should not be forgotten. Once the student concentrates on this during his school studies no special coaching is required.
    As opined by other members, education is not a service now. It is a business these days. The corporate colleges and schools under the umbrella of coaching are collecting a lot of money and getting benefitted. The main problem is in the mindset of the parents. Every parent wants his child to get joined in IITs or prestigious medical colleges. For that, they are ready to spend money and they put their wards in these coaching institutes. The poor child is getting pressurised. The parents should understand the calibre of their wards and give them some freedom of selecting their own interesting course.

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    Coaching may appear as an evil thing but when the child is not able to cope up with school and self study then it becomes an avoidable thing for the parents as the child also starts telling to the parents that if they can send him for coaching he might do better.
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    It is an ambition of every child or parent to get admission in IIT's and NIT's. The fact is that once the student gets selected for any of the IIT's or NIT's, the placement of the student is assured. The image and branding of IIT's and NIT's are high not only in India but also abroad. Many MNC's of India and overseas come for campus recruitment.

    Now the question is whether children should go for coaching or not. If the students can crack the subjects on their own there is no requirement of coaching. These coaching centers are specialized in providing specialized training in getting through the JEE and securing better ranks.

    Since there is demand from the students for such coaching, naturally more and more coaching centers comes up. It is a lucrative business as they charge heavily on the students.

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