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    Request to remove ban from "Job" Section.

    I had requested earlier to remove the restriction from Job section and editors said that the ban will be removed in one month or after sometime. It's been a one month above and still the ban has not been removed. I again request to webmaster and MD to remove restriction from the Job and other Sections. I am active in the forum section according to the editors. I will be active in forum section in future days. I apologize for my mistakes and I have understood the issues of SEO. I will never break any rule of ISC.
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    Your posting permission for the job's section has been restored now. Note that this is your absolutely last and final chance.

    It was not a question of SEO at all for which your posting permission was removed. You were taking content from other job portals and copy-pasting the exact same text (even the format and style) in your posts here. As a Diamond level member, you are fully aware that such activities are not permitted. Why do you persist, then, in doing it despite being given so many chances? Make 100% sure now that you adhere to rules and do not source job portals for jobs.

    (and there is no MD of ISC!!)

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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