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    Members spent hours to think and create a thread, and editors delete it within few seconds

    Dear ISC, What has gone wrong with you?

    While ISC members spent their valuable hours to think and create a thread on a topic, Editors of ISC don't think much and delete the threads within no seconds. Oh ISC! please be merciful to your family members creating threads with no indecent or foul language and without any grammar or spelling mistakes.

    What was wrong with my two threads on Capital punishment and Police inquiry? Both are reasonable and discussable subjects of interest. No one will be affected if it is discussed in the ISC forum. Is it due to fear of the future of ISC?
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    Editors are having every right to reject the forum threads or edit the threads. But I feel the reason for deleting such thread should be informed to the author so that he will understand where he did a mistake or committed a mistake. Otherwise, the author will fail to understand the reason for rejection. No member can question the authority of the Editors. But asking for the reason of deletion should be acceptable to them I think.
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    Kindly go to the delete section to find my two messages which have also received few responses from responsible members of ISC.
    1. Is it wrong to suggest and discuss a new punishment to replace capital punishment?
    2. A conversation that can be held between the police and an accused( A creative writing thread) Can't we treat it as a subject to learn about police investigations and their dealings with the public?

    I too agree that editors have their right to delete. But they should also apply their mind, and should not delete everything they don't like. If deleted, they should clearly indicate the reason for deletion.

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    The editors are bound by the policies of the site. They cannot ignore the posts which are violating these basic premises. Editors are not supposed to explain also why they have done it as it will open another endless discussion.

    Generally reputed and good sites will observe some decorum and in that process, some write-ups can be deleted.

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    I have also observed the process of deletion of the threads or posts in this site and in my opinion the following are the main reasons or situation when a post is deleted -

    1. If repetitive or similar threads are there then the earlier one will remain while the others submitted afterwards may be deleted.

    2. Any post which is against the spirit of the site and its policies may also get deleted.

    3. Any matter which is politically sensitive or insulting to an individual with offensive remarks may also be deleted.

    4. Any member trying to convert his writings for some advertisement and promotion may also be treated in the same way.

    I feel it is advisable to avoid such situation.

    I am partly working in another site known as hubpages. In that site if you comment on any article then the author will allow or deny that comment and only after that it will be seen if he has allowed it. It may look strange but it shows that you can not offend the author. If you do it he will not allow your comment to be seen by others.

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    The author of this thread has quoted - Be merciful to your family the admin of this site. As a new member It really did not go well with me. Do I need to be merciful in the hand of the administrator of this site? It did not give the true image of this site, it seems as if whatever the admin don't like get deleted!

    See, rules and policies are different from personal liking of the editors. One just can't delete anything. Its true that one has to be within the rules but if the thread is under the rule it should be allowed to get posted.

    It seems, India study channel is earning so much from their site so that they just don't want to look at their members or care. And, If I have to be in Mercy, new member like me would better like to opt out from here.

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    All the four points brought out by you doesn't match to my deleted threads. Different editors with a different mind and different thinking.

    The once graceful great ISC has now turned out to be not merciful to its own members who need to plead and request for consideration for their time and energy spent to keep ISC alive.

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    Yes it's true but the members have fewer options onto this context & the same being discussed & debated during the earlier times also.

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