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    If it refuses then what?

    Are you aware of the highhandedness of the taxi drivers, especially in Kolkata? If you wave at them, they will stop and ask you about your destination and if they feel they will go but if not they will just refuse. At times, they ask for exorbitant fares if the place is a bit remote and the customers are taken on a ride on such occasions. Because of this attitude, the government here long ago introduced 'No Refusal' taxis with an aim to curb this practice. Other than the yellow taxis, these 'No Refusal' ones come with a blue stripe on a white body where NO REFUSAL is boldly written on the white body. If any of these taxis refuse, you can complain to the authorities along with the registration number of that car and they say necessary action will be taken against the errant drivers. Well, their union is so strong that authorities fear to take action against them. I have hardly found any strong action taken against those drivers and they are carrying out this business as usual. Nobody complains about that because there is a lot of app-based cabs these days.

    Now, look into the picture below of one such taxi whose snap I have clicked recently. Tell me, if it refuses whom to complain?

    No Refusal
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    Very simple. Complain to Didiji. She will make sure that action is taken against the erring driver. Or follow her directives as to whom to report. By refusing to attend your complaint she would lose your vote. It is the women empowerment in India. Hope I am right.
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    West Bengal has its own law and order problems due to the shadow of communist thinking inside the Indian democracy. This is a peculiar situation as unions and associations of general service providers become strong and dictating in such an commune atmosphere. It is known as half cooked communism also.

    Even if you make complaint the authorities may go slow on the enquiry and delay it and by the time you forgot it.

    There is a site where Kolkata police has made an online system for complains against the erring driver. I do not know how much effective the complaint might be but you can try it online. The link is -

    Now a days there are other ways of complaining also like sending a tweet to the transport Minister which can also solve the problem sometime.

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    The problems highlighted by the Author is not unique to Kolkata. In my opinion it is prevalent in many others cities too. The Taxi and Auto drivers will decide which destination they are ready to go. The destination if convenient to them they may agree otherwise not.

    There are many Mobile App city wise through which one could register complaints. But god only knows what happens to the complaints. People residing in Bengaluru can log in to hhtp:// to register online complaint. or Help line : 080-22868444 or 080-22868550

    Help line in other cities:
    Delhi:011-25844444 or 1095
    Hyderabad: 040-27852482
    Mumbai: 1800-220110

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    The attitude of refusal is there in many other cities also. If they feel the destination is not comfortable for them they refuse. Even the Ola and Uber drivers in Hyderabad cancel their bookings if they feel the ride is not comfortable to them. In other cities, there are no-refusal taxis. Kolkata, in fact, West Bengal, is very famous for union activities and agitations. The State is ruled by Communist parties for many years. The police have no say in Law and Order maintenance. The Dadagiri is more.
    But the Public transport system is good, I understand, in Kolakatta. Metro is there and other types of transportation facilities are also available I think. People should start using those facilities rather than depending on private taxis.
    I think the demand for taxis is more there and the number of taxis available may be less. That may be the reason for the high headedness of the drivers.

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    This is really a strange situation that they are outrightly refusing to go to certain places as per their choice. It is a total failure of the administration there. I think strict action should be taken against the erring drivers then only they will be behaving in a proper way.
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    Thanks to all the members who have provided the links or helpline numbers. But my intention was entirely different. This thread was not about the highhandedness of those errant drivers.

    Have you noticed the picture attached herewith the thread? In that picture, you will find the spelling of REFUSAL incorrect. I tried to convey if the spelling of REFUSAL is wrong in NO REFUSAL taxis then what to do if it refuses?


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